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  • Deacon Jones Appreciation Thread

    BBD hasn't been around, and we haven't had one of these threads in awhile. So here's an appreciation post for one of, if not THE greatest pass rushers the NFL has ever seen.

    Schefter: If sacks had been kept as a statistic when you played, how many would have you had?
    Jones: Look here, sacks were kept as a statistic. I got paid per sack. It's such a farce, sometimes it upsets me. People think there were no statistics kept in the league at that time. Understand what happened. The league itself didn't keep a lot of stats, but each team kept the stats. George Allen kept every stat that I ever had. I know every sack that I ever had. I know exactly what I did in pro football. It's already been out there; it's just not going to be recognized simply because the official statistician of the NFL said he did not have time to go back and look at what the old guys did, OK? But I had 180 sacks in 14 years. I had 26 in 14 games in 1967. I had 24 in 1968. I was MVP back-to-back. I had 180. That's what I had, and I can prove every one of them. I've got the film in my house. I've got the playbooks in my house. I've got my contracts in my house. I got paid $500 a sack. So anytime anybody tells you they don't know my stats, they're telling a lie. They know exactly what I did.

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    i love you stoner, when ever i see #75 i think Deacon Jones, THE BEST PASS RUSHER, the Reggie White of his Era. no one was better at what he did, and where he came from


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      Stats or not, possibly the greatest DE's ever

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        good edit there neko lol


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          Originally posted by Green Bay Scat View Post
          good edit there neko lol
          Yeah it took me a sec to realize what i wrote

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            great, great thread stoner - thanks for lighting it up
            the deacon is 1 of 4 reasons i became a rams fan back in the day
            the other 3 include a merlin, a rosey and lamar lundy
            actually, there were 5 reasons including the coach /wink
            i've enjoyed listening to him philosophize(if that's a word) and proclaim his hatred of qb's ever since his playing days
            plus, did you know he made a guest appearance on the brady bunch series - it's true
            but having had the honor and pleasure of actually watching him play when he was in the league,
            my opinion is : he is to defensive ends what michael jordan is to guards


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              I love Deacon Jones, especially when he's talking in interviews. It's so funny.



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                Deacons such a badass he's my favorite DE all time. He truly changed the game by having a Wilt Chamberlain-like effect on the game. With moves like the head slap he led the way for other DE's like Reggie White and his club move. If it weren't for Deacon Jones the DE position would be very different today.


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                  I love watching old highlgihts of Jones coming off the edge destroying runningbacks and Quarterbacks. To me he is the greatest DE ever to play the game.

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                    Oh my god... He must have been a monster, I've never got to see any footage of him, but 26 sacks in one year...


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                      Deacon Jones >>> All

                      Those blue and white jerseys are spiffy, too. Shame the Rams never wear the throwbacks.


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                        Great thread YFS. He was actually next on my list. Beat me to the punch :D.

                        Yeah, I havent been on recently and time constraints are really putting a hindrance on me at the moment, but hopefully I'll have more free time coming up. Well, onto Deacon.

                        Deacon Jones, is in my opinion the best defensive end ever, and the 2nd best defensive player to ever play the game next to Lawrence Taylor. Before there was LT, there was Deacon. And while he wasn't as versatile as Reggie White (ill explain shortly), he was more dominant.

                        To truely understand how dominant Deacon was, you gotta understand the eras of football. See, back then, football was alot more dirty, and the trenches were a vicious place to play. Defensive linemen were held, facemasked, tripped, kicked, you name it. It was brutal. It was like a boxing match in front of the quarterback, anything and everything was legal almost.

                        This was the era which Deacon dominanted. For him to get pressure the way he did under these circumstances were unreal. Yes, he didnt see modern day protection schemes that guys like Reggie White did, but the vicious nature of the trenches back then neutralizes that. He was arguably the fastest DE ever (in context of course) and he easily had the best motor. He was a force against the run and the pass, and was basically unblockable.

                        While the head slap has been banned, remember, the club isn't. So saying that he lived and died with the head slap and that overinflates his numbers is inaccurate. And he is the reason why the move was banned to begin with. That has to count for something.

                        And another remarkable aspect of him was his durability. He was extremely durable, and for him to be that durable in that era...thats amazing. Everyone has a battle scar from those times. Not Deacon.

                        I'm probably the toughest (expletive) here. Ain't no question about that with me. I'm the toughest guy here... I'm clean. I mean, I ain't got no marks on me. I don't know nobody else who can say that who came out of any sport. I ain't got no marks on me, so I've got to be the baddest dude I know of

                        And the man has a point. Its difficult to explain in words, but the film never lies. He was LT before LT. Amazing player.

                        Now the debate of who was better, him or Reggie. While Reggie was amazing, he didnt dominate his era as much as Deacon did. When Deacon played, theres no question who the baddest man in football was. Thats not the case with Reggie. Reggie always had guys like LT (who was above him) and Bruce Smith that would make him seem more human than Deacon. While Reggie holds the official record (prior to Bruce Smith breaking it), I think Deacon probably had more sacks. And both were equal against the run. But Deacon had more of a presence, he struck more fear into teams with his motor, swagger, and demeanor. Thats an underappreciated aspect of football. How one's demeanor affects the opponent from Monday through Saturday.

                        Hope I can get more involved in these convos soon guys. Board is moving awfully slow it seems these days. Again, great thread by YFS


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                          I love Deacon Jones. A total game changer from the line. That's over $90,000 in bonus money from sacks. I'd like players now to get paid like that! Maybe the players would get after it a little more!
                          The pain fades and the good memories will remain.


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                            Deacon Jones = Greatest DE Ever

                            Deacon Jones was a beast. I love the guys attitude and intensity. He was one tough SOB. Deacon Jones single-handedly revolutionized the game and became one of the first dominant pass rushers in the NFL history.


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                              I have his autograph :)

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