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2nd Annual NFL Team Predictions

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  • 2nd Annual NFL Team Predictions

    Don't Make Any Plans for January, You're Going to be Busy- Post Season Locks
    New England Patriots- A virtual post season lock for several years in a row, nothing has changed that. It will be interesting to see if Brady is better with the best WR corp he has played with.

    Indianapolis Colts- Another post season lock for the past few years. Some losses on defense, which were not replaced, very well could be a problem, but the offense is still enough to get them to January.

    San Diego Chargers- The coaching staff is a definite question mark, but in my mind the Chargers have the most talented roster in the NFL. It would be hard for any coach to mess that up.

    The Playoffs are Clearly Visible, but There is Going to be Brawl to Get There- Post Season Contenders
    New York Jets- It would seem that the Jets would have to overachieve to reach the playoffs, but they definitely have a shot. The addition of Thomas Jones seemed to inexplicably fly completely under the radar.

    Baltimore Ravens- The defense remains a force to be reckoned with. The questions remain on the offensive side of the ball. Does McNair have anything left, is McGahee really an upgrade over Lewis, or was the offensive line the problem all along?

    Cincinnati Bengals- If one were to take a trip to Opposite World, the Bengals and Ravens would have a lot in common, but here on planet Earth, they have very little in common. The offense is still among the best in the NFL, but the defense is filled with question marks.

    Pittsburgh Steelers- Will this year's version of the Steelers look like the Super Bowl champs, or last year's up and down roller coaster. Roethlisberger must prove he is a legitimate NFL QB and limit his turnovers, or else be exposed as a QB who needs to be hidden as much as possible.

    Jacksonville Jaguars- The Jaguars remain one of the hardest teams to figure out. They shut down the Colts, but lose to the Texans and Titans. The Jags must find a way to not lose games against inferior teams. The offense must also get better, particularly the QB position, beit Leftwich or Garrard.

    Denver Broncos- The defense appears to be among the league's elite. The question that will answer the Broncos post season question is the play of Jay Cutler. Can a second year QB lead his team to the playoffs?

    So, Ummm, When Does the 2008 Season Begin- Sorry, No Playoffs for You
    Buffalo Bills- I really like JP Losman, Evans, and Lynch. The rest of the team could be a problem, particularly the defense. The Bills lost some key defensive players over the off-season.

    Miami Dolphins- The Dolphins are a team that never fail to confuse me. The defense is getting dangerously old and the offense remains a question. Trent Green is the best QB the Dolphins have had since Marino, but that is not enough to get them to the post season.

    Cleveland Browns- Unfortunately for the Browns, they are in a division with the Ravens, Steelers, and Bengals. Another problem for the Browns is that they were faced with rebuilding the entire team, quite the task.

    Tennessee Titans- The Titans appear to have quite a player at the QB position. The issue on this team is the other positions, particularly Young's help on offense, or lack thereof. The Titans simply do not have enough to compete for the playoffs this year.

    Houston Texans- The Texans should be better this season on offense with the addition of Ahman Green, but the offense still has a ways to go. Defensively they should continue to grow, but again, a lot more work is needed.

    Kansas City Chiefs- The Chiefs seem to be in real trouble this season. The QB position is a gigantic question mark, the roster as a whole is getting quite old, and the defense will have to be a force for them to have a shot at the playoffs.

    Oakland Raiders- The Raiders are another team that should be better, but they have a long road to travel to become a contender again. The defense is solid though.

    Don't Make Any Plans for January, You're Going to be Busy- Post Season Locks
    No one. That's right, no one in the NFC is a playoff lock. There is not a single team in the NFC without significant question marks.

    The Playoffs are Clearly Visible, but There is Going to be Brawl to Get There- Post Season Contenders
    Philadelphia Eagles- McNabb is among the elite at the QB position when healthy. The Eagles have the least number of question marks in the East, one of those question marks is the LB position though. They appear paper thin there.

    Dallas Cowboys- Basically the Cowboys season will boil down to Tony Romo. Is Tony Romo more like the QB who played in his first 5 games, or the QB that unraveled down the stretch and appeared completely inept?

    Chicago Bears- Speaking of inept QB's, is Rex Grossman going to prove he is a solid NFL QB, or will he be benched in favor of Griese. The WR position needs to help out whoever the QB may be, but are their WRs capable of doing that. Cedric Benson must also deliver on his lofty draft position, I feel he will.

    Green Bay Packers- The Packers defense will need to be an elite unit for the Packers to be a contender. The defense does have the appearance of a unit that could be quite good though. On offense they will need to limit turnovers.

    New Orleans Saints- The Saints offense should continue to be a force. Defensively they have some issues. If there are some defensive lapses they could find themselves out of the playoffs. The Saints remain the favorite to win the South though.

    Carolina Panthers- The annual media darling. The expectations for the Panthers seem to have tempered off a little this season, which is reasonable. The Panthers need better play from the QB position, whether or not Delhomme is the guy to do that remains to be seen.

    Seattle Seahawks- The Seahawks must be considered a playoff contender based on their recent rule of the NFC West. The other teams in the division seem to have closed the gap on the Seahawks though. Do the Seahawks still have enough to win an improved division?

    St. Louis Rams- The offense should be among the best in the league, but the question remains the defense. Can Carriker solidify the run the defense that has plagued the Rams in recent years? Can James Hall provide a much needed pass rush that has not been present outside of Leonard Little?

    So, Ummm, When Does the 2008 Season Begin- Sorry, No Playoffs for You
    New York Giants- The loss of Tiki Barber is probably the biggest loss of any team over the off season (outside of Vick). Eli Manning will have to step up in order for the Giants to be competitive, and there is little to suggest that step up is likely.

    Washington Redskins- Offensively, the question is Jason Campbell. Campbell has the chance to become a good QB in the NFL, but to expect him to lead the Skins to the playoffs his first season starting is a tad unreasonable.

    Minnesota Vikings- The story with the Vikings is much like the story with the Redskins. People don't seem to want to give Jackson any time to prove himself, but it is unlikely for him to prove himself his first season starting.

    Detroit Lions- The offense should be pretty fun to watch, but the offensive line might prove problematic. The defense is not good enough to allow this team to be a contender.

    Atlanta Falcons- The Falcons have had quite the off season. The loss of Vick leaves the Falcons in a tough situation. The one question mark that will almost certainly be answered this season is whether the WR's are that bad, or were their struggles a by-product of Vicks passing struggles.

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers- This team seems destined for mediocrity. The offense is almost guaranteed to be middle of the pack at best, and the defense is aging.

    San Francisco 49ers- The 49ers are banking on a huge step forward by Alex Smith and a much much improved defense. The problems are that the WR corp is one of the weakest in the league, and the defense needed more than the addition of a rookie, a previously back up LB, and a CB who is commonly accepted as being overrated.

    Arizona Cardinals- History makes explanation basically unnecessary here, but I will do so anyways. Once again, the skill positions are very good. The problem remains the offensive line and defense. The offensive line lost their best lineman from last season and replaced him with a rookie. Not sure how the line is supposed to have gotten better.
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    i thought it was good overall... although i would put san fran in the playoff contender list... if the rams or seahawks falter look for the 9ers to grab a wild card spot
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      like where you have the pack

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        IMO there isn't a team in the NFCW that's out of the playoff picture.

        With that said I liked the list, well done.


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          Yeah great list......except you missed the Titans :P


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            As evidenced by Roddy White's dropped TD from tonight I think it is safe to say it wasn't Vick's fault. White just can't catch.


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              Originally posted by Shiver View Post
              As evidenced by Roddy White's dropped TD from tonight I think it is safe to say it wasn't Vick's fault. White just can't catch.
              Haha, yea I saw that. That was quite the display of atheleticism, the kind of stuff that gets you a first round selection.

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                Originally posted by OzTitan View Post
                Yeah great list......except you missed the Titans :P
                I just put the Titans in, not sure how I missed them since I was looking at the standings from last year to make sure I didn't forget anyone. Probably won't like their spot though. I do like them for the future though, Vince Young is fun to watch.

                I am done arguing, until somebody says something stupid.


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                  I enjoyed the write-ups for each team. And that's all I have to say about that.

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