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Break out 2nd year players.

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    My picks for good years are Vernon Davis, Ernie Sims, LenDale White (:)), Michael Huff, Ashton Youboty, Owen Daniels and Cortland Finnegan.


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      do the Chiefs run a cover 2/tampa-2 defense?


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        Originally posted by BufFan71 View Post
        do the Chiefs run a cover 2/tampa-2 defense?
        Yes Herm wants Pollard to be his John Lynch.


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          Name favorite 2nd year player from your favorite team and you will fit right in with the rest of these posters.
          Originally posted by Paul
          Eli's opportunity to become a legend.
          Originally posted by Vikes99ej
          These last 50 seconds will define Eli Manning.


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            From the vikings, Cedric Griffin and hopefully Tarvaris Jackson.


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              Rocky Mac has been reported being one of the people at Redskins Park every day. He put on some weight too, but is still probably one of the fastest to the edge. I haven't seen him rush yet, but I think GW will have a field day with this kid. He came in the final game of the year and led the team in tackles. Plus now he has a reliable secondary behind him (when healthy :\) and great veteran leadership with Fletcher and Washington.

              Thank god he's starting now.
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                I think Chris Chester will start for the Ravens

                Ngata will do well and possibly push for a pro bowl spot, he did great at the end of the year

                Landry will be a stud and play great like he did last year

                Demetrius Williams will also do good as a vertical threat for the Ravens.


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                  For the Bengals there's no doubt in my mind that Ahmad Brooks will break out. He was a stud his first two games but then was overwhelmed by the scheme (had little time to learn it). His abilities were never questioned as he was amazing blitzing and in run support it was just an understanding of how the defense worked as a whole. He's spent the entire offseason learning the playbook and will start at MLB. He has made it known that he wants to be the leader of the defense with Brian Simmons gone. He should explode.

                  For other teams I'd have to say Vernon Davis, Ashton Youboty, Brandon Marshall and Cedric Griffin.


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                    so much homerism.....

                    anyways I think that:
                    Leinart - ARI
                    Deangelo Williams - CAR
                    Rocky McIntosh - WAS
                    Greg Jennings - GB
                    Jerious Norwood - ATL
                    Owen Daniels - HOU
                    Jamar Williams - CHI

                    All these players will definantly have a chance to shine this year

                    Originally posted by BeansDooma
                    who retires first: brett favre or aaron rodgers?


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                      been promoting him since before he was drafted, saying he would be the best of the bunch, and right now he's probably at the bottom of the 3 while taking into wins/success. but i stick with my boy, he's goin to get it done this year.


                      has to make more game changing plays this year. he's to good to not, and i think last year was more fluke than a trend (no int, no sack, no FF, if i'm correct). He hits to hard, runs to fast, and is to crazy to not do it this year.


                      He appears to have everything u want except experience. well, he got some last year, and hopefully this year he puts it together. he's got the ability to do it.

                      Richard Marshal & Kelly Jennings

                      both played well last year for the respective teams. Marshall will have the harder fight for his starting job, but he's got the talent to win it over either Lucas or Gamble (very solid 3 CBs). Jennings i think will get noticed more this year, as he is overlooked but has been a very consistent and reliable player since his college days.

                      I like Cedric Griffen also

                      Courtesy of Fenikz - Much Appreciated

                      Originally posted by dRaFtDoRk
                      You can't be a good corner if no one throws your way. Thats my way of seeing it.


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                        DeAngelo Williams
                        Ahmad Brooks


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                          Jerious Norwood
                          Reggie Bush
                          Michael Huff
                          Antonio Cromartie
                          DeAngelo Williams
                          Jimmy Williams... maybe some homerism there.


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                            Matt Leinart
                            Lawrence Maroney
                            Manny Lawson
                            DeAngelo Williams
                            Jimmy Williams
                            Eric Winston
                            Ashton Youboty


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                              DeAngelo Williams for me. The one guy in the NFC South (next to Steve Smith) I don't want to face. Especially with the Saints run D..


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                                Jay cutler will explode....and brandon marshall will do very well



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