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    Originally posted by cunningham06 View Post
    Good for the Browns, but honestly Bentley should probably hang up the cleats. He's had 4 knee surgeries, and was told he would never play football again. I respect him for coming back, but this may not be a good decision on his part.
    Honestly, if his knee is better why?

    He had the surgeries to fix the tendon he tore and then to clean out the staph infections. The last surgery from Dr. Warren was called off with all the progress he's made.

    He still has another run through with Warren before he'll go to TC. If he does come back, you'll prolly see split time at C with Fraley and LCB. Fraley was very capable last year, and we aren't in a huge bind at center that we can ease LCB back into it.

    I see the O-Line as one of two things:

    A) Shaffer - Steinbach - Fraley (LCB rotating if he's a go) - Thomas - Tucker

    B) Thomas - Steinbach - Fraley (LCB) - Tucker - Shaffer

    I really think A is how we'll see opening day.

    Romeo doesn't give away positions, and Shaffer did very well as our LT last year. Shaffer did very well as our left side last year. Thomas may be our future, but Shaffer would most likely have the most immediate impact at LT. Thomas at RG like how Savage's old line protege Odgen started.

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      Nah, I don't think they'll start Thomas at RG. I think on opening day it'll be either Shaffer/Steinbach/Fraley/McKinney/Tucker, Thomas/Steinbach/Fraley/McKinney/Tucker, or Thomas/Steinbach/Fraley/Tucker/Shaffer. Tucker has been getting reps at RG some and is a great fit there. The question is if Thomas gets the start at LT, would he bump McKinney or Shaffer? Also if Bentley is ready he probably won't start, but if he does then that means that Fraley gets moved to RG and Thomas and Shaffer will battle for LT.


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        I'm rooting hard for Bentley, I hope he makes it back.
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          I agree that Bentley may not start. If he comes back I can really see a LCB and Hank Fraley rotation at center...

          Let's get some activity going in the Cleveland sub-forum!


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            Originally posted by keylime_5 View Post
            Well he's still not back yet. He will work out individually at TC and if he can compete with the team he will be part of the 53 man roster. Otherwise they'll put him on the PUP and he'll come back week 8. Either way is good news. I hope he makes it back by week 1 for the Pittsburgh matchup. This could be our OL starters if he comes back so soon:
            LT-Joe Thomas
            LG-Eric Steinbach
            C-LeCharles Bentley
            RG-Hank Fraley
            RT-Ryan Tucker
            that is one heck of an offensive line. Quinn won't have as hard of a time learning the pro game with those guys blocking.

            People are starting to make it sound like Shaffer is a bust. WRONG. He only gave up 3.5 sacks last year, the average pro bowl tackle gives up 2 or 3. Shaffer is best at run blocking so that should tell you something. Shaffer had nothing to do with our line being bad last year. Not only was he in the first year of a new system, but he had to block alongside Joe Andruzzi :(. Out of 5 OL, Shaffer and Fraley were the only ones worth a darn, but because the Browns OL sucked, they tend to think Shaffer because he is one of the only ones people recognize due to his big contract. If Shaffer was so bad, then how come the #3 overall pick hasnt upseeded him yet and theres actual more talk of Thomas changing positions for this year rather than Shaffer?

            I believe Bentley will be back no later than week #3, but the big quetion is where will he play? This isnt a problem for Cleveland its actual a blessing and is a testement to the talent our OL finally has.

            I 100% believe Cleveland knew Bentley would be back awhile ago because they would have never considered trading Shaffer to the Giants etc...

            LT - Kevin Shaffer - Kelly Butler
            LG - Eric Steinbach -Issac Sowells
            OC - Hank Fraley - Rob Smith
            RG - Lecharles Bentley - Seth Mckinney
            RT - Joe Thomas - Ryan Tucker - Nat Dorsey

            Can someone name another OL in the entire NFL that has more talent??? There obviously will be more OL's that will produce better because of chemistry, coaching, etc... but the Browns definatly have it made on paper (THATS PAPER for what its worth...not much).

            Congrats Lecharles, and it should now be known that whoever our QB is, they have little excuses for failing with this OL, Chuds offense scheme, and Edwards/Winslow/JJ to throw to.......along with a rejuvinated (sp?) Lewis to carry the load.
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              Well you guys have 3 very talented players and 2 good players. It's certainly a promising group but to say it's the most talented is a bit much. Indy, SD, NYJ, Philidelphia, Chicago, GB, Minnesota, Seattle, and St. Louis all have arguments.

              That is correct comahan
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                Bentley is coming off a very serious injury and we don't know if he'll return to or even near his old form. Thomas is an unproven rookie that hasn't played a down, he looks like a great safe pick but so have others. Until both prove that they can play at a high level I wouldn't put the Browns amongst the elite lines.
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                  I'd wait until at least week 6 to even consider putting him in. He's been out so long, and if he comes back before he is ready it will only create more problems.


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                    The 27-year-old revealed that he has undergone four operations since getting hurt, the final two to clean out a staph infection that ate away at his tendon and a virus that became so severe that doctors considered amputating his leg.
                    "At one point, I was so sick they weren't sure I was going to live through the night," Bentley said.

                    This is almost a miracle.


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                      Originally posted by JoeMontainya View Post
                      LT - Kevin Shaffer - Kelly Butler
                      LG - Eric Steinbach -Issac Sowells
                      OC - Hank Fraley - Rob Smith
                      RG - Lecharles Bentley - Seth Mckinney
                      RT - Joe Thomas - Ryan Tucker - Nat Dorsey

                      Can someone name another OL in the entire NFL that has more talent???
                      Well, I have to make the argument:

                      LT - Tarik Glenn - Tony Ugoh
                      LG - Ryan Lilja - Rick DeMulling - Dylan Gandy
                      C - Jeff Saturday - Dylan Gandy
                      RG - Jake Scott - Tony Ugoh - Dylan Gandy
                      RT - Ryan Diem - Charlie Johnson

                      Glenn and Saturday are both Pro Bowlers, Ryan Diem and Charlie Johnson both did an excellent job at points in the season (including both of them playing a large role in the Super Bowl) at RT, Rick DeMulling, Jake Scott, Ryan Lilja, and Dylan Gandy have all excelled in the past as OGs for the Colts, and Tony Ugoh is viewed by the team as the successor to Tarik Glenn, but will get a chance to win a OG spot this season.

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                        A point should be made that Glenn, Lilja, Scott, and DeMulling are only signed through 2007, however. I am glad that Polian beefed up the offensive line this year by bringing back DeMulling and drafting Ugoh. The team's run-blocking left some to be desired last season, even against Tennessee.

                        On pure talent, I can't imagine the Colts' offensive line/depth being the best in the league - that is more likely the Eagles, the Chargers, and probably this Browns group as well if Bentley returns to form and Thomas lives up to billing (I like Thomas and think he will) - but I do consider the Colts' line to be among the best in the league in terms of coaching, execution, and endurance.

                        Re: the revamp of the Browns' offensive line that we've seen in the last 2-3 years, I really think this helps set the team up for long-term success, to be built that well up front in the AFC North. And the offense has additionally locked up young studs like WR Braylon Edwards, TE Kellen Winslow II, and QB Brady Quinn, to reap the fruits of that labor and hopefully put some points on the board.

                        And hopefully Bentley is a big part of it. As I said, I'm rooting for him big time to make it back. Probably moreso than any other player in the league.
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