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Steven Jacksons goal of 2500 yards.

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  • Steven Jacksons goal of 2500 yards.

    How realistic do you think it is for him to reach it? I'm thinking 2250 is realistic, but 2500 may be a bit high. If he gets it though, he'll have proved the league alot about him. Possibly overtakin LT as #1
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    Total Yards or Rushing Yards? If it's Total I think he could get it. Rushing maybe a different story with so much other weapons on the team.


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      i hope he does... he's alot of fun to watch...
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        Total is possible. 1800 yards and 700 receiving, while extremely unlikely, is possible.

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          He cannot surpass LT as the #1. But 2500 total yards would be awesome. If they can open up the ground game a bit so he can get more ypc then 2500 wouldn't be so ridiculous. Give him 2 more carries a game and get .1 more yard per carry and he's at 1700 yards rushing. Then he'd have to repeat his receiving totals from last year. And then he would die the next season because he just has 468 touches and maybe even some for the playoffs if they go.


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            He said all-purpose yards not just rushing...that would be insane.

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              ill say he does
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                I'm going to say he will. He appears to have the strong work ethic necessary to get 2500 yards. Not only that, he has excellent and can handle the punishment of being a feature back.

                How come he slipped down to the late first round in 2004?

                He had 2,334 total yards last year. He only needs 166 more total yards.
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                  Jackson definatly has the talent to do it but im not sure with all the other weapons on that offense that im not sure that he will get the ball quite enough to have a chance to get 2500 yds.
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                    Like everyone's said, its certainly possible he can get to 2500 yards...It'll be an uphill battle, and personally I doubt he'll do it, but I don't want to count him out either. It'd be an incredible feat, but I'm also not so sure it knocks him over LT as the #1 guy, even if he does do it though.

                    So I'm gonna say no he won't, and if he America said...good luck next year, with all that wear and tear.


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                      I hope he'll be doing special teams, if he wants to make that many all-purpose yards...


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                        he'll make it happen! he's a very tallented RB on the rise and im glad my Rams got him :)


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                          I would love some action on this. ($$)

                          No way he gets 2,500.


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                            im a big jackson fan...but i dont think he can pull off 2500 yards i mean thats alot of yards...wats the record in a season again?
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                              As a fantasy football player who selected him, I approve of his goals. :D

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