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One round mock with trades and explainations...

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  • One round mock with trades and explainations...

    1. Oakland Raiders – JaMarcus Russell – QB – LSU – After much self debate I have chosen to go with Russell here in my mock. I think Calvin Johnson would be the best option for the Raiders, but in the end I think they go with Russell here.

    ***Trade*** Millen trades either the pick or the player to the Bucs for The Bucs first, The bucs second (#35), the bucs third (#68) and Brian Kelly

    2. Tampa Bay – Calvin Johnson – WR – Georgia Tech – Tampa makes their move and confirm what was no secret before, they love Calvin Johnson. The Bucs pay a signifigant price, but secure the best player in the draft and I think it is worth it. Prospects like Johnson rarely come around.

    3. Cleveland Browns – Joe Thomas – OT – Wisconsin – The main reason I am making this pick is that I think Romeo Crennell and Phil Savage are looking to save their jobs. They pass on Quinn and Peterson thinking that Joe Thomas gives them the best chance to win now.

    4. Detroit Lions – Gaines Adams – DE – Clemson – Millen trades down and lands the player he wanted. I still think he should have kept CJ, but Millen acquires picks, improves his team, and lowers his salary cap liability all in the same pick.

    5. Arizona Cardinals – Adrian Peterson – RB – Oklahoma – The Cardinals go best player available as Wisenhunt believes Russ Grimm can improve the current O-Line and that he can find talent in the later rounds along the front. Peterson is the second best player in the draft IMO and I think he is too big a value to pass up here.

    6. Miami Dolphins – Brady Quinn – The Joey Harrington/Duante Culpepper experiments are over, or will be over soon. They will likely bring Trent Green into the fold, but it does not deter them from grabbing Quinn in the first.

    ***Trade*** Atlanta sends their third round pick to the Vikings to move up one spot and grab…

    7. Atlanta Falcons – Laron Landry – The Falcons move up one spot to grab the player they covet. Landry is a great value and great fit in the Falcons secondary.

    8. Minnesota Vikings – Jamaal Anderson – The Vikings move back one spot and grab the player they want and add a third rounder. Anderson is the most complete DE in the Draft and can give the the Vikings a lot of help getting after the QB which is exactly what they need.

    9. Washington Redskins – Darrelle Revis – CB – Pittsburgh – The Redskins would like to trade back and acquire more picks, but the options and demand is just not there. The Redskins address need and get a man to man corner with return skills.

    10. Houston Texans – Joe Staley – OT – Western Michigan – The Texans have a hard time passing on Robert Meacham here, but in the end grab the best fit for their ZBS in OT Staley. Staley has flown up draft boards and the Texans reach a little in drafting for need and system. They consider trading back with Denver, but the fact is they can’t guarantee Staley will be there

    11. San Francisco 49ers – Robert Meacham – WR – Tennessee – Meacham gives the Niners the final piece of the puzzle for a young and impressive offense for years to come. Many people see Willis or Carricker here but the Niners surprise everyone grabbing Meacham.

    12. Buffalo – Patrick Willis – Willis is a tremendous value here and the Bills are torn between him and Adam Carricker. In the end Willis is the higher ranked player on their board and they take him.

    13. St. Louis Rams – Amobe Akoye – DT – Louisville – The Rams go with the disruptive force over the hole clogger here as they are scared off a little by Alan Branch’s post season question marks.

    14. Carolina Panthers – Alan Branch – DT – Michigan – Carolina traditionally takes the BPA and Branch is the highest rated guy on their board and with them looking to trade Kris Jenkins lateer in this draft, Branch fits right into the rotation. Olsen is tempting, but the Panthers need to reestablish their dominance up front.

    15. Pittsburg Steelers – Leon Hall – CB – Michigan – It comes down to a choice between Houston and Hall and in the end go with Hall after much debate. I like Houston better, but Hall is also a good value here.

    16. Green Bay Panthers – Ben Olsen – TE – Miami – Favre gets another weapon in the attack, but not the one people expected in Lynch. Olsen will stretch the middle of the field and create mismatches, giving the Packers fans a reason to be optimistic in the years to come.

    17. Jacksonville Jaguars – Lawrence Timmons – LB – Florida St.

    18. Cincinnati Bengals – Anthony Spencer – OLB/DE – Purdue – Good fit in the 3-4 scheme and a solid guy who will help put pressure on the QB and can play the run very well.

    *** Trade *** The Tennessee Titans trade the 19th pick and the 80th Pick in the draft to the San Diego Chargers for RB - Michael Turner and the 30th pick and the 93rd pick

    19. San Diego Chargers – Adam Carricker – DE – Nebraska – The Chargers trade up 11 spots to grab Carricker and address a need at DE in their 3-4 scheme. The versatile and athletic Carricker makes the Chargers defense even more formidable and makes the loss of Turner more bearable.

    20. New York Giants – Chris Houston – CB – Arkansas – Houston is a solid value at a need position for the Giants and they will not pass on him here. The Giants have many needs, and Houston is the right fit at this point.

    21. Denver Broncos – Jon Beason – OLB – Miami – After losing Al Wilson in Free Agency, the Broncos address a need and get the tackling machine out of Miami. Beason does not have ideal size but plays low and simply gets to the football. He also has great coverage skills.

    22. Dallas Cowboys – Levi Brown – OT – Penn St. – Brown has taken an unexpected drop to get this far down the board, but the Cowboys are thrilled to have him fall in their lap.

    23. Kansas City Chiefs - Aaron Ross – CB – Texas – The Chiefs grab the Texas product who is a solid value and nice fit. He is a very mature player with excellent quickness and reaction to the ball in the air.

    24. New York Jets – David Harris – MLB – Michigan –

    25. New England – Michael Griffin – S – Texas – A smart and versatile safety who will move right into the New England secondary and make plays while replenishing depth.

    26. Philadelphia – Eric Wright – CB – UNLV – Philly makes a bit of a reach here but Wright is extremely gifted and has the athletic ability to become a force on the outside.

    27. New Orleans – Ted Ginn – WR – Ohio St. – It is a surprise that Ginn lasts this long, but I think this is the tight spot for him and putting him opposite Marques Colston makes the New Orleans offense complete again with the departure of Joe Horn.

    28. New England – Ryan Kalil – OC – USC – New England makes the move for Kalil who many do not have ranked as highly as I do. The Patriots shore up the O-Line with the versatile Kalil.

    29. Baltimore – Tony Ugoh – OT – Arkansas – Ugoh might have the most upside of any tackle in this draft, and the Ravens grab him here to groom behind Ogden. He can slide inside or play the right side as Ogden ends his career.

    30. Tennessee – Dwayne Jarrett – WR – USC – Jarrett gives Vince Young a tremendous weapon to utilize. He addresses a huge need and in the first round the Titans have addressed both RB and the WR positions.

    31. Chicago – Justin Blaylock – OG – Texas - Chicago needs to get nastier along the front of their offensive line. It comes down Blaylock, Grubbs, and Sears. In the end they take the versatile and intelligent Blaylock.

    32. Indianapolis – Justin Durant – LB – Hampton – With the other LB’s off the board, the Colts take a position of need and get a player that fits perfectly into the Tampa 2. Durant is a speedy playmaker who can move into the middle or play the outside. He is great at dropping into coverage and playing the run.

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    There is a lot wrong with this draft. You have the order screwed up at the end, the Oats go 24, the Jets 25, and you have a lot of reaches and a lot of players falling way too low. The Eagles pick is not good at all, we would pick Meriweather here.
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