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Looking back at the 04 draft: QBs

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    I used to partake in these discussions, but this discussion might be the most useless debate in the history of this board. We constantly have this discussion, it rambles on forever, and it leads to nowwhere. Everyone has their own predetermined favorite in this pile, and theres nothing you can say or do to change their mind. Its almost like politics.

    Nowadays, I just grab some popcorn and enjoy the show. No use in wasting valuable font on a topic beaten to absolute death.


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      Originally posted by Shiver
      This debate needs to be put off, until this time next year. At that point, Eli Manning will have had 3-1/2 years as a starter, Philip Rivers with 2, Ben Roethlisberger with 4, JP Losman with 3-1/2.
      You really need to do starts as games, not as years, because Losman has only started 24 games in 4 years. Right now, he has only technically started 1 1/2 years at QB. If he were to stay healthy and start all 16 games next year, he will still only have started for 2 1/2 years.


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        Big ben
        Rivers/JP Losman

        and in terms of progression as Quarterbacks translating throughout nect year JP losman will be number 2 at the end of next year


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          Ben has proven he can win and that he is failable with this past bad season. He is the best so far, history is proving that also.
          Eli? who knows what this guy is even trying to do. Has the ability, not sure if he has the smarts.
          Rivers looks very good, but 1 season doesn't make a great qb. Give him 2 more years starting and then we'll see how good.
          Losman, well not much needs to be said here. Looks o.k. at times , but hasn't done anything to merit a big bright future.



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