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    Jerious Norwood will breakout and start over Warrick Dunn.
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      Originally posted by Aftermath View Post
      Jerious Norwood will breakout and start over Warrick Dunn.
      I can see that

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        Originally posted by The Dynasty View Post
        Im just saying Troy Williamson because of this little eye thing. Maybe it helped him out and now he can actually see the ball to catch it instead letting bounce of his shoulder pads.
        I would not be suprised at all b/c he has the speed and Tavaris has the arm to get it to him. If they can figure out their timing and develop some chemsitry they could be the duo the Vikings need in the passing game.

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          JP Losman bandwagon, you say?
          Quite the turnaround from last year. You're all sheep!

          I'll toss Angelo Crowell's name into the mix. Some people see him already but he's been out there about the same amount as Peters has and has accomplished less, so if one's name is out there than the other should be as well. The '05 class - Roscoe and Keverett - could be interesting options but not on the same scale.


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            Steelers possible breakout Players:

            Santonio Holmes:
            Nearly had 1000+ Yards with 2 TD's with only 4 starts. I'm lookign for a 1000-1200+ Yard season with 5-7TD's

            Heath Miller:
            Adding Spaeth finally gives us a blocking TE to allow Heath to get some balls thrown his way.

            Brett Keisel:

            In his first season taking over for Kimo Von Oelhoffen he did pretty good. I'm in no way saying he's as good as Richard Seymour, but they had very comparable stats. I think with another season under his belt, plus the fact he's athletic enough to play OLB (And the fact that he's being used as a Key Cog) We should be pretty set.

            Anthony Smith:

            Smith Managed only 4 starts, but grabbed 2 INT's, 6 passes defended, 18 tackles.. The #5 JACKED UP! of the year... and he got bigger, stronger and faster this offseason.. he's waiting to breakout.

            I'd add Larry Foote, but I don't think he'll ever be recognized as "Great" or "Breakout" He's a blue-collar 100+Tackle, 3-4 Sack, 1-2 INT, 2 FF a season guy that won't get much credit.
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              Jarrad Page
              Derrick Johnson
              Tamba Hali


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                Originally posted by Shiver View Post
                My top-10 breakout players:

                10. (homer alert) Michael Boley - With all I've been through, I should get to brag about what little is going right with my team. Michael Boley will be a stud. He has everything you look for in one of those late round gems, talent that can be molded. Every once in a while those types pan out. Boley excels because of his versatility. He is a 6'3" 236-lbs athlete who can play Safety, SLB and RE. In fact, he did so last year due to injuries. He's strong, fast and can fly. Best of all is he's shown a great work ethic and has been molded by Keith Brooking to turn his talent into on the field productivity. Last year he showed a nose for the ball, being involved with three sacks, two interceptions, one forced fumble and three fumble recoveries.
                He can play WLB also, which was his projected position coming out of college (he was under 230, some expected a move to SS).
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