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How did u do on your final mock draft for 2007

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  • How did u do on your final mock draft for 2007

    Here is how I did, not great results for me but I will recap.

    1. - Calvin Johnson, WR, Georgia Tech (Wrong) 0 for 1
    (the raiders went with the smart pick of JaMarcus Russell)

    2. - Gaines Adams, DE, Clemson (Wrong) 0 for 2
    (Detroit did the right thing and took the top player in CJ)

    3. - JaMarcus Russell, QB, LSU (Wrong) 0 for 3
    (Cleveland kind of shocked everyone as they went with Thomas to solidfy the LT position)

    4. - Amobi Okoye, DT, Louisville (Wrong) 0 for 4
    (Adams fell to the Bucs as they were not able to pull of deal to get CJ)

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    5. - Joe Thomas, OT, Wisconsin (Wrong) 0 for 5
    (Cards snatched up Levi Brown after Cleveland took Thomas, although Brown was there man according to Russ Grimm)

    6. - LaRon Landry, S, LSU (Correct) 1 for 6

    7. - Adrian Peterson, RB, Oklahoma (Correct) 2 for 7

    8. - Jamaal Anderson, DE, Arkansas (Correct) 3 for 8

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      I had a final mock draft which i updated 15 minutes before the draft...i Played the hummer sweepstakes on

      I got the first 7 picks correct, then missed on the Falcons (obviously, McKay doesn't want to give Petrino too much power in the draft)...I shoulda seen that coming. Ginn was a shocker of course.

      Missing on the falcons pick ****** up my Texans pick. Thought they would go with Revis

      Thought Bills would take Poz over Lynch due to character concerns. Sorta shocked that Levy went on to say they looked into Lynch's character and they are confident he will be a good citizen.

      The Rams were a wildcard for me, they coulda gone DE, DT, LB, CB, or S. Pretty much any position on defense lol.


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        9 - - Brady Quinn, QB, Notre Dame (Wrong) 3 for 9
        (This was set up to happen, but Cam Cameron and the Fins front office had other ideas and snatched up Ted Ginn, who is the biggest head scratcher of the first round)

        10 - - Levi Brown, OT, Penn State (Wrong) 3 for 10
        (Brown was already gone, but Houston got a solid, young DT in Amobi Okoye)

        11 - - Patrick Willis, LB, Mississippi (Correct) 4 for 11

        12 - - Marshawn Lynch, RB, California (Correct) 5 for 12

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          13 - - Adam Carriker, DE, Nebraska (Correct) 6 for 13

          14 - - Darrelle Revis, CB, Pittsburgh (Correct, but I had the Jets taking him at #25, so I count it at half right) 6.5 for 14

          15 - - Paul Posluszny, LB, Penn State (Wrong) 6.5 for 15
          (Didn't think Timmons would go that high, but I really do like him to replace Porter)

          16 - - Greg Olsen, TE, Miami (Wrong) 6.5 for 16
          (The Packers threw the 2nd curveball in round 1 by taking Justin Harrell, but I think it was a very good choice for them)

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            17 - - Reggie Nelson, S, Florida (Correct, but they traded and took him at #21 so I get another half) 7 for 17.
            (Denver took Jarvis Moss after trading with the Jags)

            18 - - Jon Beason, LB, Miami (Wrong) 7 for 18
            (Cincy took Leon Hall, instead of filling what I though was a need at LB especially with unknown futures of Thurman and Pollack)

            19 - - Leon Hall, CB, Michigan (Wrong) 7 for 19
            (The Titans missed out on Hall by one pick, but took one of the best safeties available in Michael Griffin0

            20 - - Lawrence Timmons, LB, Florida State (Wrong) 7 for 20
            (With Timmons already off the board the G-Men got a top flight corner in Aaron Ross)

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              21 - - Joe Staley, OT, Central Michigan (Wrong) 7 for 21
              (Denver really wanted to get Moss to solidify the D-Line, and they did by trading up to # 17 with Jacksonville)

              22 - - Ted Ginn Jr., WR, Ohio State (Wrong) 7 for 22
              (Couldn't get this one right as Ginn was long gone, and Dallas traded out and Cleveland snatched up the free falling Brady Quinn)

              23 - - Robert Meachem, WR, Tennessee (Wrong) 7 for 23
              (Had the right position of need, but not the right receiver as the Chiefs snatched up Dwayne Bowe)

              24 - - Brandon Meriweather, S, Miami (Correct) 8 for 24

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                25 - - Alan Branch, DT, Michigan (Wrong) 8 for 25
                (Didn't have the trade or the player right here, but Carolina did a great job with this trade as they got their man in Beason and picked up a few extra picks)

                26 - - Michael Griffin, S, Texas (Wrong) 8 for 26
                (Another one I could not get right as Griffin was taken at # 19, and the Eagles traded with Dallas who selected Anthony Spencer)

                27 - - Justin Harrell, DT, Tennessee (Wrong) 8 for 27
                (With Harrell long gone, the Saints added to their group of young, solid receiving corps by picking Robert Meachem)

                28 - - David Harris, LB, Michigan (Wrong) 8 for 28
                (I don't care that I got this one wrong. New England got a sweet deal from San Francisco in acquiring their #1 in 2008 and their 4th rounder for 2007, which they turned into Randy Moss. San Francisco, however, picked up a top OT in Staley)

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                  29 - - Aaron Ross, CB, Texas (Wrong) 8 for 29
                  (Ross was already off the board, but the Ravens felt they needed to address their o-line, which they did when the selected Ben Grubbs)

                  30 - - Dwayne Jarrett, WR, USC (Wrong) 8 for 30
                  (Another case of right position, wrong player as the Chargers surprised some in taking LSU receiver Craig Davis)

                  31 - - Justin Blalock, OG, Texas (Wrong) 8 for 31
                  (Blalock feel to the 2nd round, but the Bears got a much needed weapon in TE Greg Olsen)

                  32 - - Chris Houston, CB, Arkansas (Wrong) 8 for 32
                  (I thought that after all the losses in the secondary this offseason that the Colts would address the secondary in round 1, but instead they gave Manning another receiver to replace Brandon Stokley in Anthony Gonzalez)

                  So overall I went 8 for 32, a whopping 25% right. Looks like I will need to do some more homework when I go to make that final mock.

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                    I managed to get 11/32 picks correct with my final mock, not including Quinn to the Browns (who I had projected as the pick at #3).


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                      i got liek 7 right
                      Bubba kush for breakfast, with my captain crunch
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                      Gucci Mane


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                        i got 8 right but I had Calvin at #2 but I thought Bucs would trade up for him, and I had Quinn to Miami, so those two picks completely messed up my mock. Also Indy and Chargers deciding to pick two WRs that I didn't consider 1st rounders messed my mock up too.


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                          Just missing one pick sends a chain reaction of mistakes through the whole draft.


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                            Originally posted by jayceheathman View Post
                            Just missing one pick sends a chain reaction of mistakes through the whole draft.
                            Exactly. In my final mock I was 4 of 32 being exactly right for team, player, and pick. 6 of 32 in a player going to a team, and 15 of 19 before I fell asleep as I adjusting my mock immediately after any mistake picks. (Not waiting till they showed the guy crying and happy on the phone)



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