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Arockii's final 2 round mock w/trades!!!!!!

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  • Arockii's final 2 round mock w/trades!!!!!!

    1.)Raiders-Jamarcus Russell QB LSU
    The Raiders don't neccessarly need a QB,they need to get better coaching on the offensive line and offense.Russell
    could come in and provide hope for the future and go down field with that powerful arm he has.

    TRADE ALERT!!!!!!!!!!

    2.)Bucs(F/DET)-Calvin Johnson WR Georgia Tech
    The Bucs trade up for the best player in the draft.He will have to get used to the west coast offense.
    He still has upside because of the poor QB play in college.

    3.)Browns-Adrian Peterson RB Oklahoma
    The Browns had Peterson as there guy all along.He will be the future succeser to Jamal Lewis.He could of came to
    the NFL out of high school.

    4.)Lions(F/TB)-Gaines Adams DE Clemson
    The Lions played it smart and traded down without having to reach for there player.Gaines will play the Simeone Rice
    Role in Marinelli's cover 2 scheme.

    5.)Cardinals-Joe Thomas OT Wisconsin
    The Cardinals finally may get there offensive tackle.Thomas may be the surest thing in the draft besides CJ.There may be some
    divided in the war room between Thomas and Levi Brown.

    TRADE ALERT!!!!!!!!!!

    6.)Dolphins(F/WASH)-Brady Quinn QB Notre Dame
    The Dolphins are unsure of what the vikings are gonna do so they take no chance and trade up to get there QB of the
    future,maybe Quinn can start right away.

    7.)Vikings-LaRon Landry S LSU
    The Vikings look to improve there secondary with Landry.He may not be the best fit in a cover 2 scheme but he's the
    best player available at this position.

    8.)Falcons-Jamaal Anderson DE Arkansas
    The Falcons are heart broken that there man Landry is of the board but they have to keep there head up and get
    Plan B,anderson should be the replacement for Patrick Kerney.

    9.)Redskins-Amobi Okoye DT Louisville
    The Redskins trade down to get more picks and a prospect with upside.Okoye could be the next Warren Sapp.He will
    continue to get stronger,it's just to bad my team will see him twice a year.

    10.)Texans-Levi Brown OT Penn State
    The Texans finally get there franchise tackle,he may not fit there cutback scheme,but they have to do something there at that position.

    11.)49ers-Patrick Willis LB Ole Miss
    I can hear the screams of bills fans everywhere,the 49ers add another playmaking dfeencive player to there unit.

    12.)Bills-Darrelle Revise CB Pitt
    The bills drafted good in the secondary last year now that Willis the player they coveted is off the board they add another good young corner.

    13.)Rams-Alan Branch DT Michigan
    The Rams have some good players at this position,but they can't resist getting a player of Branch's size.He is this
    year's Ngata.

    14.)Panthers-Reggie Nelson S Florida
    The panthers have to asdd some youth at the saftey position,Nelson would eventualy take over for much respected vetern
    Marcus Minter.

    15.)Steelers-Adam Carriker DE/DE Nebraska
    What ever the steelers do on defense wheter a cover 2 or 3-4 Carriker would be a good fit in both schemes,plus they need a pressure player now that Porter is gone.

    16.)Packers-Marshawn Lynch HB Cal
    Packers land there HB of the future,lynch could be a reach here but the packers have the worst running back situation in the NFL.

    17.)Jags-Jarvis Moss DE Florida
    The jaguars are mad to see Nelson off the board but they opt for another gator,and get a dynamic pass rusher Moss.

    18.)Bengals-Paul Posluszny LB Penn State
    Some may say this is a reach at this point but you can never reach for a great quality and productive player who let's his play do the talking.

    19.)Titans-Dwayne Jarrett WR USC
    THe titans need a tall receiver to replace the departed Drew Bennett.Jarrett is the best jumpball receiver in this draft and yes that includes Calvin Johnson,look for the Young to Jarrett combo for years to come.

    20.)Giants-Leon Hall CB Michigan
    The giants have one good young corner in Corey Webster but the rest of there corner are on the decline.Hall could be that other corner they have been looking for,don't forget about Staley here also.

    TRADE ALERT!!!!!!!!

    21.)Bears(F/DEN)-Greg Olsen TE Miami,FL
    The bears realize that Olsen who is the number TE on the board isn't gonna last to much longer so they find trade trade partner and finally add there Playmaking tightend to be a true saftey net for Grossman,could Olsen be the next Ditka in Chi town?

    22.)Cowboys-Ted Ginn Jr. WR/KR Ohio State
    I would rather see my boys take a defensive player here but after hearing Jerry Jones,he's gonna go offense.Ginn Jr. has world class speed and could have a Devin Hester affect for us.He could devolop into a good wide out in the Steve Smith and Santana Moss mold.

    23.)Chiefs-Joe Staley OT Central Michigan
    The chiefs have been hit by the retirement bug on the offensive line.Staley is the most athletic lineman in this draft and would help imeediatly come in contribute.

    24.)Pats-Michael Griffin S Texas
    The patriots start adding some quality players to there secondary.Griffin would eventually replace harrison as the strong saftey.

    25.)Jets-Anthony Spencer DE/OLB Purdue
    The jets finally get that pass rushing linebacker in there 3-4.Spencer has a terrific motor and is an all effort player.

    26.)Eagles-Brandon Meriweather S/CB Miami,FL
    The eagles take a risk on a playmaker.Meriwather can play multiple positions in the secondary and is not afraid to battle those big wide outs,...hmm you hear that Sheldon and Lito.

    27.)Saints-Chris Houston CB Arkansas
    The saints could put winnie the pooh out there and get better at the corner position.Maybe houston could be an upgrade.

    28.)Pats-Ryan Kalil C USC
    The patriots are notorious for taking offensive lineman on day 1 and it doesn't stop here.

    29.)Ravens-Ben Grubbs OG Auburn
    the ravens offensive line is getting old,they need some infusion of young talent,grubbs is a very good fit here.

    30.)Chargers-Dwayne Bowe WR LSU
    this gives teh chargers a true wide receiver who can catch the ball and move the chaines.

    31.)Broncos(F/CHI)-Jon Beason OLB Miami,FL
    Well it looks like the broncos can rest easy and still claim that they have the fastest linebackers in football.

    32.)Colts-Justin Harrell DT Tennesee
    Simon may not be back next year and McFareland starting to decline the need to get younger at that position

    ROUND 2

    33.)Raiders-Tony Ugoh OT Arkansas
    Raiders gamble on Ugoh's talent and I think he's a good fit.

    34.)Lions-Trent Edwards QB Stanford
    The lions have two straight 2nd round picks after the trade,they start with their QB of the future.

    35.)Lions(F/TB)-Lawrence Timmons OLB FSU
    Tremoundous value pick here,timmons will be excellant with his former fsu teamate Sims in the cover 2 scheme.

    36.)Browns-Aaron Ross CB Texas
    Another great value pick here,they get some cb help

    37.)Broncos(F/CHI)-Charles Johnson DE Georgia
    He may be a little small for the position but he plays with a great motor and could be the pass rusher Denver is looking for.

    38.)Cardinals-Victor Abiamiri DE/OLB Notre Dame
    The cardinals may be moving to a 3-4 but they need a pass rusgher anyway.

    39.)Falcons-David Harris LB Michigan
    Maybe he could add some spark to teh linebacker position in Atlanta

    40.)Redskins(F/MIA)-Tim Crowder DE Texas
    The redskins need someone who can rush the passer.

    41.)Vikings-Robert Meachem WR Tennessee
    The vikings are lucky that a wide receiver of Meachem's talent fell this far.

    42.)49ers-Sidney Rice WR South Carolina
    The 49ers now have there triplits hopefully in Smith, Gore and Rice.

    43.)Bills-Michael Bush HB Louisville
    They did something similar to this before and there going to do it again.

    44.)Falcons-Arron Sears OT Tennessee
    The falcons need a protecter for Michael Vick.

    45.)Panthers-Buster Davis LB FSU
    I don't care what anyone says about this pick,he could be the next Sam Mills.

    46.)Steelers-Justin Blalock OG/OT Texas
    With Faneca's situation they need to look towards the future.

    47.)Packers-Aaron Rouse S/LB VA Tech
    The packers lack that true physicality at the saftey position.

    48.)Jags-Craig Davis WR LSU
    They really need some speed at wide receiever

    49.)Bengals-Tarnard Jackson CB/S Syracuse
    The bengals jump on a versitle dfensive back wgo should help them a saftey and corner.

    50.)Titans-Marcus McCauley CB Fresno State
    The titans aren't sure about the status of troubled corner Pacman Jones after this season so they get insurance.

    51.)Giants-Justin Durant OLB Hampton
    The giants really need help at linebacker.

    52.)Rams-Eric Wright CB UNLV
    They rams are going to take some heat from this but there betting on Wright being a changed man.

    53.)Cowboys-Tank Tyler NT North Carolina State
    Wade Phillips loves nose tackles and Tank could some in a rotate behind J-Ferg and eventually replace him.

    54.)Chiefs-Anthony Gonzalez WR Ohio State
    The chiefs need a sure handed wide out who they can trust.

    55.)Seahawks-Zach Miller TE Arizona
    The seahawks get a replacement for Stevens.

    56.)Broncos-Marcus Thomas DT Florida
    The claude wroten of this draft the broncos once gambled on Clarett and got burned but they take a chance on a top 20 talent like thomas.

    57.)Eagles-Quentin Moses DE Georgia
    The eagles keep adding depth to there defense.

    58.)Saints-Aundrae Allison WR East Carolina
    Maybe he could be the replacement for Joe Horn.

    59.)Jets-LaMarr Woodley OLB/DE Michigan
    Jets keep adding pieces to there 3-4

    60.)Dolphins-Steve Smith WR USC
    The Dolphins get Quinn a sure handed wide out for the future.

    61.)Ravens-Brian Robison DE/OLB Texas
    Could become the next Adaulis Thomas if used correctly.

    62.)Chargers-Anthony Waters ILB Clemson
    Depth is needed now that the lost two good players in the off season

    63.)Jets-Jonathan Wade CB Tennessee
    The jets need some depth in that secondary

    64.)Bucs-Ikaika Alama-Francis DE Hawaii
    The bucs need some pass rushers to eventually replace Rice

    Done see ya'll next year in 08!!!!!!!!
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    Marshawn Lynch!!!

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      1st okay

      2nd good since kalil,moss and jarrett are gone

      "Just Win Baby"- Al Davis


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        nice skins draft


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          good SF draft even though i would prefer Carriker



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