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  • Rookie watch thread

    hopefully this can get sticky, let's track the rookies progress through the weeks.

    3 offensive guys really impressed me today and I feel are at the head of the pack for ROY.

    Marshawn Lynch: [rushing]19-90 1 td [receiving]2-9 0td
    Adrian Peterson: [rushing]19-103 0td [receiving]1-60 1td.
    Calvin Johnson: 4-70 1td

    discuss the other rookies on your teams.

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    Justin Harrell- DNP
    Brandon Jackson- 15carries 40yards, 4rec 35yards
    James Jones- 4rec 29yards
    Deshawn Wynn- 1carry 8yards, 1rec 18yards(the shovel pass)
    Allen Barbe- DNP
    Mason Crosby- 3/3 53longest, game winner
    Korey Hall- Got to start at FB

    I wouldnt be suprised if every rookie was impressive this year except for Harrell
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      Nice, I like this thread idea. I'll be sure to chime in on Bengals players after tomorrow nights game.


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        Paul Posluszny had 10 tackles 9 solo. 0 sacks. That's pretty damn good, he'll probably be DROY.


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          Craig Davis did about what I expected of him, nothing major yet, but i think it was 2 catches for 15 yards. I was happy with it, the catches were nice, and made on drives where we needed them a lot. I was fine with him.

          Eric Weddle played really well, he looked good when he was in there got a sack, seemed to be in the right places when he had to be. Very impressed with him still.

          None of the other rookies really did anything.


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            Poz looked real good.
            AD was great.
            Calvin was solid
            Lynch impressed me, especially on the 4th down play where he just kept on going and came up chirping the other team. Real impressed.
            Revis from what i saw was solid on a rather very unimpressive performance by the Jets D.
            weddle from what i saw was solid. nice sack.
            Russell impressed me with how many hotdogs he ate on the sidelines........

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            You can't be a good corner if no one throws your way. Thats my way of seeing it.


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              yes, the Jets secondary player poorly, but the one bright spot was Darelle Revis, he didnt really get beat at all when he was stuck one on one with Stallworth or Welker or even Moss once in a while. He's a stud.

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                Brian Robison had two sacks.



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                  Mason Crosby is in first place for OROY...

                  Originally posted by Halsey
                  I don't have to watch it to know it was not interesting.


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                    The Vikings Rookies all played well it seemed. Peterson looked like he had a good grasp on the NFL so far. Sidney yeah made some mistakes like not going to the the first down marker but thats a common rookie mistake. Also McCauley didnt do much but made good tackles. Robison like Vikesej sad he had 2 sacks. Allison had a catch. So it seems like our rookies are contrubiting.

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                      Puz looked good for us but his tackle total was inflated by how easily henry got through our d-line... when put one on one though he was in the right whole and wrapped up the ball carries well. Alswell he was always aroudn the ball which is a great characteristic. Although some plays in the game you saw Pauls lack of speed.

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                        Zach Miller had two catches for about 12 yards or something.He also had a FR recovery tried to run with it and was immediately stripped of the ball so he also had a Fumble.
                        Higgins returned a couple of punts but nothing special.
                        Jay Richardson had a tackle.
                        Russell is still complaining about how he isnt getting 35 million in gurantees.
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                          Amobi started had a few hurries, but for the most part looked like a Rookie.

                          Jacoby Jones played the slot and had 2 catches for 34 yards, including a big 25 yarder for a first down. He also returned punts, but didnt really do anything.


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                            Adam Carriker sucked majorily, don't know why I brought him up, he doesn't diserve to be in this thread. And the Rams don't belong in the NFL.


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                              Michael Johnson has forced fumble on Special Teams and Jay Alford was horrendous as our long snapper. Bradshaw needs to learn to hold the ball with 2 hands.

                              Originally posted by Halsey
                              I don't have to watch it to know it was not interesting.



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