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Poll: Which 2005 RB will rush for the most yards?

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    Originally posted by SNIPER26 View Post
    Ahead of Reuben Droughns. I'm sure that will be a memorable achievement in Jacobs' career.
    And over whom are the other 4 RBs starting over? Yeah, that's right. Guys nobody has ever heard of.


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      Originally posted by draftguru151 View Post
      Jacobs isn't in the poll. :/
      Yeah but interesting choice of a dark horse candidate. If he manages to get to a significant amoung of carries over Droughns, and does well, who knows he may suprise people. But since he hasn't started a game, he is a long shot bet, but a choice none the less.


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        you gotta have the smart money on Gore, he was a beast last year and comes back to the same offense and will be the horse again, while Cadillac and Ronnie play behind shaky OLs and Benson is unproven.


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          Originally posted by ricky bobby View Post
          And over whom are the other 4 RBs starting over? Yeah, that's right. Guys nobody has ever heard of.
          Well, assuming they start...

          Maurice Jones Drew- Fred Taylor (Pro-bowler/ 9,500 plus rush yards/ 1,100 rush yards last year/ 64 career TD/ 11,000 plus total yards)

          DeAngelo Williams- DeShaun Foster (average runningback. Injury prone.)

          Reggie Bush- Deuce McAllister (very good runningback. Good power, deceptive speed. 4 time 1,000 plus yard rusher)

          Jerious Norwood- Warrick Dunn (Pro-bowler/ 9,000 plus rush yards/ 1,000 plus rush yards last year/ 13,000 plus career yards/ 58 career TD)

          Addai and Maroney have minimal competition, but 3 of the other 4 have pretty good running mates.
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            I voted for Caddy, but I know it'll be GOre. When he's healthy Caddy is the 2nd best RB in the class. Brown might have the most all-purpose yards, but Cedric will have more rush yards than Brown

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              when all are healthy, its hard to put a clear cut #1 as far as physically or talented...alot say Gore, Caddy is hard to not put there as well seeing what he did as a healthy rookie, and brown is very gifted, but most of this relies on the O line, and playcalling each team tends to go with

              Originally posted by Scott Wright
              I guarantee that if someone picks Cam Newton in the Top 5 they will regret it.


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                I'm pretty sure Marshawn Lynch is gonna take it. Watch out NFL, Lynch is gonna blow the place up!!!


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                  Class of 2005 Runningbacks

                  I've been giving this some more thought in the last week or so, and have edited and added to my original post, as follows:

                  1. Frank Gore - Frank the Tank is the 49ers offense. Touches, all-purpose yards, and touchdowns, he leads the 05 class. The loss of Norv Turner does hurt, but the 49ers doen't seem intent on changing much of what he installed. Plus with the acquisitions on offense at wide receiver (Darrell Jackson, Jason Hill, Ashley Lelie, no Antonio Bryant), budding stud Vernon Davis coming into his second year, and 1st round draft pick Joe Staley likely bumping Kwame "My game has more holes than Swiss Cheese" Harris out of the line-up, Gore might actually see less 8-men-in-the-box looks which he nonetheless managed to overcome in 2006 with flying colors.

                  2. Ronnie Brown - I originally thought that it might take a year for Brown to explode with Cam Cameron as his offensive coordinator/head coach for the long haul, but I think we see Brown blossom into one of the league's best young backs in 2007. Cameron helped LaDainian Tomlinson for the better his first year in San Diego (and Norv Turner was the OC the year before), the team signed Cory Schlesinger as the fullback, and Brown finally has a starting quarterback he can pair with in Trent Green (even if it only for two more years). Green's not a world-beater, but he's a proven veteran who can run an offense, and you can see the effect he's had on his runningbacks for the last 5 or so years.

                  3. Cedric Benson - He's finally going to get the carries now that Thomas Jones is removed, and his "struggles" in the passing game weren't as advertised imo - more likely hot air meant to cover up the fact that the defense/locker room favored Jones as their ball-carrier. Well that nonsense is over with, as Jerry Angelo and Lovie Smith pulled the trigger on trading away Jones and finally giving Benson the chance to carry the running game on his sturdy shoulders. The NFC North is strong on the defensive line interior though, so that hurts Benson's production a tad.

                  4. Cadillac Williams - He'll have a better year than last year thankfully, with the offensive line welcoming Luke Petitgout and Aaron Sears as well as a second-year pro Davin Joseph. Jeff Garcia is an upgrade at the QB position by default given, who is at camp and Jake the Snake wisely avoiding the trainwreck that is Jon Gruden, which helps Cadillac a great deal. Gruden, for whatever reason, takes Caddy out of the passing game at times. There may be some difficulty in running the ball though, if the interior of the Falcons, Panthers, and the Saints stay healty. Of course, Cadillac staying healthy is critical, as he's played 14 games in each of his first two seasons.

                  5. Brandon Jacobs - I'd be more concerned about him holding up for a whole season, especially given his size, than for Reuben Droughns and Ahmad Bradshaw stealing carries. If anything, giving him the full load would ensure that his durability would be tested greatly. So it's not a certainty that he breaks 1K, and if he does I don't think it's by much, but I do think he'll put up a good number of touchdowns if not cracking double-digit scores (so fantasy-wise, I suppose he moves up the list a at least one spot). His yards per carry average (4.4) last season despite still operating as a short-yardage specialist is amazing.
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                    Yea homerism!

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                      I'm obviously rooting for Benson, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was Gore.

                      NFC North right ends are shaking in their cleats.

                      Or @ least they had better be.



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