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SI Ranks The NFL's Owners

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  • SI Ranks The NFL's Owners

    The lions are not the worst!! haha I wouldn't have guessed that.

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    Benson's getting better, he seems to be re-committed to keeping the team in New Orleans and he's finally spending big money to acquire/keep key players like Deuce, Brees, Reggie, Charles Grant, and soon, Will Smith. With that said, he's still in the bottom 5.
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      Steve Bisciotti is the man.


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        Holy crap Ford is high...
        I'm a state.


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          LOL I saw this and knew old Mikey would be down there. At least he hired Marvin and gave him control of the team but still he's the one that pulled the trigger on Henry/Nicholson and in general he's just a bad owner.

          Still not sure he's worst than the Fords...


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            #1 davis is to high.... #2 WHY IS WILSON LOWER THAN DAVIS

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              How Dan Rooney is not #1 or #2 on that list just proves it's a joke.. especially behind Jones, Snyder and McNair.

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                Originally posted by HoopsDemon12 View Post
                #1 davis is to high.... #2 WHY IS WILSON LOWER THAN DAVIS
                al davis is actually a good owner, however he is declining as a general manager.


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                  Originally posted by njx9
                  snyder kills every owner in the league in terms of revenue. KILLS. it's amazing to me that people don't realize that. based on his ability to make a team that hasn't been a serious contender in almost 20 years the envy of the league in terms of profit is amazing.
                  Yeah, the article is a bit old now, but I remember reading somewhere that the Redskins were by far the most valuable team. Then I remember all my friends scratching their heads at how a mediocre football team could be so profitable and valuable, lol. It's because of Snyder's management and business savvy.

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                    Yah if Snyder just managed the business side of it and let someone control the football side the Redskins would probably better off. If I am not mistaken the Redskins are worth more than any of the other NFL franchises [except maybe Dallas, I can't remember anymore lol].

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                    Originally posted by Scott Wright
                    Mr. Dukes comes from the Michael Irvin "talk loud and maybe people will think I know what I am talking about" school of football analysis.


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                      Good spot for Lurie


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                        The Fords are four spots too high.


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                          York is finally spending...25 is a bit low imo.

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                            I have to wonder what qualifies a good owner in his eyes.

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                              Wayne Weaver at #28 is a great example of consolidated ignorance.

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