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    The Ravens used to do things like that, but after the last 2 1st round picks were Ngata and Grubbs I think the vets realized it wouldn't be the best idea to try to tie them to a goal post.

    I know with Boller he was doing a live interview and they got a truck to tow his car so if he ran out to stop it it would have been on live TV.


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      i saw him on Hard Knocks on HBO..kid is BIG.


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        Originally posted by bearfan View Post
        I know that Greg Olson had to sing his rap song he made back at Miami as a freshman to everyone. The paper said the Vets really respected that he took the humility to do that
        I would be proud of that

        what you name
        what you do
        get head
        how u do it
        drop my draws and show my 3rd leg

        Jamaal Charles is the best RB in the NFL


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          Originally posted by TPFKA#1SaintsFan View Post
          I guess I'm warming up a bit to the Meachem pick as I continue to realize that there weren't as many top defensive prospects available to us as I may have thought. Hindsight is 20/20 and the only player that we could have picked that I'd have much preferred over Meachem is Poz; other than Poz there simply weren't any outstanding DT, LB, or CB prospects available. In the grand scheme of things, though, it would have been really nice to get a top DT prospect not named Branch or a top CB prospect not named Houston at our pick, but those guys (Harrell, Ross) were off the board. I still don't like the Meachem pick, but I don't fault the Saints decision makers nearly as much as I did immediately after the draft. No more pot-shots from me.
          their other options were pretty much Alan Branch, Poz and Chris Houston, maybe some other guys who were high on their board...But yeah they didnt have a great group of guys to choose from. Alan Branch was thought of as a top 10 pick for a while but his stock obviously plummetted and a lot of teams didnt want him. So while I had Meachem tagged as the bust of the draft before anyone got picked, I can understand why they made a move for him. If he turns out to be the big-play receiver theyre hoping he can be they can pair him with Colston ad well be looking at a combo of Bush-Brees-Colston-Meachem-Jamaal Brown for years to come and thats pretty damn scary.


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            Originally posted by Go_Eagles77 View Post
            Haha, I remember when they did that to McQuistan last year, that was a scary sight.

            Andy Reid doesn't allow any rookie hazing, I don't know why though, if they really can't handle it than maybe they shouldn't be playing football for a living.
            damn i didnt know reid didnt allow that.

            back to the bowe pic thats hilarious.


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              That's great. But who are the Chefs?


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                Originally posted by T-RICH49 View Post
                you do know Herm Edwards is the coach right?
                lol 13 catches, 145 yds 1 td. Monster season for an Edwards reciever!

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                  Originally posted by TitleTown088 View Post
                  That's great. But who are the Chefs?

                  haha ive never seen that before.. thats awesome

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