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    JMiah’s Mock Draft

    Round 1

    1. Raiders select: Jamarcus Russell
    Why: Big armed J-Russ possesses too much potential for Al to “pass on.” As much as Oakland loves the long ball and has, disgruntled as they may be, big time WR’s who can stretch the field, this pick is a no brainier. Only time will tell if this one is a good fit or not, but the potential is there…

    2. Lions select: Trade Pick to Tampa Bay, who select: Calvin Johnson
    Why: It is no secret that the Lions want out of this pick and that Tampa wants in. As many teams that have been rumored to move up to this slot, the Bucs seem to be rumored to want it most. They might have to give up the whole first day to move up, but CJ is worth it. In my humble opinion, he is the best WR prospect that has come through in a LONG time. The Lions shouldn’t let former bad first round WR picks keep them from finally getting the right one, but it looks like they will…

    3. Browns select: Brady Quinn
    Why: This is a tough pick to select. AD or Brady? I give the nod to Quinn, simply because he is a greater need at this point, as they inked J. Lewis in the off-season. Brady is pro ready and possesses a good mind and attributes to shift over to the NFL. The Browns will pull the trigger on a prototype passer, rather than add another talented RB to the stable…

    4. Lions select (via trade w/ Bucs): Gains Adams
    Why: Gains is a top end DE with quick feet, great strength and a good fit for Detroit. He will add 8-12 sacks immediately and pressure the QB, giving the corners a better chance to pick away. The Lions miss the best WR in a decade, but grab a great DE and some picks to help build the team. Don’t rule out them grabbing Edwards in the second to groom behind old man Kitna, or even Joe Thomas here at #4.

    5. Cardinals select: Joe Thomas
    Why: The no brainier of the draft if he is here. Great fit for a team that can’t even run with Edge, and great value at #5 for a guy that might be worthy of #1 status. Joe claims he could wrestle a bear and win in ESPN the Magazine, and I believe him…

    6. Washington selects: Amobi Okoye
    Why: I really think if AD is here at #6, the Skins just might shop this pick to the Bills or the Pack, but they can’t take AD, even if he does have the most value, as they have to much at RB right now. Given the fact that they don’t have any other first day selections, look for some movement here, but for now, give them Okoye… Landry might fit as well…

    7. Vikes select: Adrian Peterson
    Why: Sure, the Vikes already have a good RB and some glaring needs at other positions, but if Peterson falls here, ink him in. Peterson is a top talent with good size, speed, and all around moxy. If you removed all the injury concerns he has, we would be arguing who was a better-fit overall, he or CJ…

    8. Falcons select: Laron Landry
    Why: This guy flies around the field and hits with a vengeance. His stock has been soaring here of late and everyone seems to be penciling him in at #8 if he slips past 6 and 7. Great pick here as he can step right in and make an immediate impact…

    9. Fins select: Levi Brown
    Why: Man O Man would Brady Quinn look good here, but since he is already off the board, Levi steps in nicely. His stock is moving up huge here of late and the Texans are pissed the Fins get a shot at him before they do at #10. Levi can open up some holes for Ronnie or even protect Gimpy Dante or old man Green or green behind the ears Lemon…

    10. Texans select: Alan Branch
    Why: The Texans would love to grab Brown, Landry, Peterson, or Okoye (or maybe even Joe Staley) but Branch’s potential is too much for them to let slide further. He is a physical specimen who could turn over a truck, but did not produce in college like he should have and is said to “take plays off,” whatever that means. If Branch pans out, he could be a steal here as for two years in a row the Texans don’t go with the sexy pick, but bolster up the D…

    11. 49ers select: Adam Carriker
    Why: He is a big, big man who is reasonably quick on his feet. He would fit in real nice in either the 4-3 or 3-4, which makes him a good fit in San Fran. His stock has been on the rise here of late, but maybe the Niners snatch up Branch if he is here, or even one of the 50 great WR talents available here…

    12. Bills select: Patrick Willis
    Why: Big, fast, good leader, great combine, etc, etc, etc… This guy would have immediate impact and be able to roam sideline-to-sideline if Buffalo. They keep drafting good players and letting the go (Clement and McGahee), so who knows what they will do here, as they need help on both sides of the ball. Lynch would not be too far of a stretch, but look for them to seek a RB later on in the 2nd or 3rd. (Maybe Pittman, Irons, or Henry)

    13. Rams select: Darrelle Revis
    Why: It may be a shock to see him come off the board before Michigan’s Hall, so he is an option here as well, but look for the Rams to bolster their D here with Revis, or Branch if he as slid this far. Carriker is an option as well if he is here. One might consider to place Ginn here, which might be a god fit as well, but for now we will give them Revis who is a fast, athletic corner who will can cover 2 or even man up if needed…

    14. Panthers select: Greg Olsen
    Why: Well, LB or TE? I think Olsen might not be the best value here, as Timmons, Beason, and Puz are still out there, and could be viable options, but for now we give them the only first round talent TE in the draft. Olsen had a really good combine and showed speed that can stretch the field and hands that can really catch the ball. He has good size to block and will be a pro-bowl TE if all works out right…

    15. Steelers select: Leon Hall
    Why: He very well might be off the board at this point, but his talent warrants the best value here for Pitt. If Jamaal Anderson is still out there, he might be the best value as well. They really could use Timmons or Beason here as well, but Hall provides a great CB talent here at #15…

    16. Pack select: Marshawn Lynch
    Why: Everyone, and I mean everyone has had him here for a long time, and the only way they might not take him is if they somehow trade up to get AD. He is a good talent, with size to run between the tackles and speed to bust outside. His value fits well here as well, but he has moved around a little here of late due to some back problems and character issues. Look for the Pack to pull the trigger on him if the Bills don’t tap him at #12… If he is gone, look for the Pack to take an elite WR talent…

    17. Jags select: Reggie Nelson
    Why: Simple… they need a safety after loosing Grant… Nelson is the best available here… 1+1=2… Nelson had a slow 40 at the combine, and watched his stock fall, but came back at the Gator’s pro day and did well… Good fit… if not give them Jamaal Anderson or the best available D help…

    18. Bengals select: Jamaal Anderson
    Why: Every year someone slips a little due to team needs and good fits, and this year it is Anderson. He is big, pretty fast and posted good numbers this past year at Arkansas. He might have done well staying for his senior year, but there is a chance that he could go much higher than this, even as high as Washington or Atlanta in the top ten. He is a great value here for the Beng and will start to pay dividends immediately…

    19. Titans select: Teddy Ginn Jr.
    Why: Ginn might go higher, but because of his ankle injury in the National Title game, he has seen his stock dropping here of late. Ginn would fit in great in a Titans team that lost its return man for the year in Jones, and lost its #1 WR to free agency in Bennett. His take it to the house ability could give this team a boost in a big way. Keep in mind, Ginn may go off the board at San Fran or St. Louis… and if so, pencil in Robert Meacham or Dwayne Jarrett for this pick… either way, the Titans need a WR in the first…

    20. Giants select: Joe Staley
    Why: This guy is shooting up draft boards here of late, and is a good pick up for the G-men at this point. Though he played at Central Michigan, scouts love his all around ability and though he may be a bit raw and didn’t play against elite competition throughout his college career, he has great speed and strength that coaches love, and can be shaped into a premiere OT. Look for the G-Men to consider Rutgers phenom Brain Leonard or Paul Puz as well…

    21. Denver selects: Jarvis Moss
    Why: It seems that the Broncos have been seeking a top rate DE for years now, and with Moss still on the board at this point, I think they might take a stab at him. Denver doesn’t have any glaring needs, but could use some help at CB, then pencil in Chris Houston, or Aaron Ross from Texas… they might even take a look at one of the many great WR that are floating around (Jarrett, Meacham, Bowe, etc.)

    22. Dallas selects: Dwayne Jarrett
    Why: Jarrett has dropped a long way, but the Boys are more than happy to take him here at #22. With both of their starting WR getting older, Jarrett can slide in slowly and help out the young Romo. Jarrett proved he does not have elite speed at the NFL level by running a slow 40 at the combine, but he is big and can go up after any ball. If numbers don’t lie, this kid will be a star in the Lone Star state…

    23. Chiefs select: Robert Meacham
    Why: Robert had a huge junior year and an amazing combine as well, and many people out there have him as the #2 WR out there. Look for him to come off the board sometime late in the first, and as Kansas City doesn’t have any strong WR talent and also just traded Hall, Robby M. can stretch the field well and take some of the pressure off of a young Croyle who they want to work into the lineup this year.

    24. Patriots select: Paul Posluszny
    Why: This guy is Pat-tastic, in that he has all the intangibles and leadership qualities that the Pats love in players. Great character/leader and could fill a big hole for the Pats who are trying to leap the Colts in a tough AFC. Puz is a football player’s football player and every coach’s dream…

    25. Jets select: Aaron Ross
    Why: The Jets need a CB and Ross is a pretty good one. He shows good speed and tackling abilities, while playing at one of the nations premiere football colleges. The Jets could use help on the D-line, so if Moss or Anderson fall here, they could fit well… TE is also a need, but if Olsen is off the board, they might seek to get ASU’s Miller in the second…

    26. Eagles select: Dwayne Bowe
    Why: I think Philly doesn’t really “need” much, thus they are going to take the best player available at this point in the draft. That being said, any team can use an upgrade here and there, and I think Bowe could provide that here at WR. Bowe is big and strong and tore things up at the Senior Bowl and throughout the year at LSU. Some have him rated at the #2 WR out there, so if he is here at this point, I think the Green Birds will have to snatch him up. If he is gone, I am not certain that they would go for Rice or Gonzalez, but might turn their heads else ware, looking maybe to Timmons, Beason, or Texas Safety Griffin. Don’t rule out FB/HB/HB Brian Leonard, as I hear the Eagles like his gusto…

    27. Saints select: Lawrence Timmons
    Why: The Saints might also look to bone up at WR, so if any of the top 5 guys fall here, you might be able to pencil them in as well. Tennessee’s Justin Harrell is climbing fast as well, so he might be a big boy to bolster their D-line. As it goes now, Timmons is a physical beast, with talent oozing out every part of his body, but he is quite raw and might not work well in the complex D of the NFL. That being said, getting him here at #27 is not a reach, so the Saints may grab him up to come in and make some big plays on defense…

    28. Patriots select (from Sea.): Brian Leonard
    Why: He is the perfect fit for a Pats team that loves players with talent and good attitudes. This guy is a hard worker that Billy could grow into a star H-back in the vein of Dallas Clark. Brian has seen his stock grow after a good year at Rutgers and a great combine. He has been projected everywhere from early round 1 to late round 3, but I think the Pats will snatch him up here late in the first. He could fit in well with Dillon gone and Maroney having some health problems. Good player, maybe a little reach, but nice, nice fit here in New England. Don’ rule out CB, as if Samuel sits, they are in need. Houston could be a great fit…

    29. Ravens select: Chris Houston
    Why: We all know the Ravens pride themselves on D and Houston could be gone at this point, but his great speed and playmaking ability could fit in nice with the nickel package. If they don’t look here, they might look toward Miami’s Beason to come in and fill their rushing LB need. In fact, if Beason is out there, you might want to pencil him in over Houston. Other needs include the O-line, where if Staley slides (which he won’t) would be a no brainer, but Tony Ugoh or Aaron Sears might be a good fit here as well. Don’t forget WR, as if any top 5 is here, he might be the best value pick for the Black Birds…

    30. Chargers select: Brandon Meriweather
    Why: The Bolts are in need of a safety, and though Brandon has some character issues, he is a talent that the Bolts could not turn down here. WR is a need as well, but I think it is a little early to take Anthony G. or Rice, therefore the Bolts look to load up their D. Meriweather is a talent for sure with his hard hitting potential and speed to even move up to play corner if needed. He can slide in and make some big plays in San Diego, which I hear means “A Whales Vagina.” If Meacham or Bowe slide here, look for them as a possibility as well…

    31. Da Bears select: Jon Beason
    Why: The Bears are looking for LB help now that Briggs wants out of town, and Beason is certainly a great talent. He could come in and disrupt some offense for sure, but he might very well be gone here, so look for the Bears to go for the best available at this point, thus taking the guy who falls to them. Olsen would be a nice fit as well as any WR that warrants a first round pick. They might even seek to bolster their O-Line and grab up Ben Grubbs, which is more than a good fit…

    32. Colts select: Justin Harrell
    Why: They need a DT and would love it if Harrell slips to them at this point. They are also in need of much help on D, as free agency hit them pretty hard this year, so look for LB or CB to be a big possibility. Michigan’s Harris might be a nice fit or Timmons if he falls this far. Don’t rule out a WR, as Brandon Stokley is gone, and a guy who falls could find himself catching balls from the best QB in the league…

    Round 2

    33. Raiders select: Tony Ugoh
    Why: Raiders need freaking help at O-line and his bruiser can push people around…

    34. Lions select: Trent Edwards
    Why: I like this guy and think he will make a great pro QB. He has loads of potential with a good arm and good accuracy. He did battle some injury problems and play on a weak Stanford team, but don’t rule out him being the best QB in this draft. QB’s are hard to predict and Edwards would be able to sit and learn from Kitna (a la Palmer) and not have the pressure to play like a first round pick. I like this pick a lot and think the Lions have to address their future QB sometime sooner than later…

    35. Tampa Bay selects: Anthony Spencer
    Why: Gruden gets the most out of his players are isn’t afraid to look past physical prowess and into the heart. Spencer is fast around the edges and hasn’t gotten much national spotlight, but trust me, if he slips to the second, he will be a steal here for the Bucks…

    36. Cleveland selects: Marcus McCauley
    Why: McCauley has seen his stock drop some, as early on he was projected a first rounder, which still could happen. He fits here well, as the Browns are in need of a CB and he represents the best value here…

    37. Ad Bears select: Ben Grubbs
    Why: Oh to the Bears hope they can land Grubbs here. They love this guy and many think he will be a pro bowl type guard in the NFL for years to come. He might be off the board at this point, so look for the Bears to try and bolster WR here if so…

    38. Cardinals select: Victor Abiamiri
    Why: Having met their o-line needs in the first the Cards turn their attention to the d-line and grab Nebraska’s big ol’ Abiamiri. Simply a need pick here folks, not sexy, just a need…

    39. Falcons select: Justin Blalock
    Why: I thought about giving them a WR here, or even reaching for Michael Bush, but I think they will want to add some bulk to the o-line. Blalock has been pushing the Big 12 around for years and would be a nice addition to the Dirty Birds at this point in the draft…

    40. Miami select: Anthony Gonzalez
    Why: The Fins lost Wes Welker and Gonzalez can step right in his place, as they are both fast playmakers with sure hands. Anthony might be gone in the late first, and if he is, USC’s Steve Smith might fit in well here as well. The Fins may look to upgrade corner or even take a look at what QB’s are available at this point in the draft…
    The NFL Draft is the consummation of all things sports. It is where the two greatest sports, who are gravitating toward each other all year, finally meet and kiss...

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    aww U stop right at 40 when the Vikings pick 41...Well Nice First Round.

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      okay 1st, kalil in the 2nd

      "Just Win Baby"- Al Davis


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        Good with Marshawn

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          The Eagles would pick Griffin in this situation, not any WR.
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            MY GOD...Beason, Griffin, Meriweather...anybody but a freakin reciever..Make it stop..


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              Dream Bears draft!
              this is the year!


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                Good Ravens Pick

                Baltimore: 7-4


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                  love the cowboys pick and explanation


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                    gainEs adams is fine, but i hate edwards so give us mccauley


                    "Pride comes before the fall" - Mark Dantonio



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                      I wish I had put Anderson higher than 18 at the Beng...
                      The NFL Draft is the consummation of all things sports. It is where the two greatest sports, who are gravitating toward each other all year, finally meet and kiss...


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                        can I request Ryan Kalil in the second to miami? I dont see him gone yet and even though I like Gonzalez ability to run routes (his speed isnt that great btw), I think the idea of adding a top flight center to go with our good LT we just picked up would be wonderful.

                        RT Carey
                        RG Shelton/Toledo
                        C Kalil
                        LG Rex
                        LT Brown

                        It would pretty much solidify our Oline for the next decade as they are all young and talented players. :)

                        Then with the 2nd pick in the 2nd round take a BPA pick

                        I like the miami draft if we dont make a trade though


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                          can people please stop giving us a corner in the first, seriously we took hill last year we dont need one two years in a row give us a dl or lb
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                            OK Saints pick and explination


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                              Give us Griffin



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