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Who Will Be The Next Raiders Coach?

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    Originally posted by BeansDooma
    Originally posted by yodachu
    My Uncle Rob.
    What defense does he run?
    The Raiders current defense.


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      Hopefully kiffin so we can shove it in sark's face


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        Originally posted by Raidernation55
        Hopefully kiffin so we can shove it in sark's face
        Thats a great reason to want him.


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          just sad that the raiders once proud organization becomes a team that no one wanted to even take a coaching job.... college cord turns down a pro team hc position now thats sad for my team. The positive aspect of the nfl is that teams can change over one season of play look at chargers few years back, saints this year, bengals pre carson palmer years. So hopefully they will get out of this hole and start to atleast be a semi competitive team.


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            Well the Raiders currently have cancers growing throughout that team, ones that will take significant coaching to remove and/or the removal of these players


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              Yah this is the year of purging the cancer within the roster I think. I think we'll see a lot of player movement within the Raiders organization between the time a coach is hired and the start of the draft.

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              Originally posted by Scott Wright
              Mr. Dukes comes from the Michael Irvin "talk loud and maybe people will think I know what I am talking about" school of football analysis.


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                Originally posted by BeansDooma
                Al Davis.

                "Screw, it, I'm doing it myself."

                15-1 season, Super Bowl blowout. Raiders become the next great dynasty.
                I'm just waiting for this to happen. Except I doubt that final part will happen. Just Davis trying his hand at it once again.

                Heh... Can you imagine him trying to talk to Randy Moss or Jerry Porter?

                Oldie but a goodie.



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