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Polamalu Resigned-Highest Paid Safety

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    Originally posted by Iamcanadian View Post
    Did you take a poll or are you just spitting out your own opinion. I guarantee you, Cowher wouldn't have traded Polamula for Reed and Dallas probably wouldn't trade Williams for Reed. All 3 are the best SS's and there isn't much not to like about all three.
    You don't think Dallas would rather have Ed Reed than Roy Williams? That is laughable. Williams is subpar in coverage and I would bet my life savings that any coach would rather have Reed than Williams. How is Williams even a top 3 SS? Adrian Wilson is clearly a better player.

    Polamalu is a good player but he's not on the same level as Ed Reed. Why would the Steelers not want a player that is better at the SS position in any system?


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      Brace yourself. My opinion is a bit far-fetched.

      Polamalu is good, don't get me wrong. I'd take him on my team. He has great closing speed, and he can play the pass and the run. However, we get tricked by our eyes. When we see his big hair we say, "Wow, he's always around the ball." However, the fact is that many safeties are around the ball as much and even more than Polamalu, but we can't tell who it is immediately because they don't have the hair. A bit overrated, and definately doesn't deserve to be the top paid safety.



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        All him being the highest paid safety proves is that he is the latest person to get a contract. Just wait till a safety lesser than him gets a new deal and it will be even bigger. Just like Nate Clements isn't the best corner and Cory Redding isn't the best DT.

        Polamalu is very good. I don't think he is as good as Ed Reed but he is also a few years younger. I think they will ened up having similar careers by the end of both of their times.

        And no. I wouldn't trade Troy for Ed Reed. I still rank Reed as the top safety and Troy behind him as the #2 but i wouldn't make the trade. I don't think Reed can do all of the things that the Steelers like to do with Troy as well as he can. But as for being a safety Reed is still the best in the game.

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