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The Mock Is Here! 2 days to go! 3 rounds Explanations

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  • The Mock Is Here! 2 days to go! 3 rounds Explanations

    2 days to go, Im getting excited, spending most my free time tweaking my mock and putting new ones out daily. Lemme know how this ones looking

    ROUND 1

    1. Oakland Raiders – QB Jamarcus Russell – LSU
    The Raiders may field some calls but at the end of they have their mind set on either Russell or Calvin Johnson and they won’t be able to get either of them if they trade down. Al Davis loves Russell’s upside and the Raiders need a QB so Russell is the pick.

    2. Detroit Lions – WR Calvin Johnson – Georgia Tech
    The Lions are obviously looking to deal down and considering Johnson is available, there should be a lot of teams interested, with Tampa being the most probably trade partner. If they should fail to make a deal, I would have to expect they still take Calvin Johnson and consider to field offers. If talks die, getting stuck with an elite prospect like Johnson wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.

    3. Cleveland Browns – HB Adrian Peterson – Oklahoma
    The Browns offense sputtered last year and on draft day they need to bring in a player to spark it, making Peterson very appealing. One of the most talented running back prospects ever, Peterson could be the answer to the Browns offensive woes. No reason to consider a trade down or think too hard on Brady Quinn, Peterson is their man.

    4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – OT Joe Thomas – Wisconsin
    The Bucs are obviously hoping to come away from this draft with Calvin Johnson but they will need to trade up to do it. If they should stay here, they find themselves with a decision between Thomas, Adams, Okoye and Landry. Despite signing Petitgout, the Bucs are not strong at LT and Thomas is the BPA.

    5. Arizona Cardinals – OT Levi Brown – Penn St.
    With Joe Thomas off the board, the Cardinals have to decide if they want to “reach” for Levi Brown or just draft Adams. It seems they really like Brown and they can’t ignore how huge their need at LT is.

    6. *TRADE* Miami Dolphins – QB Brady Quinn – Notre Dame
    The Trent Green trade talks are going nowhere and seeing an opportunity to grab a franchise QB the Dolphins give up a 2nd rounder and grab Brady Quinn. The Dolphins would be looking at Brown, Hall or Okoye at 9 and the trade is well worth it.

    7. Minnesota Vikings – DE Gaines Adams – Clemson
    The Vikings pass-rush was abysmal last year, and while they have invested a lot of picks into DEs, they find themselves in a situation here where Adams is the BPA and could really help their pass-rush. Laron Landry could be a thought, as they have no standout safeties, but they also have 5 very capable players at the position.

    8. Atlanta Falcons (f/ HOU) – S Laron Landry – LSU
    Landry is the player the Falcons want and need and he is the BPA. There’s a strong possibility he goes earlier than this, but if he is available here it should be an easy decision.

    9. *TRADE* Washington Redskins – DT Amobi Okoye – Louisville
    The Skins biggest area of need is DL and at 6 they would have faced a tough decision between Okoye, Adams and Landry. However, the Skins biggest priority has to be adding draft picks and by making this move they do exactly that and still add a top tier DL talent.

    10. Houston Texans (f/ ATL) – CB Leon Hall – Michigan
    The Texans have a strong need at CB, as DeMarcus Faggins is just not starting quality. Revis and Hall have both done a lot to elevate their stock and CB makes a lot of sense for the Texans here. Either of the 2 could be the pick, but it appears Hall is still the top prospect on most draft boards.

    11. San Francisco 49ers – ILB Patrick Willis – Ole Miss
    The 49ers stand at 11 with some great options in Willis, Carriker and Branch. The 49ers coaches got to work with Willis at the senior bowl, where he was a standout. Willis looks like he will really be a special player and he would be a great fit in the 3-4.

    12. Buffalo Bills – LB Jon Beason – Miami
    Willis would be the ideal pick here, but the Bills have to face the possibility of the 49ers taking him 1 spot ahead of them. With such a strong weakness at LB, the Bills almost have to draft based on need. They could opt for a CB on HB here, but Beason’s stock is high right and we all know the Bills aren’t afraid to reach to get their player.

    13. St. Louis Rams – DT Alan Branch – Michigan
    The Rams would have to be a little bit wary of picking another DT with all the physical ability in the world but has productivity issues after Jimmy Kennedy. These concerns could lead to them using the pick on the likes of Jamaal Anderson, Adam Carriker or Darrelle Revis. However, the Rams need a big body in the middle of their defense and Branch has too much talent to pass on at this juncture of this draft.

    14. Carolina Panthers – DE Jamaal Anderson - Arkansas
    The Panthers find themselves with a strong array of possibilities here, as they could look at a safety, a wideout, an end or a TE. After last season, their priority has to be bringing the spark back to their offense, as their defense still has plenty of talent. With a new offense that features the TE being installed, Olsen could be just what they need for their offense to work. However, Anderson represents BPA and Mike Rucker may be in his final season as a Panther.

    15. Pittsburgh Steelers – CB Darrelle Revis – Pittsburgh
    This is not a pick I am personally a big fan of, but word is the Steelers feel they need to upgrade at CB and Revis stock is certainly high enough to warrant being picked this high. Other options like Timmons and Jarvis Moss don’t offer the kind of value Revis does.

    16. Green Bay Packers – HB Marshawn Lynch – California
    This pick has been projected since the day the season ended and all the events that have taken place since have only made this pick seem more likely. The Packers badly need to add talent to their offense and Lynch is a great fit for their ZBS.

    17. Jacksonville Jaguars – FS Brandon Merriweather – Miami
    The Jaguars are caught in the dilemma of going DE or FS. The Jags are strong enough across the board that they can afford to pick BPA, and a guy like Merriweather who is a natural playmaker could easily be the top player on their board.

    18. Cincinnati Bengals – DE Adam Carriker – Nebraska
    The Bengals are caught in another tough bind picking between Carriker and a FS. With Justin Smith being franchised and likely to leave in year and the Bengals feeling a need to improve their front 7, the Bengals go BPA and pick Carriker.

    19. Tennessee Titans – WR Ted Ginn Jr. – Ohio St.
    In a strong class of WRs, this would be a great place for the Titans to grab one. Ginn makes a lot of sense because he can help their return game and also brings a big-play threat to an offense that lacks one. Someone like Chris Houston or a WR like Jarrett or Bowe would also have to be considerations.

    20. New York Giants – OLB Paul Poluzny – Penn St.
    The Giants could go a lot of ways with this pick, as a CB like Houston or Ross or an OT like Staley would make a lot of sense. However, their greatest need does lie at LB and Poluzny is a Coughlin-type player who can come in and start.

    21. Denver Broncos – DE Jarvis Moss – Florida
    The Broncos have a few needs they can address here, with Joe Staley being a great fit for their ZBS and Reggie Nelson and Michael Griffin both being good options at safety. Their biggest need lies at DE though, and Moss is an explosive pass-rusher who could really be a difference maker for a defense that is loaded with talent but lacks a strong pass-rush.

    22. *TRADE* Chicago Bears – TE Greg Olsen – Miami
    The Bears watch Olsen slide to 22 and realize Olsen will not make it past the Jets. With Dallas looking to trade down, the Bears jump on a great opportunity to add a playmaker to their offense. While Desmond Clark has been very solid, Olsen is a major upgrade.

    23. Kansas City Chiefs – OG Ben Grubbs – Auburn
    The Chiefs have needs at CB and WR, but they are not as urgent as OL. Staley would be an enticing thought here but he is a somewhat developmental prospect and this is a team trying to win now. Getting a struggling Chief offense back on track must start in the trenches and Grubbs is one of those rare OG prospects who absolutely warrants a first round selection.

    24. New England Patriots – DB Reggie Nelson – Florida
    The Patriots biggest need lies at DB, as they have weakness at both S and CB. Nelson is a versatile defender who can help in a variety of ways and it’s well known Belichick likes to take players coming from Florida because of his high respect for Urban Meyer. Michael Griffin or Aaron Ross could be considered, but Nelson should be the pick.

    25. New York Jets – CB Aaron Ross – Texas
    The Jets have a number of mediocre corners on their roster but they lack any standout. With there being some excellent CBs available in the late 1st, it would make a lot of sense to snag one of them and make him their no. 1.

    26. Philadelphia Eagles – S Michael Griffin – Texas
    With Sean Considine being a below average starter and Brian Dawkins get in there in age, all signs point toward the Eagles picking a safety here. Griffin is clearly the top player available safety here and can do what the Eagles require of their safeties.

    27. New Orleans Saints – DT Justin Harrell – Tennessee
    The Saints signed Jason David to address a need at CB, but they are still not strong at the position. Chris Houston is a player who fits into their scheme quite perfectly and they might pick him anyways. Justin Harrell or Lawrence Timmons are also strong possibilities and with Harrell flying up draft boards and the Saints’ current DTs being very unspectacular, he could easily be the pick.

    28. New England Patriots – LB David Harris – Michigan
    Most don’t consider David Harris a first round value but the Patriots are in need of a thumper inside and Harris is a great fit. A team like the Patriots will not be afraid to pull the trigger and if he becomes the solid starter they believe he will, he is well worth the pick.

    29. Baltimore Ravens – OT Joe Staley – Central Michigan
    The Ravens could be looking a few places here. A LB like Timmons could be tempting, as could a CB like Chris Houston if available. However, the Ravens have a strong need at OT with Tony Pashos gone and Ogden likely playing his final year. Joe Staley is a very nice value here and he could have a year to put on some weight and develop his skills behind the great Jonathan Ogden.

    30. San Diego Chargers – WR Dwayne Bowe – LSU
    The Chargers will most likely use this pick on either a WR or a S. With Nelson, Merriweather and Griffin all off the board, the Chargers turn to the WR position. Bowe would be a great addition to their offense and could be a major contributor right away because of his level of physical fitness and route running skills.

    31. *TRADE* Dallas Cowboys – WR Robert Meachem – Tennessee
    Knowing Jarrett and Meachem would not both be gone by 31 the Cowboys can afford to trade down and still get their guy. They have two very good WRs starting for them in TO and Glenn but both may not play for the Cowboys much longer. Meachem is a WR with great talent who will need time to learn the nuances of the position. However, he will have time to do that in Dallas, as they won’t expect a major contribution from him early.

    32. Indianapolis Colts – WR Steve Smith – USC
    If Harrell is here he would be an easy choice, but the way his stock is rising, it seems unlikely he will make it there. Timmons is a strong possibility and he would be a good fit but the Colts’ philosophy has been against using high picks on LBs. This could lead them making a surprise pick with a WR like Smith who could come in and play the slot and move into the starting lineup when Harrison retires.

    ROUND 2

    33. Oakland Raiders – C Ryan Kalil – USC
    The Raiders offensive line needs major work and bringing in a center who can play at a pro-bowl level and be the captain of the line would be a great move. While the Raiders have a couple of players at C in Grove and Newberry, neither appear to be long term solutions and Kalil is a great fit for the ZBS and a very nice value.

    34. Detroit Lions – QB Trent Edwards – Stanford
    Having opted to pass on Brady Quinn in the 1st, the Lions will need to use a 1st day pick on a QB. They have some options, as they could also pick Stanton or Beck or maybe wait and see who falls to the third. But Edwards is a nice fit for a Mike Martz’ offense and they will probably look to grab the QB they like early.

    35. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – DE Anthony Spencer – Purdue
    Simeon Rice probably won’t be a Buccaneer much longer and depth at the DE position is needed. Spencer is a great fit for the cover 2 and the Bucs would likely jump on him here.

    36. Cleveland Browns – CB Eric Wright – UNLV
    With Baxter coming off an injury and depth at the position being scarce, bringing in depth at CB has to be a priority. Over the last week, Wright has met with a lot of teams in hopes of showing them character is not a concern and many teams, including Cleveland, have taken a liking to him.

    37. Chicago Bears (f/ WAS thru NYJ) – OLB Lawrence Timmons – Florida St.
    The Lance Briggs has not played out well for the Bears and while it remains to be seen if he will hold out or be traded, he will likely not be wearing a Bears’ uniform in 2008. Timmons is a great value here and can play both WLB and SLB for the Bears.

    38. Arizona Cardinals – CB Chris Houston – Arkansas
    The Cardinals coverage units are not strong and a value like Chris Houston cannot be denied. Houston could develop into a lockdown corner for the Cardinals and also help their return game.

    39. Atlanta Falcons (f/ HOU) – OG Justin Blalock – Texas
    The Falcons are looking to get bigger up front and Blalock is just the kind of guard Petrino wants to add as he overhauls the offensive line. A very solid value here, Blalock makes a lot of sense for the Falcons.

    40. Miami Dolphins – OT Tony Ugoh – Arkansas
    The Dolphins got Brady Quinn but they still have a weakness on their offensive line and they would be very wise to protect their investment by grabbing a franchise LT.

    41. Minnesota Vikings – WR Dwayne Jarrett – USC
    Jarrett would be an incredible steal here, but it is certainly a feasible drop. The Vikings, in need of a go-to wideout, would have to jump all over him.

    42. San Francisco 49ers – WR Sidney Rice – South Carolina
    The 49ers are in need of a go-to wideout and a receiver with Rice’s size and ball skills could really add a dimension to the 49ers offense. Considering Rice would probably have been a top 15 pick if he had waited a year to come out, this would be a great value.

    43. Buffalo Bills – HB Kenny Irons – Auburn
    After trading McGahee the Bills need to bring in a new starter at HB. They could go a lot of directions at the position, with Irons, Antonio Pittman and Chris Henry being the most likely picks.

    44. Atlanta Falcons – DE Charles Johnson – Georgia
    With Kerney gone and Abraham constantly struggling with injuries, Charles Johnson would be a strong addition to the Falcon defense.

    45. Carolina Panthers – TE Zach Miller – Arizona St.
    The Panthers could easily go the route of LB or S here, but TE is a major need for an offense that really fizzled last year and Miller could be a very productive player right away.

    46. Pittsburgh Steelers – HB Brian Leonard – Rutgers
    Willie Parker has been great for the Steelers but their offense lacked the power running game the Steelers prefer last year. Leonard could add this and is also an exceptional receiver who could be a versatile weapon and a useful player on third downs.

    47. Green Bay Packers – DB Tanard Jackson – Syracuse
    Tanard Jackson can play both corner and safety and would do a lot to improve a Packer secondary that has major depth issues and he could potentially take the starting job away from Marquand Manuel, who is coming off a disappointing season.

    48. Jacksonville Jaguars – QB Drew Stanton – Michigan St.
    Byron Leftwich could very well be in his final year as a Jaguar and last year’s experimentation showed that Garrard is not starting quality. Because they don’t have many needs the Jaguars are in good position to take a QB like Stanton and groom him to start next year.

    49. Cincinnati Bengals – LB Justin Durant – Hampton
    The Bengals are very thin at both LB and DB and they don’t own a third round pick. They would likely be torn between drafting a LB like Hampton or a CB like Young or McCauley. Because the Bengals have a decent starting tandem in place at CB with Joseph and O’Neal, they can opt for a LB here.

    50. Tennessee Titans – HB Antonio Pittman – Ohio St.
    The Titans lost both Travis Henry and Chris Brown, leaving Lendale White as the only back left. However, he showed very little in his rookie year and is having weight issues.

    51. New York Giants – CB Marcus McCauley – Fresno St.
    Sam Madison is on his last legs and Corey Webster really struggled last year. The Giants feel Corey Webster will play better in their new scheme, but CB remains a major position of weakness for the Giants and McCauley has all the tools you look for.

    52. St. Louis Rams – C Samson Satele – Hawaii
    The Rams interior line can use some work and Satele is a prospect whose stock is on the rise who could easily get into the 2nd round range.

    53. Dallas Cowboys – NT DeMarcus Tyler – NC State
    The Cowboys have done a great job drafting talented players to make what should be a strong 3-4 front 7 for years to come. However, they still lack a NT, which may be the most important position for the defense. Ferguson is aging and has to take a lot of plays off and a new starter would really complete their front 7.

    54. Kansas City Chiefs – CB Fred Bennett – South Carolina
    Ty Law and Patrick Surtain are both aging and not the players they once were and depth is scarce. Bringing in help at the position is a priority and Bennett is a very solid corner from a school known for producing good NFL corners and he could easily get picked somewhere in the second half of the 2nd round.

    55. Seattle Seahawks – DT Turk McBride – Tennessee
    The strength of the Seahawks front 4 is their depth and rotation which keeps everyone fresh. The Hawks could use another body at DT and McBride could be a useful interior pass-rusher.

    56. Denver Broncos – OT James Marten – Boston College
    After trading the disappointing George Foster, the Broncos need to bring in a new starter at the RT position and Marten would be a good fit.

    57. Philadelphia Eagles – DE Tim Crowder – Texas
    The Eagles like to keep good depth along their DL and with Howard coming off a disappointing season and Kearse dealing with injuries, Crowder would be a nice addition.

    58. New Orleans Saints – LB Buster Davis – Florida St.
    The Saints have assembled a solid group of LBs but they truly lack a standout and an intense defender like Buster Davis is the kind of guy who could be a real leader for this defense.

    59. New York Jets – DE Ikaika Alama-Francis – Hawaii
    The Jets’ frontline can use some help and Francis is an ideal 3-4 with great upside who should go round 2.

    60. *TRADE* Washington Redskins – WR Craig Davis – LSU
    The Skins get an extra pick from their trade down and get the WR to complement Santana Moss they had been looking for. Word is they were very interested in another LSU receiver, but they could settle for Craig Davis who is a great talent himself.

    61. Baltimore Ravens – CB Josh Wilson – Maryland
    Samari Rolle appears to be declining and depth at the position is a question. Wilson is a nice value here and the kind of athletic defender the Ravens like. He could also contribute in the return game.

    62. San Diego Chargers – FS Eric Weddle – Utah
    After addressing the WR position in the 1st round, the Chargers look at their next biggest need here. Weddle is a very nice value here and he is the kind of coverage safety the team needs.

    63. New York Jets (f/ CHI) – WR Anthony Gonzalez – Ohio St.
    The Jets could use another target in the passing game and Gonzalez is the kind of smart player and good route runner that would fit in well in Mangini’s offense.

    64. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (f/ IND) – WR Aundrae Allison – East Carolina
    The Bucs do not have a pressing need at WR but they are somewhat thin at the position. Clayton is coming off a very disappointing campaign, Galloway can’t be expected to play much longer and Maurice Stovall is not starting quality. Allison could be productive in a Jon Gruden offense and could help the Bucs return game.

    ROUND 3

    65. Oakland Raiders – DE Victor Abiamiri – Notre Dame
    The Raiders could use a good base end to complement Derrick Burgess, as Tyler Brayton is solid but not extraordinary and they just cut Lance Johnstone.

    66. Detroit Lions – CB Daymeion Hughes – California
    The Lions have to overhaul the CB position with CBs who fit their new scheme and Hughes is a great fit for the cover 2.

    68. Cleveland Browns – OL Aaron Sears – Tennessee
    The Browns offensive line has long been a major concern and it still is. The Browns have been aggressively addressing the situation through FA the last 2 years, but OT and OG are both still positions of concern and Sears is a bargain here and he can play both positions.

    68. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – S Josh Gattis – Wake Forest
    Will Allen and Jermaine Phillips just have not stood out when given opportunities to start and some competition and maybe new starters are needed at the position.

    69. Arizona Cardinals – LB Stewart Bradley – Nebraska
    The Cardinals have two parts to a solid LB core in Dansby and Gerald Hayes and a solid SLB like Bradley would complete the unit.

    70. Denver Broncos (f/ WAS) – S John Wendling – Wyoming
    Lynch is aging and the Broncos do not have a lot of talent at the S position. Wendling is a good prospect who could really blossom if given some time to develop.

    71. Miami Dolphins – CB Jonathan Wade – Tennessee
    The Dolphins have no standouts at the CB position and Wade has a lot of talent and could also help in the return game, as the Dolphins lost an excellent return man in Wes Welker.

    72. Minnesota Vikings – LB Tim Shaw – Penn St.
    Obviously this would be a major surprise pick, but Shaw is a Childress type player and is a good fit for the cover 2. The Vikings could look at a CB or HB here, but they could also grab a LB they are high on and wait until day 2 to address those needs.

    73. Houston Texans – DT Quinn Pittock – Ohio St.
    The Texans are not strong up front and Pittock would be a very solid pick who could come in and start. Pittock does not have a high ceiling but the Texans just need to bring someone in who can produce in the middle.

    74. Buffalo Bills – WR Jason Hill – Washington St.
    Lee Evans is a rising star but the Bills don’t have much depth at WR and could use a good no. 2. Hill fits well into the Bills’ offense and could be an immediate starter.

    75. Atlanta Falcons – HB Michael Bush – Louisville
    The Falcons are looking to add a power dimension to their running game and it is no secret Petrino would like to bring in as many of his own guys as possible.

    76. San Francisco 49ers – DE Ray McDonald – Florida
    The 49ers greatest need at this point lies at DE and McDonald is a great fit for the 3-4 and a nice value.

    77. Pittsburgh Steelers – LB Lamarr Woodley – Michigan
    The Steelers can use a rush backer and Woodley is a guy who can play both LB and DE so he’d be able to make an easy transition to DE if the team switches to the cover 2.

    78. Green Bay Packers – TE Ben Patrick – Delaware
    The Packers need to add another receiving threat to the offense and a TE would be ideal. Patrick is a good value here and could be a contributor right away.

    79. Jacksonville Jaguars – DE Quentin Moses – Georgia
    The Jaguars are looking to add another pass-rusher and Moses is a guy who was once thought of as a top 10 pick who could end up being a real steal.

    Cincinnati Bengals – Forfeited Pick

    80. Tennessee Titans – DE Brian Robinson – Texas
    The Titans really haven’t got much production from the DE position outside of Vanden Bosch, and Robinson is a workout warrior who should go somewhere round 3.

    81. New York Giants – OT Ryan Harris – Notre Dame
    The Giants need to protect Eli and Ryan Harris is a guy who can play the LT position.

    82. St. Louis Rams – CB Usama Young – Kent St.
    The Rams depth at the CB position is a cause for concern and adding a talented youngster like Young would be a very solid addition.

    83. Carolina Panthers – S Sabby Piscitelli – Oregon St.
    Mike Minter is set to retire next year and Shaun Williams left, making S a major need for the Panthers.

    84. Kansas City Chiefs – OT Doug Free – Northern Illinois
    Doug Free is one of the few prospects available with the potential to play LT and bringing in young talent on the OL has to be a priority for the Chiefs.

    85. Seattle Seahawks – OG Josh Beekman – Boston College
    The Seahawks have some questions at OG as they are depending on guys like Rob Sims and Floyd Womack and Beekman would be a nice upgrade who could be a day 1 starter.

    86. Denver Broncos – HB Brandon Jackson - Nebraska
    The Broncos could use depth at the HB position and Jackson is one of the better fits for the ZBS in this draft.

    87. Dallas Cowboys – K Mason Crosby – Colorado
    The Cowboys might be able to wait a round to make this pick, but I think Crosby will end up in Dallas one way or another, as they really need to address the K position.

    88. New Orleans Saints – QB John Beck – BYU
    Backup QB has become an extremely important position in today’s NFL and Beck is an ideal backup for the Saints.

    89. New York Jets – LB Zak DeOssie – Brown
    The Jets can use depth at LB and possibly a pass-rusher. DeOssie is an extremely versatile LB who fits well into the 3-4 and is the kind of smart player Mangini likes.

    90. Philadelphia Eagles – LB Brian Waters – Clemson
    The Eagles have a lot of bodies at LB but they also have a lot of questions and they could go for a guy like Waters who could take over the MLB position in the near future, as Trotter probably won’t play much longer.

    91. New England Patriots – HB Tony Hunt – Penn St.
    The Patriots could use a power back to complement Maroney and Hunt is a good fit for the Patriots because he is a good receiver and blocker.

    92. Buffalo Bills (f/ BAL) – CB Michael Coe – Alabama St.
    The Bills lack depth at the CB position and Coe is a good fit for the cover 2 who could become a starter.

    93. San Diego Chargers – DE Ryan McBean – Oklahoma St.
    The Chargers suffered when Castillo missed time last year and they could use depth on the DL and McBean is a good fit for their defense.

    94. Chicago Bears – HB Chris Henry – Arizona
    With Thomas Jones gone, some depth is needed at running back and Henry opened eyes at the combine.

    95. Indianapolis Colts – DT Brandon Mebane – California
    The Colts run defense was abysmal during the regular season and they need to add some more bodies up front. A DT like Mebane who gets good leverage and also has penetrating ability would be a good fit.

    96. San Diego Chargers (comp) – OLB Antwan Barnes – Florida International
    With their major needs squared away, the Chargers can pick up depth players and Barnes is another player who is a great fit for the Chargers’ schemes.

    97. San Francisco 49ers (comp) – OG Marshall Yanda – Iowa
    The 49ers offensive line is solid, but they could potentially lose both their starting OGs next year and Yanda is a nice value here and he could potentially play some RT, another position the 49ers are not strong at.

    98. Indianapolis Colts (comp) – OLB Rufus Alexander – Oklahoma
    The Colts lost Cato June and while they actually have more depth and young talent at LB than people give them credit for, they could use some more help and Alexander could be a standout as a WLB in the cover 2.

    99. Oakland Raiders (comp) – OT Allen Barbre – Missouri Southern St.
    Allen Barbre is a great fit for the ZBS and is a small school prospect with a rising stock.

    Round 4

    100. Oakland Raiders – DT Marcus Thomas – Florida
    The Raiders could really use a dominant force up front and while there are a lot of questions about Thomas, he is worth taking a flyer on and we all know Al Davis won’t be afraid to do it.

  • #2
    I like the Cowboys first two picks but, Crosby is no longer considered a 3rd rounder... his stock has dropped by a considerable margin. Best available G, DE/OLB, or CB would seem more likely with the pick.

    Thanks BoneKrusher^ (the man)


    • #3
      Solid Packers draft

      Sig thanks to Bonekrusher


      • #4
        May be a bit early for Hunt in the third. His lack of speed means he doesn't really have any ceiling right now to improve. Nelson isn't really a good fit. People are questioning his intelligence and I just don't think he could play successfully for the Patriots. They utilize all sorts of complicated defensive schemes and switch their gameplans around every week, and that's not something Nelson would really adapt to well, I don't think. Joe Staley there would be an excellent value. I could definitely see that happening. David Harris is nice.


        • #5
          I love every one of your Eagles picks. They fit needs and are at a reasonaable range to go in that area. One thing to suggest though, it is Anthony Waters, not Brian.
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          Rest in Peace, themaninblack


          • #6
            pretty good 49ers mock, nice work

            Sig by Mockalicious


            • #7
              give KC Craig Davis in RD 2 and it's perfect


              • #8
                amazing chargers really like bowe



                • #9
                  Horrible first rounder for the Champs!!! We would take Lawrence Timmons, Chris Houston, or Dwayne Jarrett before Smith. I do like the 3rd rounders though.


                  • #10
                    I Love the first 2 rounds but i think 3rd even taking Jason Hill could work out we really dont need to take a LB but if he is the BPA than i wont be upset with the pick.

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                    • #11
                      I liked your Eagles picks, they fit our needs well. I'd really like Bush in the second round, I think he's a special player and vastly underrated, but if we were to take a DE at that point I have no problems with Crowder. Though I am sick of first day linemen


                      • #12
                        good miami draft

                        Dolphins Dream Draft: 1. Jaylon Smith 2. Artie Burns 3. Landon Turner


                        • #13
                          6. *TRADE* Miami Dolphins – QB Brady Quinn – Notre Dame
                          The Trent Green trade talks are going nowhere and seeing an opportunity to grab a franchise QB the Dolphins give up a 2nd rounder and grab Brady Quinn. The Dolphins would be looking at Brown, Hall or Okoye at 9 and the trade is well worth it.

                          It would cost a 3rd rounder accordin to the value chart, that would be more then enough to move up

                          40. Miami Dolphins – OT Tony Ugoh – Arkansas
                          The Dolphins got Brady Quinn but they still have a weakness on their offensive line and they would be very wise to protect their investment by grabbing a franchise LT.

                          Take Jarrett here instead

                          60. *TRADE* Washington Redskins – WR Craig Davis – LSU
                          The Skins get an extra pick from their trade down and get the WR to complement Santana Moss they had been looking for. Word is they were very interested in another LSU receiver, but they could settle for Craig Davis who is a great talent himself.

                          Take Sears here

                          71. Miami Dolphins – CB Jonathan Wade – Tennessee
                          The Dolphins have no standouts at the CB position and Wade has a lot of talent and could also help in the return game, as the Dolphins lost an excellent return man in Wes Welker.

                          This would be washingtons

                          You have us overpaying :(


                          • #14
                            ok giants draft

                            im not a big fan of paul poz 1st round but being able to get mccauley in the 2nd would cancel it out and make it ok. ryan harris is an ok pick in the 3rd

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                              I'm bout to go buckwild on this mock.


                              Round 1) It's between Jarrett and Harrell and I really can't pick. So I looked at our 2nd round pick and Craig Davis is still there so give us Davis in the 2nd and Harrell in the 1st.

                              Round 2) Craig Davis

                              Round 3) Brandon Mcbane.



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