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First Round Final Mock w/ Trades

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  • First Round Final Mock w/ Trades

    So I projected some likely trades that will happen. I'm not sure what exactly will be given up, hence why I did not go past round one, but I strong expect them to occur. Hope everyone's team gets the guy you were hoping for tomorrow. Have fun watching the draft!

    1. Oakland – JaMarcus Russell (QB, LSU)
    The Raiders stay put with this pick and select their QB of the future in JaMarcus Russell. Unless Al Davis works out a last minute trade that allows him to grab a veteran QB, in which case he’ll select Calvin Johnson, this has to be the pick for Oakland.

    2. Tampa Bay – Calvin Johnson (WR, Georgia Tech)
    It’s no secret that Jon Gruden and the Bucs are willing to trade up with Detroit in order to secure Calvin Johnson. They’ll likely have to give up at least 3 of their 4 first day picks to ensure this trade, but in the end of the day I think they make the trade and end up getting their guy and the best prospect in the draft.

    3. Cleveland – Adrian Peterson (RB, Oklahoma)
    Romeo Crennell and Phil Savage both want a player who can come in and make an immediate impact. Brady Quinn will be very tempting here, but he’d take time to develop while Peterson would be ready to contribute, and contribute in a big way, from week one.

    4. Detroit – Gaines Adams (DE, Clemson)
    If the Lions end up moving down it will likely be in order to secure Gaines Adams, who is the best pass rusher in the draft. They may flirt with the idea of Joe Thomas, maybe even Patrick Willis, but Adams is the best defensive prospect and he should get the nod if this scenario plays out.

    5. Arizona – Joe Thomas (T, Wisconsin)
    Arizona is hoping that by staying Joe Thomas will fall to them at the fifth pick. Ken Wisenhunt loves to run the ball and the Cards run game was 30th in the NFL in 2006, despite having a good RB in Edgerrin James, so an upgrade in the offensive line is very necessary, especially considering Leonard Davis is now gone.

    6. Miami – Brady Quinn (QB, Notre Dame)
    The Dolphins need a young signal caller to develop and they are hoping for Quinn, but it is unlikely he’ll fall to them at the ninth spot. They should find a good trading partner in a Redskin team that only has a first round pick on day one. They’ll likely give up a second and a third to get up to this spot, but they get a potential franchise signal call in return.

    7. Minnesota – Leon Hall (CB, Michigan)
    The Vikings would be in a hard lot with this pick. They would have to reach to satisfy their top needs and if Brady Quinn is not still on the board they would likely not have many trading partners. In the end of the day I think they get more depth at CB and grab the top prospect at the position in Hall.

    8. Atlanta – LaRon Landry (S, LSU)
    Landry has to be the guy that Atlanta is targeting with the eighth pick. The Falcons are week at S with Chris Crocker, who can be upgraded over, and Lawyer Milloy, who is getting older. Landry give the Falcons a leader in the secondary that can step into either of the S spots and make an immediate contribution. The Falcons will also make a run at Calvin Johnson.

    9. Washington – Amobi Okeye (DT, Louisville)
    By trading back the Redskins would pick up some additional picks and they would still likely have a shot at some of the top defensive prospects. In Okeye that a young prospect who not only stout against the run, but who can also penetrate as well, he generated 15 tackles for a loss and 8 sacks during his senior campaign. At only 19 years old, Okeye may have the most potential of any prospect in the draft.

    10. Buffalo – Partick Willis (ILB, Mississippi)
    The Bills really want Patrick Willis to come in and replace London Fletcher-Baker in the middle, but the problem is that the 49ers, who are one pick ahead of them, want Willis as well. The Bills can trade up with Houston, who lost a second rounder in the Matt Schaub trade, and end up getting their guy.

    11. San Francisco – Adam Carriker (DE, Nebraska)
    If there is no Patrick Willis available the 49ers will likely look to solidify their defensive line by grabbing Adam Carriker. Carriker is a massive DE at 300 lbs., which would make him ideal as a DE in the 49ers 3-4 scheme. An underdog pick here could be Tennessee’s Robert Meachem or Dwayne Bowe out of LSU.

    12. Houston – Levi Brown (T, Penn State)
    Big pick for the Texans. The move down and acquire some picks to make up for what they lost in the Matt Schaub trade and still get themselves a stand out tackle in the process. If for some reason Levi Brown is not available here look for Houston to go for Darrell Revis at CB. All things considered this would be the best situation for the Texans who need to address several areas.

    13. St. Louis – Darrell Revis (CB, Pittsburgh)
    It is true that the Rams took Tye Hill last year at CB with their first overall pick, but they still need help opposite and Revis, who some have as the best CB available is a tremendous value here. By nabbing Revis the Rams can solidify the CB position for years with two great young CB, which is good in a division that features the likes of Anquan Boldin, Larry Fitzgerald, Deon Branch, and others.

    14. Denver – Jamaal Anderson (DE, Arkansas)
    The Broncos will only trade up if Jamaal Anderson is still on the board at this point. They need an every down DE and at 6’6, 288 lbs. there is little that Andersons size and speed will not allow him to do in the NFL. The Broncos should find a suitable trading partner in the Carolina Panthers who really want to go S in the first round and have somewhat cooled off on TE Greg Olsen.

    15. Pittsburgh – Lawrence Timmons (OLB, Florida State)
    The Steelers need to grab a OLB who has three qualities, experience enough to start in his rookie year, the ability to rush the passer, and the ability to play in both a 3-4 and 4-3 scheme, given that Mike Tomlin will eventually install his Cover 2. Given those three qualities, only Timmons fits the bill for the Steelers as Joey Porter’s replacement.

    16. Green Bay – Marshawn Lynch (RB, California)
    The Packers need to get a RB on the first day that is capable on coming in and contributing immediately so passing on Lynch here would be a big gamble. Some say he is the most complete back in the draft even over Adrian Peterson. Lynch is not only a versatile runner, but he can also hurt a defense with his abilities as a receiver coming out of the backfield.

    17. Jacksonville – Jarvis Moss (DE/OLB, Florida)
    Jacksonville needs a pass rusher at DE. Moss is somewhat undersized at only 250 lbs., but his 6’6 frame leaves plenty of room for more bulk to be added. Additionally, he is one of the better pass rushers available, many draw comparisons to Jevon Kearse, and the Jags do not need a bigger end considering they alright got a pair. Moss would fit in well as a weak side DE in the NFL.

    18. Cincinnati – Alan Branch (DT, Michigan)
    The Bengals have the luxury of staying put at this pick as there are many players that can fill their needs at LB, CB, and DT. If Branch falls this far he’d easily be the pick. The main knocks on Branch are his inabilities to keep his weight under control and his tendency to take plays off, or simply get fatigued. These concerns have some teams shying away from him, but at pick 18 he the risk is well worth the possible reward.

    19. Tennessee – Ted Ginn Jr. (WR, Ohio State)
    There is not much for Vince Young to work with next season currently on the roster at WR in Tennessee. Drew Bennett, the top target in 2006, is now a Ram and Bobby Wade is gone as well. Ted Ginn would give the Titans the most dynamic WR in the draft, outside of Calvin Johnson of course. He still needs to work on his route running and concentration, but in terms of talent and speed, Ginn is second to no one. His ability as a return man will also be important given that Pacman Jones was the Titans returner, but he won’t be available until week 10 at the earliest.

    20. New York Giants – Joe Staley (T, Central Michigan)
    With the way things are shaping up, this pick is going to likely come down to either Central Michigan’s Joe Staley or the top CB on the board. Given the need to upgrade at left tackle and having Joe Staley sitting right here, it’d be very hard for the Giants to go any other way. Staley is tremendously athletic and is the “prototypical” left tackle, tall, quick, and athletic. He could come in and immediately upgrade Eli Manning’s protection on the left side.

    21. Carolina – Micheal Griffin (S, Texas)
    The Panthers are in the market for a S to play the strong safety spot next to Mike Minter. Griffin is the one true strong safety that is available and worthy of a first round selection. By trading back a few picks Carolina would get what they needed and at the same time acquire some extra picks they could use to get depth at LB and along the offensive line. The Panthers could also go Greg Olsen with this pick and get a little better value than they would have at 14.

    22. Dallas – Dwayne Bowe (WR, LSU)
    Dallas has done a very good job of addressing their team needs through free agency. One need they didn’t address was the need for a young WR to play the slot. Terry Glenn and Terrell Owens are better than average starters, but Patrick Crayton is very inconsistent as the 3rd option. Bowe would take over the role in the slot immediately and eventually shift into the starting line-up after a season or so, maybe sooner.

    23. Kansas City – Robert Meachem (WR, Tennessee)
    There are a couple options for the Chiefs with this pick. They could go offensive line with Ben Grubbs to replace Will Shields, but with Meachem on the board still, I think they’ll go WR. Neither of the Chiefs’ starting WR came close to posting 1,000 yard seasons in 2006. Meachem would likely come and immediately become their biggest threat in the passing game. Adding a good WR will force teams to focus more on the pass, taking some pressure of Larry Johnson and the running game.

    24. New England – David Harris (ILB, Michigan)
    The Patriots need to find an eventual replacement for Teddy Bruschi in the inside after he seriously contemplated retirement for a short period, meaning the idea is already starting to take root with him. It is rumored that the Pats are absolutely in love with Harris and are targeting him with one of their first round picks, likely 23 because they face the risk of losing him to Philadelphia is they wait until pick 28.

    25. New York Jets – Greg Olsen (TE, Miami)
    Olsen would add a new dynamic to the Jets passing attack. He is Jeremy Shockey type that is more of a WR trapped in TE’s body. He’ll really be vital down the seem and his size will make him an excellent red zone target for Chad Pennington. This would be a tremendous value pick. Also look for a possible CB taken here with Aaron Ross still on the board.

    26. Philadelphia – Paul Posluszny (LB, Penn State)
    The Eagles would like to land a S with this pick, but Griffin is the only true strong safety and he is gone. Paul Posluszny played OLB in college, but most scouts think that’d he have no problem moving to the middle in the NFL, which is why the Eagles will take him given that Jeremiah Trotter’s knees are beginning to give out on him.

    27. New Orleans – Justin Harrell (DT, Tennessee)
    The Saints have to bring the defense up to speed with the offense if they hope to go further than the NFC Championship game in 2007. One position in need of a major makeover is DT, where there has been uncertainty and a lack of talent due to Jonathan Sullivan proving himself to be a bust. Harrell has been a prospect on the rise as of late. He was a highly touted senior prospect, but he was kept off the field due to injuries; however, he is showing through his workouts that he is healthy, in shape, and ready to make a contribution at the next level.

    28. New England – Aaron Ross (CB, Texas)
    Reggie Nelson would be a big pick for the Patriots here, but it’d be hard not to go CB with Ross still on the board. Asante Samuel wants a trade and if he doesn’t get one he may not resign next season so the need is certainly there for another cover guy to be ready to step in and in the worst case scenario Ross could play opposite Samuel or as a nickleback and he can also contribute as a special teamer.

    29. Baltimore – Ryan Kalil (C, USC)
    One of the few weaknesses, in an otherwise solid season, for the Ravens in 2006 was the shakiness of the offensive line. There are questions especially along the interior at G and C. Kalil is the best interior lineman in the draft and one of the best prospect left this late in round one. He has blocked for some of the most prolific backfields in the NCAA while at SC. Even if takes moving some players around, Kalil would be a great pick.

    30. San Diego – Reggie Nelson (S, Florida)
    AJ Smith really isn’t too big on grabbing a WR in the first round. What Smith really wants is to grab a S. Nelson is a steal this late in round one and is a potential opening day starter. The only real knock on this guy is his inability to learn defenses, which can be a real problem, but if the Chargers can get him to understand their scheme, they’ll have themselves a great player on their hands.

    31. Chicago – Dwayne Jarrett (WR, USC)
    Wide receiver is not a major need for the Bears, but if Dwayne Jarrett was sitting here, he would be hard not to select. He would give Rex Grossman a solid possession WR to work the intermediate routes over the middle and he’ll create huge mismatches using his size and strength, especially in the red zone.

    32. Indianapolis – Jon Beason (LB, Miami)
    The Colts need an athletic LB who can potentially make an immediate contribution in place of Cato June, who is signed with the Buccaneers. Tony Dungy would be lucky if this scenario plays out and a player as gifted as Beason falls to them. His athleticism makes him ideal for the Tampa 2 defense, in which he could realistically play any of the 3 LB positions.

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    Excellent draft for Carolina; I like the move and the pick.


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      okay raider pick

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        You are about the millionth person with Lynch going to Green Bay

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          i would prefer denver to stay at 21 at get nelson, and we would trade up for willis and carriker and dont be suprised if denver pulls off some crazy insane deal to land us calvin johnson or in the top 5
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            Originally posted by princefielder28 View Post
            You are about the millionth person with Lynch going to Green Bay
            i was 999,999 person
            Bubba kush for breakfast, with my captain crunch
            I smoke ten blunts before lunch
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              Vikes don't take Hall. Esp. with Landry still on the board.



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