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Top 5 QB's Of All Time

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  • 1a. Unitas
    1b. Montana



    Too many great QBs to make a Top-5 as if you want to go OLD OLD school, we'd have Benny Friedman.
    Is that a rash?

    Give JKPIGSKIN credit for this masterpiece


    • 1. Joe Montana
      2. John Elway
      3. Dan Marino
      4. Johnny Unitas
      5. Troy Aikman


      • Wow, we're still talking about this. Id have Montana in at #1 if I didn't view Unitas so highly. I respect what Unitas has done for the game, so I put him at 1A and Montana at 1B.

        And for those that knock Montana, youre putting way too much emphasis on measurables. Who cares about measureables. Deacon Jones was drafted in like the 9th round of the draft, and he's the best DE ever. Measureables are overrated.

        Montana is arguably the most clutch qb ever, constant winner, won SBs with and without great offensive talent, and proved his worth when he took a KC team to the AFC Championship game. He hardly had the cast he had in SF there, and still made them instant winners. That team had Montana, Allen, an average supporting cast around those 2 offensively, and a good defense. And Marty Schottenheimer. I love Marty, but his playoff resume is well noted, and Montana took him to the AFC Championship game. For him to do that with the talent he had around him was amazing, he wasn't supposed to be in the AFC championship game. Montana was in a purist sense, the best ever. I put Unitas ahead of him because of how he changed the game.


        • Best

          1. Montana
          2. Marino
          3. Favre
          4. Manning
          5. Elway
          6. Brady


          • Tony Romo :D :D :D



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