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  • One of the only problems I saw from Russell today is that he wasnt utilizing his arm strength to the best of his ability and was floating too many passes out there.


    • Raiders rookies on the season...

      JaMarcus Russell - 36/66 - 373 yards - 2tds - 4ints - 69.4 rating

      Zach Miller - 44 rec - 444 yards - 3tds

      Johnnie Lee Higgins - 6 rec - 47 yards

      Jay Richardson - 33 tackles 1 sack

      Oren O’Neal - no stats but was fantastic in run blocking all season

      Mario Henderson, Michael Bush and John Bowie did not play.

      Quentin Moses and Eric Frampton were cut and 7th pick WR Jonathan Holland was out for the season on IR
      Taking a Knapp.


      • My computer and internet have been jacked for awhile, but I figured I'd post the final rookie stat leaders.

        Updated following end of season Rookie stat leaders(top 5) per

        Rushing Attempts
        1.Marshawn Lynch-280
        2.Adrian Peterson-238
        3.Selvin Young-140
        4.Kolby Smith-112
        5.Brian Leonard-86

        Rushing Yards
        1.Adrian Peterson-1,341
        2.Marshawn Lynch-1,115
        3.Selvin Young-729
        4.Kolby Smith-407
        5.Brian Leonard-303

        Rushing Touchdowns
        1.Adrian Peterson-12
        2.Marshawn Lynch-7
        3.DeShawn Wynn-4
        4.Chris Henry-2
        5.Kolby Smith-2

        1.Dwayne Bowe-70
        2.Calvin Johnson-48
        3.James Jones-47
        4.Zach Miller-44
        5.Greg Olsen-39

        Receiving Yards
        1.Dwayne Bowe-995
        2.Calvin Johnson-756
        3.James Jones-676
        4.Anthony Gonzalez-576
        5.Zach Miller-444

        Receiving Touchdowns
        1.Dwayne Bowe-5
        2.Calvin Johnson-4
        3.Sidney Rice-4
        4.Matt Spaeth-3
        5.Anthony Gonzalez-3
        6.Zach Miller-3

        1.Gaines Adams-6.0
        2.Amobi Okoye-5.5
        3.David Harris-5.0
        4.Brian Robison-4.5
        5.3 others tied with 4

        1.Patrick Willis-174
        2.Jon Beason-140
        3.David Harris-127
        4.LaRon Landry-95
        5.Darrelle Revis-87

        Passes Defensed
        1.Darrelle Revis-20
        2.Leon Hall-17
        3.Fred Bennett-17
        4.Reggie Nelson-16
        5.Tanard Jackson-15

        1.Leon Hall-5
        2.Reggie Nelson-5
        3.5 others tied with 3

        Interception Return Touchdowns
        1.Aaron Ross-1

        Forced Fumbles
        1.Clifton Ryan-3
        2.Nedu Ndukwe-3
        3.8 others tied with 2

        Fumble Recoveries
        1.Gerald Alexander-2
        2.Tanard Jackson-2
        3.Lawrence Timmons-2
        4.Tim Crowder-2
        5.Keyunta Dawson-2

        Fumble Return Touchdowns
        1.Tyron Brackenridge-1
        2.Tim Crowder-1
        3.Brandon Siler-1
        4.Pierre Thomas-1
        5.Nedu Ndukwe-1
        6.Jyles Tucker-1

        Punt Return Average(min 1 return per game)
        1.Yamon Figures-10.7
        2.Ted Ginn Jr-9.6
        3.Chris Davis-9.5
        4.Jacoby Jones-9.5
        5.Steve Breaston-9.4

        Punt Return Touchdowns
        1.Yamon Figures-1
        2.Steve Breaston-1
        3.Ted Ginn Jr-1

        Kick Return Average(min 1.5 returns per game)
        1.Yamon Figures-24.7
        2.Ahmad Bradshaw-24.2
        3.Pierre Thomas-24.0
        4.Ryne Robinson-23.0
        5.Ted Ginn Jr-22.7

        Kick Return Touchdowns
        1.Josh Wilson-1
        2.Aundrae Allison-1
        3.Yamon Figures-1

        Originally posted by Jakey

        i am literally gonna kick a baby to death!



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