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2008 #1 Pick: Who Gets It?

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  • 2008 #1 Pick: Who Gets It?

    I know its early, but which team will be picking first in 2008?
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    At least two of these teams will make the playoffs next year. Right now though, I'd have to say Oakland will repeat unless they drastically improve their inept offense.

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      hopefully the vikings or lions.

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      Hint:Not the Bears.


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        Detroit, then Millen get's fired, and by 2009 the Lions are the power of the NFC.


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          Who cares

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            The Steelers.


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                The Bucs. They resigned Chris Simms which was a mistake and their defense is getting older and older.

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                  The Colts.

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                    Who ever wins the Super Bowl gets my vote. Damn parity!

                    Nah, I could really see Oakland getting it again. They are gonna have to hire one heck of a coach to improve this team enough in just one offseason.
                    R.I.P. L.E.F.
                    "I am the one who knocks!"


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                      The Raiders, just because.


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                        raiders because they really need a lot of improvement on that team or the bucs because the D is just getting older

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                          I hate to go aganist my team but i think Vikings. If you saw the schedule for the vikings next year. But were playing the NFC East and AFC West, Very Tough Divisons to play.

                          Maybe it could be buffalo.

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                            Raiders, changing HC so rapidly iMO does nothing for the team.

                            Not the Lions, becasue whoever they draft, Quinn or Thomas would drastically improve the team

                            Originally posted by BeansDooma
                            who retires first: brett favre or aaron rodgers?


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                              the lions, cause they're the lions


                              Originally posted by elway777
                              They should invite Reggie Ball to the Draft just to make him feel uncomfortable.
                              The Lions will sweep the Vikings in 2007.



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