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  • Originally posted by bearsfan_51
    Originally posted by Finsfan79
    Originally posted by bearsfan_51
    Originally posted by Finsfan79
    Jason Taylor and Zach Thomas

    Definitely JT

    Kevin Carter could get in as well for the longevity of his career and what he has accomplished.
    God damn you Dolphins fans are the worst. Zach Thomas is not a sure fire HOF. I'm not having this debate again.

    And Kevin Carter is just stupid.
    I will take Edwin Pope's opinion over yours thank you. Considering he is one of 4 people that have been to every super bowl and has been covering the NFL before you lived most likely. At the same time he has a HoF vote. He says Zach is a HoF then he is.

    Kevin Carter could end up making the lists, I said Could not for sure.

    But Zach Thomas will be in the HoF.
    Edwin Pope writes for the Miami Herald, what the hell do you expect him to say? Jesus Christ.

    This is not an overgeneralization, and I have no agenda against Thomas, I'm just sick of every single Dolphins fan thinking Thomas has a legacy in this game when he doesn't. We even made a freakin' poll if he had ANY chance of making the HOF, and guess what, he lost!!!!

    He was never the best at his position.

    The Dolphins haven't done bumpkis in the playoffs in his career.

    He's not a game changer, he's not influential, he doesn't make impact plays, and he doesn't have the ProBowls or the awards.

    He's a tackling machine, and he's a scrappy player, but that doesn't get you in the HOF. Give it up.
    ZOMG NOT A POLL!!!!1111!!111!!! :roll:

    I personally think him and Jason Taylor will be in the Hall of Fame.


    • And TMQ's Gregg Easterbrook said that Jeff Saturday was a future Hall of Famer. :roll: Just because on person said something, doesn't make it so. Zach Thomas and Jason Taylor epitomize the "Hall of the very good." They aren't famous, and when this era is looked back upon, they won't be looked upon like there more heralded peers.


      • You can toss Randy Moss in as a sure fire hall of famer. His strech of dominance was probably the greatest ever by any reciever.


        • Originally posted by eacantdraft
          Warren Sapp is not a sure thing and neither is Curtis Martin (the Art Monk among RBs).
          Warren Sapp probably has the best chance to make it into the Hall than any of his Tampa Bay counterparts like Brooks, Rice, Barber, and Lynch. If one player from that defense makes it into the Hall, it's going to be Sapp.


          • Brooks will get in. Rice is a bit of a longshot but he does have great career sack totals.

            Barber and Lynch won't get in though.


            • just because being a homer is fun occasionally...

              rod smith should get in, imo. i doubt he will solely on the "never the best at his position" bit, but there were years (pre-griese) in which he was one of the top wrs in the league.

              tom nalen should get in, but as 51 noted, the interior o-line bias (and the denver bias) will likely keep him out.

              i'd argue for lepsis, but being a top 5-10 LT is just nowhere near good enough. he could have his bust put up a mile or so down the street.

              al wilson strikes me as a guy who could be on the list for a few years before dropping off. as does john lynch.

              and just because i'm being a homer, i'm going to completely ignore the post guidelines and say that it's terrible that randy gradishar hasn't been inducted and that gary zimmerman likely won't be.



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