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Can anyone explain why I hate the AFC?

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    I like the NFC a lot more because you have always have so many teams competing in for the wild card. In the AFC you have the superior teams that always make the playoffs and no one cares about the other ones.


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      Originally posted by AlexDown View Post
      The AFC is just a higher quality of football. The games are much more fun to watch. Does that bother you or the fact that I just said that bother you?
      Its not really though, its just that the AFC's long period of sucktitude has led to them being able to draft a lot of players who're blossoming now and having had free cap space to sign good free agents for a number of years.

      I garuntee you that in a few years it'll shift back and the NFC will be the superior conference.


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        Will there be a time when they are even??

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          Originally posted by TitleTown088 View Post
          I will start this out by saying that I hate 31 footballs teams in the NFL so it's not that I like more teams in the NFC. I'm also aware that I'm a fan of a NFC team, but I just find myself so uninterested with the AFC. WE all know the " AFC is the much superior conference" , but I just don't like one thing about it. What would cause this?
          I actually to have the same mentality. Have no Idea why though. I mean it's not like the NBA with East and West, where they are known have different styles of play(Run and Gun vs. Slowing it down), or the MLB(AL vs. NL) where there is a obvious difference in offensive numbers and the DH argument. Both leagues in NFL are relatively the same. Probably as somebody said the roots of your fanship.


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            Originally posted by njx9
            have you even been to ANY of those places? how, exactly, is dallas better than houston? have you been to new orleans recently to have any kind of vaguely educated opinion? ugh. if you don't travel, or haven't been to one of these cities, please don't bother opining about it.

            also, DaBears9654: your assertaion that people in denver can't drive is interesting. you must have been here during the winter or the summer when the entire states of California and Texas drive in with cars they don't know how to handle in conditions they're incapable of driving in. the vast majority of denverites (year round) are far better bad weather drivers than anywhere else i've been and are usually good regular drivers. far better than nearly any east/west coast city.
            I was born and raised in Dallas, so maybe it's just homegrown thing, but it does get dull around here. Don't get me wrong I would love to live here all my life, raise my famlily here and all that but it's far from being a vacation spot. Dallas does have a great night life, a there's lot of things to do, but I'm just not into it. I've been to the Houston/Galveston area a lot and I enjoyed it there, aside from burning the crap out of my eyes while swimming, thanks to the water over there. But maybe I just enjoyed it there because it's a new place for me.


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              i'm the opposite of the NFC fans here. I'm a fan of the Packers in the NFC, but that has caused me to hate other NFC teams. obviously division rivals piss me off, as do teams that the Packers compete against for playoff position.

              so, as far as teams i like outside of the Packers, it's mostly AFC teams that stay outa the Pack's way except for once every 4 years.



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