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  • Ghettosermon's Weekly Mock Draft

    Alright here is the first of my weekly mocks leading up to the draft, will be interesting after the draft looking back what I had now.

    December 5, 2006
    1 Detroit:Calvin Johnson(No joke man, CJ and Roy would who cares who the QB is.)
    2 Oakland:Brady Quinn(Don't wanna hear it if he's here, they take him)
    3 Arizona:Joe Thomas(Cardinals O-line, enough said)
    4 Tampa Bay:Gaines Adams(The successor)
    5 Green Bay:Adrian Peterson(Just can't pass on the value here)
    6 Washington:Leon Hall(Perfect guy, good in coverage and can blitz)
    7 Houston:Alan Branch(It's clear Texans want to build a great defense and Travis Johnson has been bad)
    8 Cleveland:Jake Long(Return of Bentley along with this will really strengthen the O-line)
    9 Minnesota:Sam Baker(Will step in and play RT)
    10 St. Louis:Ted Ginn JR(Bruce will be gone and Ginn is a Rams kinda reciever, a guy who can get yards after the catch)
    11 San Francisco:LaRon Landry(The Parrish era is over but Roman should do good, Landry is an impact defender)
    12 Miami:Quentin Moses(Another Jason Taylor type player they can train for the future)
    13 Pittsburgh:Dwayne Jarrett(For a great team who has struggled so much this year they need to go after the sexy name)
    14 Buffalo:Justin Blalock(Overrated I think but someone will fall in love with his versatility and a player a Bills O-Line could use)
    15 Tennessee:Darrelle Revis(A starter opposite of Pacman is needed, I love Revis's potential)
    16 Atlanta:Reggie Nelson(His stock has really rised and this is the Falcons biggest need. I still like Griffin more than him but scouts will love Nelson)
    17 Carolina:Patrick Willis(Lucky to land the top LB in the draft here)
    18 Philadelphia:Paul Pozlusny(I know it's been said a lot but he is the perfect fit)
    19 New York Giants:Marshawn Lynch(Goodbye Tiki Barber, hello Marshawn and Brandon Jacobs. Jets fans pull their hair out as fellow statesmen steal him from them)
    20 New York Jets:Quinn Pittock(Will be active inside every play)
    21 Kansas City:Jamarcus Russell(Future QB)
    22 Jacksonville:LaMarr Woodley(Jags need a passrusher even if he only comes in on passing downs)
    23 Denver:Jeff Samardizja(Young Cutler needs another target opposite of Javon, I do however like the potential of Marshall)
    24 Cincinnati:Tank Tyler(Other than last week the Bengals run defense has been horrid.
    25 New England (from Seattle):Michael Griffin(After watching this kid play for them, New England fans might forget about who Rodney Harrison was)
    26 Dallas:Levi Brown(Great value here for a Cowboy need)
    27 New Orleans:Marcus McCauley(Too much potential to pass up here for a jumpstart team)
    28 Baltimore:Ray McDonald(Versatile DE who will take over for the older Trevor Pryce. As Charm loves to say he has "Trevor Pryce versatility"
    29 New England:Aaron Ross(Yeah Yeah I know you think it's a reach. But with Asante maybe gone and a need for CB Ross is just the perfect corner, I am such a big fan of him has been great in coverage, can tackle very underrated at that, and he can contribute in the return game, getting these two longhorn defenders will really help their Defense stay at a high level)
    30 San Diego:Buster Davis(ILB is a fair need and Davis has great value here)
    31 Chicago:Rufus Alexander(If Briggs is gone)
    32 Indianapolis:Frank Okam(A big runstopper and a young one is needed, although they could use a LB cause they need someone to stop Vince Young. )

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    2 7 Round Mocks: April 20
    Full NBA Mock Draft: Updated May 18

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    Quentin Moses is no Jason Taylor and has no place in a 3-4. Revis would be a better pick there.

    That is correct comahan
    I ******* LOVE YOU DG
    <3 dg


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      Good picks for the Colts and Cardinals.


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        The Jaguars would pick Michael Griffin over LaMarr Woodley.

        We need a DE, but I'm doubting that we'll select one in the first round, especially with Reggie Heyward coming back next year. Bobby McCray is doing a whole lot to prove he can eventually be a top DE in this league.

        I think the team might target a player like Tim Crowder in the second--- a balanced pass-rusher/run defender. In the first, I'd pick Michael Griffin for the Jaguars--- the safety position is thin, and only looks to get thinner with our starting Strong Safety aging and our starting Free Safety an unrestricted free agent.


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          Re: Ghettosermon's Weekly Mock Draft

          Originally posted by Ghettosermon
          18 Philadelphia:Paul Pozlusny(I know it's been said a lot but he is the perfect fit)
          No he isn't. Damn. EVERY SINGLE EAGLE FAN HERE that knows atleast one thing about football knows hes a horrible pick.

          Thanks to jkpigskin


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            if the queens draft an offensive lineman they are idiots , they need some playmakers on offense.

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            they get smoked.

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              Like JT Jag, I'd rather have Michael Griffin. However, I would not be opposed to LaMar Woodley, per se.

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                I love the Steelers pick. Exactlly who I want there right now.

                Thanks to The Dynasty for the sig


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                  Awesome Packer's pick. I would love to see them get Peterson.


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                    What do you mean they you mean Al and that means he passes on Quinn.
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                      Re: Ghettosermon's Weekly Mock Draft

                      Originally posted by Ghettosermon
                      21 Kansas City:Jamarcus Russell(Future QB)

                      we already drafted Croyle last year.and we need help at WR, OT, and DT so I'd go with Tank Tyler or Frank Okam


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                        The pick and explanation for the Lions pick is exactly why Matt Millen is the laughing stock of the league.
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                          Re: Ghettosermon's Weekly Mock Draft

                          Originally posted by Ghettosermon
                          10 St. Louis:Ted Ginn JR(Bruce will be gone and Ginn is a Rams kinda reciever, a guy who can get yards after the catch)
                          Pretty bad Rams pick. Bruce will be gone? The Rams signed him to a three year extension this spring and he's still playing at a productive level. The only offensive player the Rams should be thinking about in round one is Blalock to play on the interior line, and they shouldn't take him that high. Defense please!


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                            Reggie Nelson would be a better pick for the Titans, but Revis does have potential. Nelson makes much more sense

                            Originally posted by bearsfan_51
                            Show me your Wang, if you will.


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                              pitcock dosent fit that Jets system and would b a terible pick at 20. Jets are more likley to trade down then draft Pitcock



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