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4-3 Defense coming to Pittsburgh, I Can Feel It!

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    Originally posted by richdg
    This hole thread is just silly. Let me count the ways.
    1. A Cover 2 D can be played with either a 3-4 or a 4-3 front. All a cover 2 is, 2 deep S's each covering half the feild. Guess what, we already use it from time to time. The only player it would effect is Troy. He would be back off the LOS more often.
    In this case it is not the regular cover 2 being talked about, but rather the Tampa 2, which is absolutely incompatible with a 3-4 defense.


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      Russ Grimm is the favorite for the job, so it looks like they'll be staying with the 3-4.


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        In a Tampa 2. you drop the MLB deep so you really have a 3 deep coverage. We have 2 ILB's. One can, and we have already done it. This is a non issue. As for the guy who had the line up, that would be stupid. Keisel and Smith would be the DE's and Porter/Haggans would compete for the other OLB spot.


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          Oh yeah, the 4-3's coming....

          I can't wait for Tomlin's first draft!!!


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            i really hope that with tomlin coming in, some of the 3-4 personnel is waived or traded so that the niners can get their hands on some top 3-4 talent such as casey hampton


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              I doubt Okoye reaches the Steelers' pick.

              Little copy/paste job . . .

              Proposed 4-3/ Cover 2 iteration of the Steelers
              RDE   Joey Porter        WLB   Cato June*         RCB   Bryant McFadden
              RDT   Casey Hampton      MLB   James Farrior      FS    Anthony Smith
              LDT   Aaron Smith        SLB   Larry Foote        SS    Troy Polamalu
              LDE   Brett Keisel                                LCB   Ike Taylor
              *Signed in 2007 Free Agency.
              June could excel with the Steelers, thanks to big Casey Hampton in front of him occupying blockers, and would easily be the fastest player in the front seven. He'd also provide years' worth of experience in the scheme for the transitioning Steelers.

              The team would have to draft a future RDE, MLB, and 3-tech tackle - all premier positions, which is no easy task - by 2008. They have a good pickings of all 3 in this year's 1st round, to start.
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                Originally posted by The Legend
                (CB - McFadden) (FS - Clark) (SS - Polamalu) (CB - Taylor)
                (OLB - ?) (ILB - Farrior) (OLB - Foote)
                (DE - Haggins) (DT - Smith) (NT - Hampton) (DE - Porter)

                i like that but id switch clark with smith
                and i would switch haggans with harrison
                i think if we do switch to a 4-3 porter will excell in it since he did play de in college
                and i do think he is fast enough for that
                harrison is a beast and would excell in ne scheme we put him in
                taylor is a big corner who could play well in here
                and mcfadden is physical
                smith is gonna be good and could become a STUD
                the other olb i would try to get beason in the second round
                or earl everett


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                  Your 1 year off a SuperBowl and the only reason your not in the playoffs is because your QB threw too many picks...

                  Your defense consistantly finishes in the top 10 every year yet you decide to switch out of this beastly 3-4 that scares me more than any other team?(aside from your horrid corners of course)



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