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  • Originally posted by Philliez01 View Post
    John Engelberger chased down Alex Smith, the OL doesn't look too good right now; but are there injuries?

    Smith looks good, made a great pass to Darrell Jackson.
    Don't group in Kwame Harris with the other four guys.


    • Originally posted by Larry View Post
      Don't group in Kwame Harris with the other four guys.
      Yeah, Joe Staley looked immensely better when he was in there. I don't really care if Kwame is a better run-blocker, if Staley is that much better as a rookie when it comes to keeping the QB upright he has to start. I was at the game and that Engleberger sack was all Harris' bad.

      Other impressions:

      Either Denver's run game is very good or SF's run D needs to improve a lot. (I would guess more the latter than the former, and that's not intended as a shot at Denver)

      Tarrell Brown, 49ers rookie CB chosen in the 5th round out of Texas, can really play. I only noticed him out of position once and he certainly made up for it with an INT later on.

      Tully Banta-Cain did a very good job applying pressure when he was in the game.

      Ray McDonald got a heck of a push, helping to collapse the pocket several times.

      Trent Dilfer looked REALLY rusty on some of his passes.
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