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JBond's First Mock of the year!

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  • JBond's First Mock of the year!

    Order based on CURRENT record and SOS. There are definitely some issues, but it was a good first attempt.

    1. Detroit Lions-Brady Quinn QB/Notre Dame

    Despite Marinelli’s faith in Kitna, they need a QB of the future. Quinn has all the tools to be a top QB, and will be a Top 3 pick.

    2. Oakland Raiders-Calvin Johnson* WR/Georgia Teach

    Jerry Porter and Randy Moss should be out of Oakland. This leaves a giant hole next to Ronald Curry. Calvin Johnson is the best prospect to come out at WR in a few years.

    3. Tampa Bay Buc-Gaines Adams DE/Clemson

    Simeon Rice looks like he is out of TB. They need a replacement, and the best DE prospect is it.

    4. Arizona Cardinals-Joe Thomas OT/Wisconsin

    A great OT with all the tools to be a dominant LT in the NFL. Though the Cards have some defensive problems, the O-line is only thing holding this offense back.

    5. Cleveland Browns-Alan Branch* DT/Michigan

    Branch is a big guy who could be a 3-4 NT. Ted Washington isn’t lasting much longer, so Branch could help that poor Browns run defense.

    6. Houston Texans-Adrian Peterson* RB/Oklahoma

    I’m not sure if Kubiak believes he can plug any RB into his system and get results still. If not, AP is an elite RB prospect that could fall a couple spots due to durability concerns.

    7. Washington Redskins-Quentin Moses DE/Georgia

    Washington’s D-line has underachieved all season long, and getting more good young guys would not hurt.

    8. Green Bay Packers-Reggie Nelson* S/Florida

    Might be a little early for him, but I really like Reggie Nelson and think he could boom up boards. Very versatile, and GB needs some S to help out that pass defense.

    9. Minnesota Vikings-Sam Baker* OT/USC

    Baker is an elite OT prospect, and Minnesota could use some shoring up on the right side of their line. With now real pure Wrs worthy of this spot, they may look Round 2 for one.

    10. Miami Dolphins-Leon Hall CB/Michigan
    Likely would go a bit higher, but there isn’t a great fit for him. He is another elite UM CB prospect who could develop into a shut down corner.

    11. San Francisco 49ers-Darrelle Revis* CB/Pitt

    When a guy gets two INTs for TDs the first two games and then teams stop passing against him, you know he is good. SF has a poor pass defense that needs fixed.

    12. Carolina Panthers-LaRon Landry S/LSU

    Once again, a little early for a S, but Carolina is lacking in bodies at S and would like to keep Davis at LB. Landry next to Minter would be real nice.

    13. St. Louis Rams-Quinn Pitcock DT/Ohio State

    The Rams have lost a lot inside, and Pitcock is a good DT prospect. He has a good blend of size and strength to sure up the inside of the DL.

    14. Buffalo Bills-Dwayne Jarrett* WR/USC

    A different pick for me here. Besides Lee Evans, they don’t have much. Josh Reed is injury prone, and Parrish isn’t a starting WR. Losman has turned a corner, more help may be better for him.

    15. Atlanta Falcons-Michael Griffin S/Texas

    Lots of teams need some S help, and right now, Griffin is a very good prospect who could rise. Atlanta seemingly has little holes, but their S play hasn’t been very inspiring, and Milloy is getting older. Griffin could beat out Crocker at FS.

    16. Kansas City Chiefs-Sidney Rice* WR/South Carolina

    He’s a guy I think could rise with workouts, and he has the measurables Ted Ginn doesn’t have. Likewise, KC hasn’t had a great WR for years, and with a new QB coming in soon, they will need it.

    17. Tennessee Titans-Ted Ginn Jr.*/Ohio State

    Tennessee found their playmaker on defense with Pacman, but need someone to give to VY. Ginn creates a deep threat and possible returner to allow Pacman to focus at CV.

    18. Pittsburgh Steelers-Justin Blalock OL/Texas

    The Steelers know they need O-line help, ad Blalock has the versatility to play OG or OT. With Starks and Simmons both potentially gone, O-line help is needed.

    19. N.Y. Jets-Anthony Spencer OLB/Purdue

    We always see tweeners rise up in drafts (Lawson and Wimbley last year). Spencer is another DE who could play an OLB in the 3-4. Usually, they are a success (Ware, Merriman, etc). He should rise with time, and the Jets made good draft decisions last year, and they will do it again.

    20. Jacksonville-JaMarcus Russell* QB/LSU

    Strongest arm in the draft, and that is something Del Rio likes. With Lefty on his way out and Garrard inconsistent, a new QB may be on the way, and right now Russell grades the highest.

    21. N.Y. Giants-Marshawn Lynch* RB/Cal

    He’s a guy who likely will shoot up boards to high first round, and maybe even pass Adrian Peterson. With Tiki out, and Jacobs no more than a giant goal line back, Lynch would fit nicely here.

    22. New England Patriots (f/SEA)-Jeff Samardzija WR/Notre Dame

    NE still can’t find any Wrs. Getting this pick for Deion Branch, a big guy could help Brady in the red zone, and Samardzija is looking like a first round pick.

    23. Denver Broncos-DeMarcus Tyler DT/NC State

    Denver could definitely use some D-line help, and any DT depth is involved in that. Tyler is another great NC State D-lineman ready for the NFL.

    24. Philadelphia Eagles-Paul Posluzny LB/Penn State

    A local prospect who has dropped a lot. They have some young guns at OLB, but could definitely use an elite guy to step up for that defense that is lacking in run defense.

    25. Cincinnati Bengals-Patrick Willis ILB/Ole Miss

    Looks like Thurman is done in Cini, and though Brooks has played well, getting the top ILB in Willis at this point would be huge.

    26. Dallas Cowboys-Levi Brown OT/Penn State

    Dallas may want to invest in some O-line help to keep Romo upright. At this point, Brown is a solid pick.

    27. New Orleans Saints-Buster Davis LB/Florida State

    NO has never found that LB through the draft they need. With them being good this season, they may have trouble again. Davis is a very good ILB prospect, but he can also play as an OLB, where the Saints may need him.

    28. New England Patriots-LaMar Woodley OLB/Michigan

    I’m a big Woodley fan, and he can shed blocks with the best of them. He has enough speed to be a 3-4 rush backer and could come in for a team that lost McGinest.

    29. Indianapolis Colts-Earl Everett LB/Florida

    Indy lost a lot of their LB depth and may lose more. They need some run stopping help and definitely need to find a way to improve the defense in any way they can.

    30. Baltimore Ravens-Victor Abiamiri DE/Notre Dame

    Abiamiri is a guy who could be a DE or LB, and fits well in Baltimore’s system. He right now isn’t viewed as a 1st rounder, but he could make it there at some point.

    31. Chicago Bears-Rufus Alexander LB/Oklahoma

    Lance Briggs may not be coming back due to financial reasons, and that could cause Chicago to try and step in and find a replacement to keep their defensive cog working.

    32. San Diego Chargers-Dwayne Bowe WR/LSU

    This is a guy who is booming up boards, and he may hit the first round. He has a lot of the tools you look for at WR. Size, speed, etc. etc, and San Diego really needs a WR to step up.

    * denotes underclassman

    Assuming Brian Brohm Qb/Louisville and Jake Long OT/Michigan don’t come out.

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  • #2
    Colts pick is meh. We don't take 1st day LB's but I like Everett as a prospect. Amobi Okoye would be a lot better there.


    • #3
      <3. Dream pick.

      What's with the poll? I see what you are doing.

      That is correct comahan
      I ******* LOVE YOU DG
      <3 dg


      • #4
        Well, that and I legit want to see who people think will get the #1 pick. It is a def. race.

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          Originally posted by JBond93
          Well, that and I legit want to see who people think will get the #1 pick. It is a def. race.


          • #6
            The Chargers have a lot of big, strong and pretty fast recievers. We need a burner.


            • #7
              Well of course I love the pick
              But I wouldn't call Reed injury prone, moreso just unreliable


              • #8
                Bad Jets pick. We just signed Bryan Thomas long-term and Victor Hobson has been incredible. We'll eventually get a rush linebacker in the draft, but it would be a situational kind of guy in round 2 or 3.

                Marshawn Lynch would definitely be the pick there if we don't get Michael Turner. Other possibilities there are Dorsey and Brown.


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                  Good Ravens pick, it is kind of early for him but there is no one else i can see the Ravens taking at that spot.

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                  • #10
                    I like the Packers pick.... haven't seen it before because most people have us taking Landry before Nelson. But I can see how it would be very possible for him to rise up the boards.


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                      Great Cardinals pick.



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                        Give us Leon Hall JB.

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                          Originally posted by Ghettosermon
                          Give us Leon Hall JB.
                          No he's mine. :evil:

                          That is correct comahan
                          I ******* LOVE YOU DG
                          <3 dg


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                            Not bad, but I'd prefer Brown or Lynch.


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                              Re: JBond's First Mock of the year!

                              Originally posted by JBond93
                              9. Minnesota Vikings-Sam Baker* OT/USC

                              Baker is an elite OT prospect, and Minnesota could use some shoring up on the right side of their line. With now real pure Wrs worthy of this spot, they may look Round 2 for one.
                              He's staying in school



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