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    Being a Vikings fan, I will say that I am biased towards Randy Moss being the better receiver. With that being said, as much as I believe that if you get payed millions to play in professional sports you should always play your hardest. Lets face it Randy Moss doesn't want to be in Oakland anymore hence the "lack" of his production. He plays on the worst offense in the history of the Raiders, maybe the NFL even. So whats the point of to being motivated to play on this team?

    T.O had a good year as far as TD's this year, but he also led the league in drops. IMO, if you put Randy Moss on this team this past season, he would have about 4 more TD's and not as many drops. T.O is also an attention *****, just when the media this year had stopped talking about him, he went and had an "overdose", and poof back in the media's attention for the rest of the season.

    If I had to choose which one I would rather have on my team, it would be Randy Moss hands down. Sure he questions his coach, but who wouldn't in that situation. Isn't that what a leader of the team is supposed to do? Maybe not to the media, but from my understanding the comments he made were about Art Shell not playing Porter, and that the coach was unapproachable on this matter.

    I will say this however, I didn't know that T.O wrote children's books, but I did know that Randy Moss does a lot with special needs children and charity work. It seems to me the Media only focuses in on the bad, and very rarely the good that athletes do.


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      Good stuff StoneCold.

      I lived in Minnesota from the whole 80's until last fall, as a PACKERS fan, and I was so pizzed off in April of 1998 when my guy Ron Wolf PASSED on drafting Moss who had miraculously slid that far when he was considered a top 5 pick. Then I watched him terrorize the Packers, starting with the first game at Lambeau he played, on a Monday night that I traveled to Green Bay for and they had 35 points by halftime on the Packers, with I think 3 Moss TDs.

      I don't know what his speed is anymore, because either he's lost it, or he doesn't try. Something's not right. No doubt he has a suspect attitude because there are good players on bad teams that actually do give 100% which I think is what we are taught.

      I live in Dallas....saw TO up close, and even I am not sure which one I would want. TO is mentally crazy, Moss just a punk who loves to smoke pot too much and I think has become lazy. The comments of Raiders fans and Cowboys fans has been interesting here..... I think Parcells will be back and TO will be back.



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