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S2C's Final Mock (Just top 16)

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  • S2C's Final Mock (Just top 16)

    Buc’s 2007 NFL Mock Draft

    “And with the first pick in the two-thousand and seven NFL Draft, the Oakland Raiders select…”

    1. Oakland: Jamarcus Russell, Quarterback, Louisiana State

    This pick, from what I hear, is an immortal lock, but expect Oakland to use all the time needed trying to keep trading options open if someone comes along that they love (such as Tampa Bay trading up to secure Calvin Johnson, but I highly doubt it).

    2. Tampa Bay (from Detroit): Calvin Johnson, Wide Receiver, Georgia Tech

    I love this trade for the Bucs, and I bet Jon Gruden has already designed a few plays for his new go-to WR. CJ is the best WR prospect in the history of the NFL draft. Maybe the best prospect ever!

    3. Cleveland: Brady Quinn, Quarterback, Notre Dame

    I disagree with this pick and feel that Cleveland should go with Adrian Peterson, but Cleveland’s owner is more interested in selling tickets than winning. I am not saying Quinn is a bad player, but he isn’t the best pick for this team.

    4. Detroit (from Tampa Bay): Gaines Adams, Defensive End, Clemson

    Adams will be coached by heralded defensive line coach (at Tampa, now head coach for Detroit) Rod Marinelli. This defense could get scary with Shaun Rogers, Ernie Sims, and Dewayne White.

    5. Arizona: Joe Thomas, Tackle, Wisconsin

    Arizona really is a wild card here…word is that some coaches love Levi Brown more than Thomas and he could be the pick here. If Adrian Peterson falls, maybe the Cardinals go with a shocker pick, but I doubt it. I have Levi Brown slightly ahead of Thomas, but you just never know.

    6. Washington: LaRon Landry, Safety, Louisiana State

    A horrible pick from horrible ownership. You have the worst pass rush in the NFL with an aging DL (with virtually no talent), and you pass up on Amobi Okoye, Jamaal Anderson, Adam Carriker, and Alan Branch so you can have a great safety combo with Landry and Sean Taylor. Landry is a great player and I love him, but “it is obvious to me right now that the Redskins just don’t know what the draft is all about.” (like Mel Kiper’s quote on the Jets back in 1989).

    7. Minnesota: Adrian Peterson, Runningback, Oklahoma

    Gotta love this pick. Minnesota needs an explosive player on offense and Peterson fits the bill. I would like to see Minnesota go with Landry if Peterson isn’t here.

    8. Atlanta (from Houston): Levi Brown, Tackle, Penn State

    Petrino prefers bigger offensive linemen…Atlanta has huge needs along the offensive line and where better to start than left tackle?

    9. Miami: Amobi Okoye, Defensive Tackle, Louisville

    Okoye will be a 20 year old rookie, I really like this pick for Miami, but I just don’t know where this franchise is headed. They just seem to not really be very organized when it comes to accumulating talent in the draft.

    10. Denver (from Houston via Atlanta): Patrick Willis, Linebacker, Ole Miss

    Denver is going to try to move up to get Willis, and they will have to. San Fran is a lock to select Willis if available.

    11. San Francisco: Adam Carriker, Defensive End, Nebraska

    Fits the 3-4 well and fills a need. Not a flashy pick, but a very solid one.

    12. Buffalo: Paul Posluszny, Linebacker, Linebacker University (aka Penn State)

    Buffalo pulled the trigger with the two biggest shocks of the 2006 NFL Draft in the first round with Donte Whitner (#8 overall, projected to go in 20-30) and John McCargo (#26 overall, projected to be a 3rd/4th round pick). They took them because they fit their defense and had high character and work ethic. Poz is their guy and will be a shock to the rest of the draft world.

    13. Saint Louis: Alan Branch, Defensive Tackle, Michigan

    Despite concerns with work ethic, you just do not find DT’s this big and this athletic very often.

    14. Carolina: Reggie Nelson, Safety, Florida

    Carolina is rumored to favor Nelson. They could go OLB here, but I just think he is “their” guy.

    15. Pittsburgh: Darrelle Revis, Cornerback, Pittsburgh

    Revis moved up on my board 3 weeks ago to being the #1 corner in this draft. He can play zone or man and the kid just plays with heart. Would be a good fit in this defense.

    16. Green Bay: Marshawn Lynch, Runningback, California

    Lynch has character issues, but Green Bay desperately needs a talented RB.

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