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  • Originally posted by keylime_5 View Post
    A LOT of QBs had better years statistically than Elway, but McNabb has only been to one superbowl, and on the pace he's going, McNabb will not get close to Elway's (soon to be Favre's) career passing TD record. I wish he would though, I hate Mr.Ed's Guts.
    Um, you mean Marino's 420 TDs? Elway had 300.

    That is correct comahan
    I ******* LOVE YOU DG
    <3 dg


    • What about the fact that Elway is blonde? I think that clearly makes him better. And that, Mister, is a fact!

      McNabb cant even trim his beard!!!!!!!!!

      Seriously, Elway is not better than Mcnabb. He is far superior in every facet of the game than Mcnabb.

      Anyone that can say they would rather have McNabb leading their team in his eighth year over Elway going into his eighth year needs to seriously consider the question and answer it truthfully.
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      • Originally posted by Paranoidmoonduck View Post
        Because someone was catching all those throws that lead to the yardage he accumulated. If I'm making the wrong assumptions about the kind of talent that offense had, I apologize, but it seems to me that winning with that kind of consistency takes more than a good defense.
        Indeed it does, good Quarterbacking... Elway didn't have his masterful weapons the team needed to get over the line until much later, we can all agree on that.

        However, he didn't light up the statistics early because he had a lack of top tier offensive talent around him, have a look at a team like the chiefs. After Gonzalez I really find it hard to name three receivers. I can name the first three receivers on probably 28 teams. KC is one of the ones I never can, why? Because they're no body's but look at what Trent Green has been able to do with that, throw for 4000 yards almost yearly.

        Trent Green, also couldn't manage to win games.

        Elway, instead of having the great runningback's Green's always had, had the great defense, that was his horse to ride, and he supported it well enough to win games. In effect, he did everything he had to do and everything he could do to win games. The team around him simply wasn't good enough for many years to get them to the superbowl, when it was, He took them there, and he won.


        • First of all, i gotta say i love McNabb, he's my favorite all time player...dont ask me why idk but i just like him a ton. I have his 3 jerseys the dark green almost black one, the green one and the white one.

          Now, no way D.Mc is better than Elway. Elway did much more with what was probably less talented teams than McNabb did. Elway was a lot more clutch than McNabb is. Now Donovan is a good player and might have been elite in his prime but comparing him to Elway is rather pointless since we all know who was the better QB.
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          Originally posted by TitanHope
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          He told me the best part is being able to wear the same uniform to both jobs.


          • raiders4life-
            Your sig is sweet! That was a great pick by your team.
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            • McNabb got sick with a tummy ache in the big game and quit in the last two minutes. Elway went to Five and won two SBs. Deal with that.
              The pain fades and the good memories will remain.


              • Originally posted by Neo View Post
                TO was injured during the playoffs the year they went to the superbowl and had absolutely nothing to do with them getting to the superbowl. Fact

                His reputation? what as one of the more successful QB's in NFL history as far as being the QB on good ball clubs, making plays with his arm and feet and being a leader.

                Did elway not have the intangables early in his career? was he considered a choke artist because his early career wasnt any more successful than McNabbs.

                Again any logical non fan boy would have to say McNabb's first 8 years are better than Elways
                Dude...take the time to re-read my post.

                I came the closest in this thread to AGREEING with you.

                I think many past NFL QBs, just like many athletes in other sports, have their reputations absolutely EXPLODE once they retire (usually positively). Many people will downgrade current players in favor of players from the past simply because past players have been gone long enough to have their flaws forgotten and their strengths praised. Bill James used to say this, and I don't think a truer statement has been said about athletes of yesteryear.

                Look at Peyton 50 years I'll bet that he'll be considered the greatest pure passer of all time...but right now you won't find many people from past generations who will agree. It's just a human tendency to cling to and romanticize the past.

                Not only that...but football fans put a TON of value in Super Bowl wins. It may be slightly flawed, but not like...a ton.
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