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    Originally posted by 255979119 View Post
    Ultimate LT:

    Shaq Daddy
    Glen "Big Baby" Davis

    Leroy Smith -


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      Originally posted by jbeans187 View Post
      What position would he play?
      Running back or kicker


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        Originally posted by J-Hype View Post
        Running back or kicker
        i vote kicker.. it takes a brett favre like arm to make those clutch kicks vinitieri does...

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          Ultimate DE
          Power of Reggie White
          Speed of Dwight Freeney
          Technique of Julius Peppers
          Tackle of Aaron Kampman
          Body of Mario Williams
          Attitude of Michael Strahan

          Thats insane.


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            Originally posted by rainbeaukid2 View Post
            jerry rice was never that fast, i would take jerry's route running with rocket ismail's speed
            or you could just take jerry rice's everything at WR

            Originally posted by Scott Wright
            I guarantee that if someone picks Cam Newton in the Top 5 they will regret it.


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              Originally posted by rainbeaukid2 View Post
              Bo Jackson's size
              Bo Jackson's speed
              Bo Jackson's running power
              Bo Jackson's hands
              Barry Sander's juking
              I fixed it for you.

              Oldie but a goodie.


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                Originally posted by DraftMichaelHuff View Post
                IMO WR is easy. The Ultimate WR =

                Anquin Boldin's rookie Season
                Calvin Johnson

                I'm not a huge fan of the guy but CJ ticks all the boxes that it's possible to tick without actually playing an NFL season.

                As for RB when talking about speed I'm 100% certain that (in pads) Jerious Norwood is the fastest in the NFL. Not saying he is the strongest, most agile or destined to be the best 2nd year running back, but in terms of speed he has what i would call ultimate.

                I would insert the youtube highlight footage but it has been deleted
                That honor would probably belong to Michael Bennett, at least when he first came into the NFL and he still seems to have most of that speed.



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