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    Originally posted by OhioState View Post
    chad pennington can only throw the ball 30 yards.
    Wrong, and your point? There was only one person saying he should go in, and that was silly.


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      Originally posted by 'cuse-213 View Post
      Wrong, and your point? There was only one person saying he should go in, and that was silly.
      If he does the same he's done for most of his career for the rest of his career, no he won't. But he's only, what, like 29? He could possibly make a late career surge. Or if you didn't really want shocking:

      Curtis Martin
      Peyton Manning
      Tom Brady


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        Mark Bavaro. I really can't think of any. Art Monk, but thats obvious. I think the NFL generally does a good job with this.


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          Originally posted by CutlerChris View Post
          Terrell Davis. In the other HOF thread, someone brought up how his career was actually markedly better than Sayers. A lot of people will make the system excuse, but to them I have a question: When has the Denver running game been dominant since he retired? Answer is, only when we had Portis. No other RB has come close to matching him in the system. The ZBS makes mediocre RBs look pretty decent, TD was a great player who played very well. You don't see Tatum/Mike Bell putting up those stats last year. Only Portis, widely considered a top 5 RB in the NFL, came close, and he didn't eclipse TD's numbers.
          I totally agree. There isn't anything more that TD could have accomplished. How many RB's can say that they were the NFL MVP, Super Bowl MVP, Two-time Super Bow Winner and a 2000 yard rusher. The answer is none. TD deserves to go to the HOF.

          Other HOF Candidates
          Charles Haley
          Russ Grimm
          Joe Jacoby
          Kevin Greene

          Brian Dawkins
          Orlando Pace
          Tom Nalen


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            Anquan Boldin will be in the HOF, mark it down

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