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Looking back at the 04 draft: QBs

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  • Looking back at the 04 draft: QBs

    This was debated so much after the draft and after Roethlisberger won the Super Bowl, but now that all four first-round QBs have had significant playing, I think we can decide which QB was the best pick in hindsight.

    In terms of talent and everything, I'm saying Philip Rivers. He spends a couple years on the bench, and then explodes for 22 TD to 9 INT is what was essentially his rookie season with only 1 real receiving threat. Add in the fact that the Chargers also received the pick that turned into Merriman makes him the best pick of the draft.
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    Phillip Rivers.
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      great, another poorly veiled low blow at manning.


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        Philip Rivers has shown he can handle some pressure after Brees left, look at Rothlisberger this year no one has talked about him. Big Ben did win the big one but still.


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          The keyword in the first post was hindsight which very few football fans are capable of, you have to look at more than just this season.

          Philip Rivers had a good season, but overall Big Ben has been the best. He took a team that was mediocre, and took them to the playoffs, and then the season after, he took them to the superbowl. Philip Rivers was a game manager for an excellent team this season. Ben was also a game manager for the Steelers his first two seasons, but like Ben's first season, Rivers and the highly touted Chargers had a dissapointing playoff performance. Roethlisberger and the Steelers won a Superbowl, and the Chargers and Rivers did not, so how at this point is it possible to say that Rivers was the better pick than Roethlisberger?


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            I actually think the Giants front office wants Eli to fail. They might be the worst coached team in the league, Coughlin needs to be fired. If it's best pick, it's probably Rivers if you factor in that they got Merriman and Kaeding with it, but if you just go by draft position, you can make a case for Losman. He had an excellent year with a much less impressive cast, and has finally come into his own. He obviously wasn't quite as impressive as Rivers, but he didn't have the best player at 2 positions on offense to help him out, either. Plus when you factor in that Losman was picked, what? 20 spots behind Rivers, he may have been the best pick.

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              I'll take the ring...after all that's the point right? (i am seriously doubting that people realize this)

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                I like Eli Manning, I think most of his problems are just mental. He can correct them though, I know namesake got him some more recognition but I think some people are a bit too hard on him. He also needs to find consistency but once he does that, he'll be a pretty good QB.

                Rivers played well this season and some of his late-season "struggles" can be directed at the Lis Franc sprain he suffered. It didn't hurt to have a record-breaking RB right behind him either. I also think he'll be a fine QB and this season really proved that. Once Jackson emerges. . . . .

                Roethlisberger had to throw a little too much in the beginning of the season. He is a decent QB, hardly one of the best but I think that he's just going to be decent. He'll manage the game well, so to speak.

                Losman really came a long way this season. He went from possibly being benched in favor of Craig Nall to being one of the promising players in the league. I think this year will really do well for him, if he develops even more. I don't think he's the best QB yet in this draft but we can start looking at him more seriously than we did before.
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                  1. Eli
                  2. Rivers
                  3. Roth.
                  4. JP Losman

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                    Right now...Big Ben is the best because he has a ring....untill someone else gets one from the 04 class, Big Ben should be the best right now.

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                      Super Bowl rings make me really mad. ESPN said after Payton won that Terry bradshaw was a better overall QB.

                      Bradshaw had the same amount of TD's than he did career INT's and benefieted from one of the greatest teams of all time.


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                        I voted Phill Rivers but it is probably Big-Ben cause he has the SB ring but im pretty sure Rivers will be the next 1 to get it.


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                          Originally posted by JoeMontainya
                          Super Bowl rings make me really mad. ESPN said after Payton won that Terry bradshaw was a better overall QB.

                          Bradshaw had the same amount of TD's than he did career INT's and benefieted from one of the greatest teams of all time.

                          Different times man....

                          Next thing your going to say that Manning is better than Unitas because of stats.


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                            god, how many times do we have to have this thread. :roll:

                            I've always liked Rivers the best, as I've stated time and time again, but don't feel like explaining my opinion on this anymore. :?
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