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THE ONLY Super bowl thread Colts VS. Bears

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  • Originally posted by Geo
    The Colts could fall back on the fact that the biggest reason the Bears scored their single offensive touchdown is because Thomas Jones broke a 52-yard cutback run. This season conditioned them to overcome that mistake and playing on.

    This season the Bears never had to deal with the reality of an offense taking their best hit on the chin and still delivering bombs of their own in the first quarter. There wan't anything of the sort in their losses to New England and Miami, the Bears didn't come out anywhere near as strong in the MNF game against the Cardinals, and the last game of the regular season against the Packers was a fluke.

    With the Wayne TD and Marvin Harrison's longest catch of the night where he burned a LB covering him across the field, the Bears all but stopped their blitzing thereafter and played it safe for the rest of the rain-soaked night, which ultimately led to Joseph Addai and Dominic Rhodes having the best statistical performances for the offense. And the gameplan did work in part, the Bears defense managed to limit the Colts offense to field goals instead of touchdowns, and the scoreboard indicated the game was still close in the 4th quarter.

    (I actually think that Wayne might have been the most wide open a Colts wide receiver has been all year, pre-season included, on that play. Credit to him for not dropping the ball in that instance, which has happened to receivers that open and playing on that sort of stage.)
    Dallas Clark vs. the Jags in Indy was pretty wide open...

    The Colts seem to have those types of plays more often than any other team. I'm guessing it's because of a play/route that takes advantage of a double team or lack of coverage due to a double team, which the Colts receivers get alot of.

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    • Keen eye Unseen, but I thought of that exact play and hence specifically wrote "wide reciever."
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      • Originally posted by Geo
        Keen eye Unseen, but I thought of that exact play and hence specifically wrote "wide reciever."
        Well to be honest with you, I believe Dallas Clark acctually played more as our slot WR then as a TE last season.


        • Can we delete this thing now? Colts won, Bears lost...I'm still pissed off, let's move on.

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          Originally posted by JBCX
          Despite looking better against an underachieving Eagles team, I still think the Bears are one of the worst teams in the NFL. I smell a blowout victory by the Lions this week and a division sweep.


          • Originally posted by MaddenPlayer52
            Did you guys realize that getting a TD off the opening kickoff is a bad omen ? It happened to Ohio & Chicago.
            Well whoever does it next will win, 3rd times the charm.



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