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  • Pre-Season Pro Bowl Predictions

    Originally posted by Turtlepower View Post
    I say we should just create a pre-season all-american team for the NFL like the ones that are going on for college football. If someone started that then I think that would be cool and much less homerish than this thread.
    This will be used as a prediction for who will be in the pro bowl this year, not whos done the best in the preseason, i just realized the title is slightly misleading

    You got it Turtlepower
    1 QB from each Conferece
    2 HB's, 1 FB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 2OT, 2OG, 1C, 2DE, 2DT, 3LB, 2CB, 2S, 1K, 1P, 1KR/PR, 1K, 1P, 1ST

    AFC Offense
    QB-Peyton Manning

    2ndTeamQB-Carson Palmer

    HB-Ladannian Tomlinson

    HB-Larry Johnson

    2ndTeamHB-Joseph Addai

    2ndTeamHB-Willie Parker

    FB-Lorenzo Neal

    WR-Chad Johnson

    WR-Marvin Harrison

    2ndTeamWR-Andre Johnson

    2ndTeamWR-Javon Walker

    TE-Antonio Gates

    2ndTeamTE-Tony Gonzalez


    OT-Marcus McNeil

    2ndTeamOT-Levi Jones

    2ndTeamOT-Jason Peters

    OG-Alan Faneca

    OG-Eric Steinbach

    2ndTeamOG-Brian Waters

    2ndTeamOG-Mike Goff

    C-Jeff Saturday

    2ndTeamC-Nick Mangold

    AFC Defense
    DE-Jason Taylor

    DE-Dwight Freeney

    2ndTeamDE-Derrick Burgess

    2ndTeamDE-Aaron Schobel

    DT-John Henderson

    DT-Jamal Williams

    2nd Team DT-Vince Wilfork

    2nd Team DT-Warren Sapp

    OLB-Shawne Merrimen

    OLB-Terrell Suggs

    2ndTeamOLB-Kamerion Wimbley

    2ndTeamOLB-Keith Bullock

    ILB-Kirk Morrison

    2ndTeamILB-Zach Thomas

    CB-Champ Bailey

    CB-Nnmadi Asomugha

    2ndTeamCB-Rasheen Mathis

    2ndTeamCB-Dunta Robinson

    S-Ed Reed

    S-Kerry Rhodes

    2ndTeamS-Troy Polamalu

    2ndTeamS-Donte Whitner

    K-Adam Vinatieri

    2ndTeamK-Sebastian Janikowski

    NFC offense
    QB-Drew Brees

    BacukpQB-Marc Bulger

    HB-Steven Jackson

    HB-Frank Gore

    2ndTeamHB-Reggie Bush

    2ndTeamHB-Shaun Alexander

    FB-Mack Strong

    2ndTeamFB-Mike Sellers

    WR-Steve Smith

    WR-Torry Holt

    2ndTeamWR-Marques Colston

    2ndTeamWR-Larry Fitzgerald

    TE-Jeremy Shockey

    2ndTeamTE-Jason Witten

    OT-Jamaal Brown

    OT-Walter Jones

    2ndTeamOT-Orlando Pace

    2ndTeamOT-Jon Runyan

    OG-Steve Hutchinson

    OG-Shawn Andrews

    2ndTeamOG-Larry Allen

    2ndTeamOG-Randy Thomas

    C-Olin Kruetz

    2ndTeam C-Matt Birk

    NFC Defense
    DE-Julius Peppers

    DE-Will Smith

    2ndTeamDE-Aaron Kampman

    2ndTeamDE-Leonard Little

    DT-Tommie Harris

    DT-Kevin Williams

    2ndTeamDT-Pat Williams

    2ndTeamDT-Darnell Dockett

    OLB-Demarcus Ware

    OLB-Julian Peterson

    2ndTeamOLB-Lance Briggs

    2ndTeamOLB-Karlos Dansby

    ILB-Brian Urlacher

    2ndTeamILB-Will Witherspoon

    CB-Lito Sheppard

    CB-Antoine Winfield

    2ndTeamCB-Nate Clements

    2ndTeamCB-Charles Woodson

    S-Brian Dawkins

    S-Adrian Wilson

    2ndTeamS-Sean Taylor

    2ndTeamS-Darren Sharper

    K-Josh Brown

    2ndTeamK-Jeff Wilkins
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    Fixed the name for you.


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      AFC: Peyton Manning
      NFC: Drew Brees

      (i took the easy way out)
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        Originally posted by Shiver View Post
        Fixed the name for you.
        it looked stupid when i saw it after posting

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          AFC: Carson Palmer
          NFC: Marc Bulger

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            AFC:Tom Brady
            NFC:Joey Harrington
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              Drew Brees will be the MVP book it.


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                AFC: Peyton Manning
                NFC: Drew Brees

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                  Originally posted by Splat420 View Post
                  Drew Brees will be the MVP book it.
                  so brees and who from AFC?

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                    I will go with Palmer.


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                      So Far:
                      Palmer 3
                      Manning 2
                      Brady 1

                      Brees 4
                      Bulger 1
                      Harrington 1 :)

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                        AFC: Manning

                        NFC: Bulger



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                          I guess i'll just go first to 8

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                            AFC: Palmer.

                            NFC: McNabb.


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                              AFC: Peyton Manning
                              NFC: Marc Bulger



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