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Top 10 most versatile players of all time

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    Originally posted by bigbluedefense View Post
    I don't like this list at all.

    First and foremost, its a slap in the face to the guys who played in the 50s and before that, who played both sides of the ball. Those are the true "most versatile players".

    In regards to the current names on the list, how is Ronnie Lott not on the list? He was a PB caliber CB and HOF caliber Safety, playing FS, SS, and CB. All at high caliber level.

    Deion was a CB and kick/punt returner. Come on now, how many ppl do that? Tons. He doesn't deserve to be on the list quite frankly.

    Reggie White was capable of playing all 4 dline positions. Lawrence Taylor could play every LB position in both the 3-4 and 4-3 as well as 4-3 DE, both LE and RE.

    Adalius Thomas has LT like versatility. Michael Boley has potential of being considered if you ask Shiver, since he has played SS, LB, and DE.

    I think Mike Singletary was very capable of playing all 3 4-3 LB positions.

    But most importantly, its the guys who played the whole game, the guys from the 50s era and before that, those are the real guys who deserve to be mentioned.

    I'm so happy that you're back, since you just posted everything that I felt wayyyy too lazy to type out earlier.


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      Maybe someone already stated Dale Carter, but I missed the post.

      Some of those guys were before my time, so I cant comment on them. But Dale Carter played both ways for a year or two with KC (Mid 90's, if I remember right.) Thats as versatile as you will find since I have been watching (since the late eighties.)
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        Also, Deion played both ways for one season (I think itwas around '96). That is tough, considering we have individual down people now (pass rushing specialist.)

        By the way, I have to mention Herschel Walker. He Lined up as RB, FB, TE, WR, KR. In addition, he was also a left guard on extra points, and covered punts also. Wouldn't say he is near the top of the list at any one thing, but he could do a lot of different things.
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          By the way, it was 1996 that Deion played both ways. He was the second leading receiver on the team (behind only Irvin.) I had to look it up :)
          I published my first book. Available in ebook or paperback! Check it out!!!


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            Typically the man who was voted number One is ignored in the thread.

            Sammy Baugh was the NFL Passing, Punting and Interception champ in 1943.

            21,886 yards, 56.5 Complete 187 TD's
            9 rushing TD's
            31 Career Interceptions
            21 Fumble Recoveries
            338 Punts at a 45.1 Net

            Just one of many greats like Jim Thorpe who very few people go back and check out.



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