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4-3 Defense coming to Pittsburgh, I Can Feel It!

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  • 4-3 Defense coming to Pittsburgh, I Can Feel It!

    I apologize for first posting this in an incorrect place. I think I got it right this time.

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    They'd need some true DEs.


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      If they go 4-3, they need a complete overhaul of their front seven. In my opinion, that would be stupid.


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        Complete Overhaul

        They need a nearly complete overhaul to their current 3-4 LB corps anyway. Porter, Haggans, and Farrior are all short timers.

        Some of the current front seven could make a switch. Some would need replaced. I don't think it would be as daunting a task as people think.

        With the aged and yet still aging of the front seven, I think now's as good a time as any would be to make a transition.

        I know switching would be the preference of either Tomlin or Rivera if one should be hired, which is looking more and more of a realistic possibility.


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          If Porter leaves, Farrior in the middle with Haggans and Harrison on the outside could work at linebacker. Hampton and Hoke might work at DT, but they would need to find 4-3 ends.

          This is assuming that we aren't talking about the Tampa 2 in which case the whole front 7 would have to be rehauled.


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            THere is no way they can swtich to a 4-3, they'd need to get a overhaul on the entire front seven and get new DE's for starters...won't happen...I'm hoping Russ Grimm Gets the job. Dick LeBeua won't change his defense

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              Originally posted by TIP
              THere is no way they can swtich to a 4-3, they'd need to get a overhaul on the entire front seven and get new DE's for starters...won't happen...I'm hoping Russ Grimm Gets the job. Dick LeBeua won't change his defense
              I agree, it would mean a complete overhaul of the front 7 and a very lengthy rebuilding process. I cannot see Pittsburgh wanting to rebuild just yet. They are in a serious position to challange again for the Super Bowl, it wouldbe just cray to risk that.
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                i'd be dissappointed if the steelers switch defensive schemes. when i think of the steelers i think of a smash mouth football team with a blood thirsty 3-4 defense.


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                  I really do not think Pittsburgh is going to change defensive schemes and convert to the 4-3. It does not make any sense for them to do so, especially with the personnel they already have.

                  No matter who their new coach is, whether it be Rivera, Tomlin, Grimm, or a dark horse candidate like Cowher was, I highly doubt they would change what has been working for years in Pittsburgh and that is the 3-4.

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                    Even if they hire somebody from outside the organization who has a 4-3 background, I think they'll still keep Lebeau around as defensive coordinator and run a 3-4.


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                      He should hire Cam Cameron as the head coach. And keep dick as the DC.

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                        People come up with the craziest ideas. No way Pittsburgh is switching to the 4-3. The Steelers are always a top notch D that finishes in the top 10 on a usual basis and for the most part are in the top 5 quite a bit. Plus why would you change a mastermind game plan that lebeau can only come up with.Personally I hope they don't sign Rivera or Tomlin.


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                          It wouldn't make sense at the moment to switch to Cover 2. The overhaul would take several years to take place. And with such a dominant 3-4 NT like Hampton, youd be wasting his talents in the Cover 2.

                          I think however it would be somewhat appropriate to go to Cover 2. Since Pittsburgh is the true birthplace and predecessor of the scheme, its only appropriate that they go back to their roots and play a quick 4-3 defense.

                          I love teams sticking to their identity. I felt it adds to the rich history of the sport. The Giants, Steelers, and Bears should always be teams with punishing defenses and run heavy offenses. The Colts should always have a great offense. The 49ers should always be a WCO team. The Packers should always be a rich offensive team.

                          If I had it my way, different teams would stick to their identity all the time. It makes for great history. People's football philosophies and opinions would vary from region to region. It would make for more interesting football if it was played that way.

                          Me personally, I dislike what the Giants have become. We're too focused on the offensive side of the ball and the pass game. Our defense is soft, which is an embarassment to an organization always known for a punishing defense. We're not playing Giants football right now, and Id love to go back to our style of defense and smashmouth offense. Thats what we are. Thats what we do. Someone needs to send that memo to Coughlin.


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                            I'd be the highest bidder at the Casey Hampton auction if they don't want him, that would be insane to get rid of him. :D
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                              Poz for Weakside Linebacker, and Timmons for Strong Side. But seing how you have Porter and Farrior I'd go with Poz.
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