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    Originally posted by Shiver View Post
    Oh I see where this thread is going.

    Okay let me rephrase then, to avoid further controversy over a beaten-down subject haha.

    Eli Manning has shown both potential to be great, and has indicated that he may as well be a bust.

    It has to be determined later, not now as its too soon to judge him..

    That should cover me everywhere.


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      I'd rather just pretend this draft never happened


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        Originally posted by yourfavestoner View Post
        Reggie Williams was playing very well at the beginning of last season. Then Leftwich got hurt, Captain Turnover came in, and the passing game fell apart.
        When Garrard was the QB, Williams' face was on the side of milk cartons. It was hilarious how, after Del Rio benched Garrard for Quinn Gray in the season finale at KC, Gray didn't waste time completing a big pass to Williams.
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          He's turned out ight :)
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            Originally posted by skinzzfan25 View Post
            With 0 talent around him.

            I like Losman, hopefully he can get out or Buffalo puts some talent around him. It would be a shame to see him turn into another Patrick Ramsey lol.
            Buffalo has an explosive offense. Clayton even said a litlle while back that it reminded him of the Rams greatest show on turf. Now I wouldnt go that far at all but they are good.

            RB- Lynch, WR- Evans/Parrish TE- Royal/Everett should get the #1 spot this season. The problem has always been the o-line but that looks to be rectified quite abit this year.

            Buffalo's young D will be the teller of their success this year, damn they got some talented young safeties.


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              Originally posted by Ward View Post
              Any Seattle fans want to weigh in on Marcus Tubbs' progress?
              The Seahawks did well to draft a two-gap type tackle in Tubbs in 04 (Tim Ruskell came in 2005 incidentally), despite a current defense that heavily incorporates speed and one-gap discipline. It's not a coincidence that when Tubbs went down to season-ending injury in 2006, the Seahawks run defense never fully recovered.

              I found this in a Seahawks article, and it's pretty telling:

              The Seahawks ranked 22nd in the league, giving up 126.8 rushing yards per game. In five games with the 6-foot-3, 320-pound Tubbs, they allowed just 82 yards per contest; in 13 games without Tubbs, including playoffs, opponents averaged 137.6 rushing yards. That's a difference of 55 yards per game, folks.
              In another Seahawks article:

              The Hawks allowed 17 carries of 20-plus yards last season, tied with St. Louis for second-most in the league.


              The Hawks also need to get Marcus Tubbs healthy. He is looking trim by 330-pound DT standards, and the team says he's on pace to return from knee surgery by training camp. Since drafting Tubbs in 2004, the Seahawks have allowed 42 fewer rushing yards per game and 0.99 fewer yards per carry when he plays. He did not play against the 49ers last season.
              We'll see how Tubbs fares in his recovery from microfracture knee surgery. The Seahawks drafting Brandon Mebane in the 07 Draft was an excellent move imo, to provide depth.
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                hey, the great jonathan vilma was drafted in this draft, i like it

                the U team from 2003 was my favorite of all time, and this draft spelled the end of it

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                Originally posted by dRaFtDoRk
                You can't be a good corner if no one throws your way. Thats my way of seeing it.


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                  Originally posted by BlindSite View Post
                  There's far too much hate for Losman, he's still young, give him some time to develop. Last year he had 62% completion percentage and over 3000 yards. Add in 140 rushing yards and he's doing pretty well for someone who's only started something like 30 games.
                  Losman is quite possibly the most underrated young QB in the game.

                  Dude gets no credit for having a very solid season last year.


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                    Which was his first full season as a starter.

                    In 2004, not only was he behind Drew Bledsoe on the depth chart, but he suffered a broken leg. In 2005, Mike Mularkey played Musical Chairs: The QB Edition all season long with Losman and Kelly Holcomb, stunting a young quarterback's development in what was a bad offense anyways.

                    Thankfully, Dick Jauron and Steve Fairchild took over as the head coach and the offensive coordinator, respectively, in 2006, and Bills GM Marv Levy has made a concerted effort to surround Losman with talent - most notably in the offensive line (Derrick Dockery, Langston Walker) and at runningback (Marshawn Lynch) this off-season.
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                      hmmm what did my team pick up?

                      Oh right... reciever, why was I wondering again?

                      Roy Williams HEY! that guy doesn't suck! Hey everyone, the Lions selected somebody who doesn't suck!!!!

                      oh crap they just HAD to pick KJ, probably in shock when they found out Roy Williams doesn't suck.

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                        I'm a big fan of the Eagles pick in that draft. Andrews is a STUD. I know it's a bust thread but I had to give the Big Kid some props.


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                          Michael Clayton as a disappointment is fair, but if he has another sub 500 yard season then he pretty much has to be considered a bust based on his draft position.


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                            Originally posted by JK17 View Post
                            A team exercising an extension has no real bearing over whether he's a bust, but as far as on the field production is concerned, up until now at least, unless he shows something more, he's a bust.
                            Well we must have different standards for calling a player a bust. He sure as heck hasn't lived up to expectations, but calling him a bust at this point is a bit overboard. It's not like he's been doing horrible. He had 24 TDs last year with only 2 viable WR targets, and then only 1 when the other got injured. You can't put everything on Eli's shoulders. He's a bit inaccurate at times, but much of that can be accredited to Burress running poor routes. Eli started out hot until his most reliable WR went down, and other injuries set in. You can't have Tim Carter and David Tyree as your #2 and #3 recievers and expect Eli to do well. It's a team game, Eli is only human.

                            So would you consider David Carr a bust? That's not a fair assesment of a player considering his circumstances.


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                              Originally posted by Ward View Post
                              Any Seattle fans want to weigh in on Marcus Tubbs' progress?

                              Tubbs is an excellent DT....

                              When he is healthy. The Seahawks defense completely fell apart last year when he went on IR, he is dthe most important player on the Hawks defense, followed by Tatupu.

                              Hopefully they won't be as dependant on him with Mebane here.
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                                Originally posted by neko4 View Post
                                Which 2004 Draft Busts are most likely to make a comeback
                                1st Round:
                                1. San Diego - Eli Manning, QB Mississippi
                                *Traded to the New York Giants for Philip Rivers and the Giants third-round pick this year and their first and fifth round picks in the 2005 draft.

                                2. Oakland - Robert Gallery, OT Iowa
                                3. Arizona - Larry Fitgerald, WR Pittsburgh
                                4. NY Giants - Philip Rivers, QB North Carolina State
                                Traded, along with their third-round pick this year and their first and fifth round picks in the 2005 draft, to San Diego for Eli Manning.

                                5. Washington - Sean Taylor, S Miami (Fla)
                                6. Cleveland ( from Detroit) - Kellen Winslow Jr, TE Miami (Fla)
                                7. Detroit (from Cleveland) - Roy Williams, WR Texas
                                8. Atlanta - DeAngelo Hall, CB Virginia Tech
                                9. Jacksonville - Reggie Williams, WR Washington
                                10. Houston - Dunta Robinson, CB South Carolina
                                11. Pittsburgh - Ben Roethlisberger, QB Miami (Ohio)
                                12. NY Jets - Jonathan Vilma, LB Miami (Fla)
                                13. Buffalo - Lee Evans, WR Wisconsin
                                14. Chicago - Tommie Harris, DT Oklahoma
                                15. Tampa Bay - Michael Clayton, WR LSU
                                16. Philadelphia (from San Francisco) - Shawn Andrews, OT Arkansas
                                17. Denver (from Cincinnati) - D.J. Williams, OLB Miami (Fla)
                                18. New Orleans - Will Smith, DE Ohio State
                                19. Miami (from Minnesota) - Vernon Carey, G Miami (Fla)
                                20. Minnesota (from Miami) - Kenechi Udeze, DE USC
                                21. New England (from Bal) - Vince Wilfork, DT Miami (Fla)
                                22. Buffalo (from Dallas) - J.P. Losman, QB Tulane
                                23. Seattle - Marcus Tubbs, DT Texas
                                24. St. Louis (from Denver thru Cincinnati) - Steven Jackson, RB Oregon State
                                25. Green Bay - Ahmad Carroll, CB Arkansas
                                26. Cincinnati (from St. Louis) - Chris Perry, RB Michigan
                                27. Houston (from Tennessee) - Jason Babin, DE Western Michigan
                                28. Carolina (from Philadelphia thru San Francisco) - Chris Gamble, CB Ohio State
                                29. Atlanta (from Indianapolis) - Michael Jenkins, WR Ohio State
                                30. Detroit (from Kansas City) - Kevin Jones, RB Virginia Tech
                                31. San Francisco (from Carolina) - Rashaun Woods, WR Oklahoma State
                                32. New England - Ben Watson, TE Georgia

                                Im expecting Gallery to make a turn around but guys like Rashaun Woods and Ahmad Carroll seem beyond a comeback
                                I recall this being a painful draft. Tommie Harris went right before the Bucs picked, after that I thought Steven Jackson was a lock. Imagine my surprise.
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