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The 3 Mikes to do a monday night game

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  • The 3 Mikes to do a monday night game

    Probally old news, but I didnt see it posted anywhere.
    I wouldnt mind this group taking over on a regular basis. And I havent even heard them do a game yet. :-)

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    They should do all the games.

    I hate Kornheiser.

    Tirico is decent, Thank god THeisman is gone

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      This will be a tough listen I think...
      I remember: Sean Taylor



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        I loathe Mike and Mike. Why people are so enamored with them I will never know.


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          I'm not a huge fan of Mike / Mike (prefer Dan Patrick Show myself) but it's okay at some points but it's usually predictable. This is sort-of like the M/M commercial they had a few weeks back "Mike & Mike & Mike".

          Eh, I actually like Vermeil last year but he's doing the NFLN now (which for some reason is just a black screen with no sounds/vision on it for the past day now---sort of like the Sopranos ending) and the "2nd String" announcers were better than the "1st String" last season. At least, that was my opinion.

          I was actually hoping it was going to be:

          Tirico - Ditka - Tyson....I'd watch that.
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            I think it will be very funny, and actually insightful. Greeny was decent at PBP and Golic and Ditka can do some solid color stuff I imagine. I think it will be entertaining, and still be very good in giving the football stuff. It's no lie that Greeny and Golic's favorite sport is the NFL, where as Kornheiser's is debatable. Therefore, I think it will be successful to have humorous guys who love football doing it, and Ditka is just awesome.

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              I assume Mike Greenberg would handle play by paly out of this bunch, if for no other reason than he talks the fastest, but they all seem more like color guys. Could be entertaining though.


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                i like the mike and mike show ill think they will be ok...but id rather have colin cowherd...he is my fav on espn radio


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                  Originally posted by Scar View Post
                  I assume Mike Greenberg would handle play by paly out of this bunch, if for no other reason than he talks the fastest, but they all seem more like color guys. Could be entertaining though.
                  Yeah, Greenberg does PBP for Arena football and Golic does the color, it is pretty good. Greenberg hasn't played the game, so having him as a color guy would be ridiculous.

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                    Good point, he'd probably just wax poetic about Chad Pennington if left to color duties.


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                      they played a clip of greeny callin a jets game for 1 series; he was good for his 1st time, except he screwed up who got the interception---said he didnt listen to his spotter like he was supposed too

                      ive only seem them call arena games a couple times, but i like them

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                        I'm not crazy about this, but it's the second game of the MNF double-header and I'm looking forward to the game anyways, so I can't say I'll get bothered a great deal about this. As someone mentioned, at least ESPN has improved the "A team" by pairing Tirico with Jaws, with Kornheiser occassionally making a point, asking a question, or bringing up an interesting statistic to keep in mind.

                        They need to do away with the celebrity guests nonsense though, although Charles Barkeley was great last year.
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                          I like Golic... he doesnt know anything but, he keeps me entertained.

                          Thanks BoneKrusher^

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                            Golic is too cliche. Says I think I jsut threw up in my mouth about 5 times a day
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                            <+ScottWright> Why not. Baldwin does need a sparring partner...
                            Originally posted by Hermstheman83
                            What's with the hate on Ricky Stanzi? Those youtube clips of him with the hulk hogan theme music instantly make him better than Luck.


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                              Great idea! Mike and Mike are becoming pretty big and I think this is a way to get the rating even higher for Monday Night Football

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