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    Originally posted by njx9
    again, not that i wholly disagree, but just to cherry-pick, when you buy a new car, you have a temporary registration that lasts a few months. this may work in a slightly different way in some states, but here, he would've had to have ignored the temporary registration for about 3 months then still failed to get it taken care of.

    *shrug* i get what you're saying about him being a target, but he also needs to realize that he's a target and begin to be significantly more careful. i don't have a problem with this necessarily (nor do i think the league office cares all that much), but if he slips up at all and has, say, weed in the car, or drives .001 over the limit or goes 90 in a 45, he has to realize they're going to get him. and he has to take steps to deal with that, so that when they do get him, it's for petty crap like a headlight being out, rather than something that could involve handcuffs.
    yeah i have to agree


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      Stop giving this ass any attention. He doesn't deserve it.



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