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Who will be the better quarterback? Brady Quinn or Matt Leinart

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  • There is a good chance Quinn will have a very very good year next year if Mangini can provide some stability in the locker room. I liked what I saw from him, and I think in 5 years or so, people will wonder why Russell was picked so much higher, just like people should wonder now why Smith was picked so much higher than Rodgers.

    I think there is still a chance for Leinart, he's not a bust just yet. He had a good rookie year, with a bad OL situation, but then ended up in Whisenhunt's doghouse, got hurt, and then lost his job to Warner this season. I wouldn't be surprised if in a year or two, he ends up starting again, whether in Arizona or somewhere else, and does relatively well. But he does need to get his life straightened out and re-dedicate himself to football. I know people focus on his arm strength, but it's really his (lack of) leadership and effort to make himself a better player that has cost him so far.
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    • When is Leinart's rookie contract up?
      Isn't Warner's up after his year?

      I think Philly will win this week, but what if AZ gets to or wins the Super Bowl?
      Would Warner retire off into the AZ sunset?



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