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    what was their to develop in Shawne Merriman, hes a freak, there was nothing to teach him other than u line up here then go


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      Cutler or Leinart. One of them is going to explode and surprise alot of people. The other one will be mediocre.

      Vernon Davis will make the Pro Bowl, and will have more than 16 yards per catch, along with 8 TDs.

      Mario Williams will show some reasoning as to why he was picked before Reggie Bush. I expect 10-14 sacks out of him.

      DeAngelo Williams. I hate saying this, but with the ZBS and his style of play, he can do very well. Especially later on in the season, when the ZBS has implemented itself well, and the OL can perform it well.

      Michael Huff will be playing his more natural position @ FS, and I can see him making big plays. He was kind of dissapointing in his first season, but should do better when being given the role of FS. How much I wanted him last year...

      Jimmy Williams or Jerious Norwood. I am not exactly sure how well Jerious Norwood will succeed in a powerblocking scheme. He was amazing in the ZBS, but with the new scheme in place, I am not so sure. He is a very fast and tough runner, so I do expect 1000 yards from him. Jimmy Williams is a perfect fit for the FS position, but seems to be struggling a bit in camp. If he can learn the position in time, I think he can make a big impact for the Falcons defense.

      D'brickshaw Ferguson. With all the McNeil hype, many people are forgetting about this athletic monster. He had some trouble with bullrushes and some penalty problems as well (i think) but with another year of offseason conditioning, I think he can arise to greatness.

      Damn. This 2006 class is ridiculous.

      "He's the leader of the next great class of NFL players." - John Elway on Matt Ryan


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        I'll do my picks for the AFC East

        Bills - Donte Whitner
        Dolphins - Derek Hagan
        Jets - Eric Smith
        Patriots - Laurence Maroney


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          I can see Reggie Bush making much more of an impact this year. I think Jay Cutler will soon be realized as one of the best in the game. Laurence Maroney will dominate, mark my words. Despite what everyone's saying about him, I could see LenDale White having a pretty good year. Sometime this year, Kellen Clemens will come in. I can feel it, ansd when he does, it'll be a good thing. I've always known Claude Wroten would be a player, and he's ready to break out. Watch him closely. If Jerious Norwood gets more carries this year (which I'm not sure about), he could have a great year. Watch Jason Hatcher for Dallas, he's going to get more time this year at DE, and he'll be one heck of a player. T.J. Rushing could be a heck of a player at KR. Yup.



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            Mathias Kiwanuka with his move to strong side linebacker should be putting up some nice numbers...
            Deangelo Williams and the ZBS scheme will have a very good year.
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              The Samoan Bulldozer!

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                Michael Huff and Thomas Howard... watchout for those dudes..


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                  Originally posted by themaninblack View Post

                  The Samoan Bulldozer!
                  Pic didn't work but I'm sure it's Peko.

                  It's a shame the lack of mention he gets among '06 rookie DT's given how great of a year he had. Our defense was best when he was in there and the starting job is his now.


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                    I will go with
                    Seahawks- Darryl Tapp, Kelly Jennings
                    Falcons- Jerious Norwood
                    49ers- V Dav
                    Chargers- Antonio Cromartie

                    And theres this one 7th round draft pick from the Saints called Markeys Kostan, and I have a good feeling he puts up some above average numbers.
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                      my picks have been all mentioned a lot so I won't repeat them...okay yes I

                      Norwood, I look for 1200+ yards and 8+ TDs from him this season

                      Cromartie, a guy who I was calling for to ATL, but unfortunately he went to SD =/ oh well =( he's a BALLER

                      Sims, Ernie is a tackling machine I look for more big things from him this year.


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                        Vernon... not AJ

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                          With a year of adjustment under his belt, this is the year Reggie sets the league on fire. No homer.
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                            O- Leinart
                            D- M. Williams
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                              For the ATL...

                              Jerious Norwood, RB- Fastest good runningback in the league. Great vision. Underestimated power. Great hands. Not extremely elusive until in the open field but is very explosive. Should have a ton of total offensive yards.

                              Jimmy Williams, FS- People must be forgetting how good of an athlete thios guy is. I mean, 6'2 210 and runs a 4.4. Showed great tackling and hitting ability in his rookie year. SHould shine as a FS if he learns the position in time.
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                                santonio holmes

                                anthony smith



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