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Colts vs Ravens

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  • So I thought the Ravens would win but hoped that the Colts would win (thereby ultimately creating a win-win situation for me). I'm glad for the Colts. Altho Manning is sucking it up, the defense has really taken the criticism constructively and are surprising teams. Next week won't be so easy tho. Either the Pats or Chargers will be more prepared offensively for the Colts speedy D.

    Projected win total: 55+


    • Originally posted by Shiver
      Let's just say I am surprised. I couldn't have imagined, prior to, that Baltimore would lose this game. At least this killed the 'Steve McNair brought balance to the team,' mumbo jumbo. The only good thing for the Ravens is it clearly reminded everyone how when it comes to Safeties, it's Ed Reed number one, everyone else. No one, and I mean no one could have seen this defensive revival coming.
      I assume you have seen McNairs to worst games DEN and against INDY, After Fassell got out of Baltimore he has shown he can get Baltimore more balanced than we have been since Trent Dilfer.

      Originally posted by TheChampIsHere
      its definetely time for a new OC in Baltimore. That D is ridiculous, but the O needs work still. they get that O together they could be in the superbowl next year.

      The thing is in the begining of the season we cut Fassell who was a horrible play calling then Billick took over the play calling and we looked decent until saturday.



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