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  • First Mock ever

    Hey guys new to the forum but have been watching the site for the last few months. Got bored while studying for finals tonight, so I decided to make a mock. I tried to have some diffrent picks than the norm but still in the realm of possibility. Here it goes, give me some feedback positive or negative let me hear it im a big boy lol.

    Oakland: J. Russell
    Detroit: C. Johnson
    Cleveland: B. Quinn
    Tampa Bay: Gaines Adams
    Arizona: J. Thomas
    Washington: A. Okoye
    Minnesota: A. Peterson
    Atlanta: L. Landry
    Miami: L. Brown
    Houston. L. Hall
    San Francisco: A. Carriker
    Buffalo: P. Willis
    St. Louis: A. Branch
    Carolina: R. Nelson
    Pittsburgh: L. Timmons
    Green Baÿ: M. Lynch
    Jacksonville: J. Anderson
    Cincinnati: D. Revis
    Tennessee: T. Ginn Jr.
    New York (Giants): P. Posluszny
    Denver: J. Moss
    Dallas: R. Meacham
    Kansas City: J. Harrell
    New England: Chris Houston
    New York (Jets): Greg Olsen
    Philadelphia: M. Griffen
    New Orleans: J. Beason
    New England: A. Spencer
    Baltimore: J. Staley
    San Diego: D. Bowe
    Chicago: B. Grubbs
    Colts: D. Tyler
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    Decent Bucs pick but you have Staley going to 2 teams


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      Thanks for the heads up meant for the Chargers to have Bowe.



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