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  • Offseason FA acquisitions

    How have they been working out for your team?

    The 49ers acquisitions have been all over the map.

    Nate Clements- Has been playing very good. He played shutdown in week 1, and in week had a forced fumble (which put the ball in the endzone, forcing a toucback and ball for the 49ers offense) and had a sack. He also won DPOW. Hes been very good. Definitely worth the cash.

    Michael Lewis- He was great in week 1. He was part of a great coverage scheme. He got burned big last year but he was very helpful against one of the best WR tandems in the NFL.

    Tully Banta-Cain- Decent. Had a half-sack in week 2. When i watched him play in week 1, he seemed to be getting repeatedly stone-walled by the OT in 1-on-1 situations.

    Aurbrayo Franklin- Has been in a rotation with the improved Isaac Sopoaga. He hasnt played great, but not bad either. He isnt hurting our defense, and is doing a decent job. Hes average, but we signed him for average money, so it works out.

    Ashley Lelie- A bust so far. Hes barely played and has been beaten out for the #3 by Taylor Jacobs. To be fair, jacobs had an amazing camp and lelie had an injury that pulled him out of mini-camps, allowing jacobs to move up the totem pole. But lelie should be getting more reps. Jacobs has 0 catches in the first 2 games and 1 rush for -8 yards. Lelie should be a decent deep threat, if the coaches would only realize how ineffective jacobs was.

    Anyways, good FA class for the niners. Definitely improved the team. I hope it keeps up and that lelie improves.
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    Kevin Barlow- Cut in Preseason.

    Sean Mahan- Alright, starting center but thats because we dont have another viable option.

    That wraps up Pittsburgh's crazy FA.


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      Dewayne White - Has been a force two forced fumbles and either 1 or 2 sacks
      Shaun McDonald - Has been the benefactor of the four wide sets. Racking up the catches and has caught ten first downs.
      Travis Fisher - Haven't watched him to much but had an INT last week
      Mulitalo - Starting but haven't watched the O-line really

      White is looking like a nice player and McDonald is this years Furrey


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        Frank Walker - Made the team, almost didn't.

        Um, yeah that's it.


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          The Chiefs best FA pick up so far has been Napoleon Harris 20 tackles 1 sack 1 int 1 forced fumble in two games. Alfonso Boone has flashed at times as well but like most DT's stats don't tell the whole story 4 tackles 1 sack 1 forced fumble.


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            Willis McGahee = Been defentily an upgrade from Jamal Lewis.

            Baltimore: 7-4


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              London Fletcher - Money. General for the defense, leader on and off the field. Teaching HB Blades how to become a MLB in the league. Still playing at an elite level.

              Fred Smoot/David Mackin - Good depth, our pass defense has been pretty good so far.

              Reche Caldwell - If he scores a TD, eclipses B.Lloyd on my charts.


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                Al Johnson - played great for the 3 quarters or so in week but got injured

                Roderick Hood - A huge improvement over Rolle not picks so far but good coverage

                Terrance Holt - has had a few big tackles, basically just doing his job so that A Dub can roam

                Sean Morey - Great on special teams, below average as a WR

                Terrelle Smith - has been opening some big holes fr Edge when he is in, i would like to see more sets with a FB

                Mike Gandy - looking real good, seems he can be a good lT with the proper coaching.


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                  Originally posted by GB12 View Post
                  Frank Walker - Made the team, almost didn't.

                  Um, yeah that's it.
                  ya Frank Walker made it over Patrick Dendy and I dont even know if he has seen the field yet, thats it for signing people off other teams but we did sign some of our own.

                  Nick Barnett re-signed to a 5 year extension I think, he was in the last year of his contract

                  and Donald Driver was extended 1 year and payed more

                  Cullen Jenkins- re-signed
                  Donald Lee- re-signed
                  Rob Davis- re-signed
                  Tracy White- re-signed
                  Colin Cole- re-signed
                  Tyson Walter- re-signed but got injured and is on IR
                  Caryle Holiday- re-signed but got injured and is on IR
                  Noah Herron- re-signed but got injured and is on IR
                  Troy Humphrey- re-signed, but got injured and is on IR

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                    Randy Moss-Has looked like the Moss of old, great pick up.

                    Adailus Thomas-Has been solid, had a pick 6 last week.

                    Wes Welker-Great pickup, is fearless, catches everything, and is a playmaker

                    Sammy Morris-Great pickup, Morris has been running the ball very well.

                    Donte Stallworth-OK accquisition, hasn't stretched the field like I thought he would. He has been playing like a possession receiver which isn't what he was made to do.

                    Kelly Washington-Hasn't played any WR, has pretty much only covered kicks.

                    Tory James-Hasn't done too much.


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                      Notables for the Jaguars:

                      Tony Pashos - Has played poorly so far.

                      Dennis Northcutt - Has done well. He's our leading receiver so far, which is good and unfortunate at the same time.

                      Jermaine Wiggins - Cut before the season.

                      Sammy Knight - Has been getting a good chunk of playing time due to injuries of Reggie Nelson and Gerald Sensabaugh, and will now have to start because of Sensabaugh's season-ending shoulder surgery.

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                        Nick Harper - Solid but unspectacular. Gave up some yards last week to Marvin. Doesn't really stick to his man tightly, but he's steady and has tackled very well.

                        Eric Moulds - Is keeping Roydell Williams from starting which pisses me off.

                        Ryan Fowler - average, but better than we had last year at MLB. He's at least more physical than Peter Sirmon was.

                        That is all.


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                          CB Nick Harper - Harper's been quite solid. He's no Pacman Jones, but he's above average in coverage, and very strong against the run...a much better tackler than Pacman.

                          MLB Ryan Fowler -A former backup in Dallas, Fowler has been a pleasant surprise. He was brought in because he's solid against the run and a strong special teams player; however, he's also shown some skills in coverage, which few expected.

                          WR Justin Gage - Too soon to say. He seems to have good hands, and moves well after the catch....but with only a couple of receptions so far, the jury's still out.

                          WR Eric Moulds - Moulds hasn't exactly been a disappointment, but I think most Titans fans hoped he'd have more of an impact. Very good downfield blocker...and after struggling in preseason, his hands have been very reliable thus far. However, like Gage, he's only had a couple of receptions.....tune in later.

                          DT Corey Simon - Just joined the team a couple weeks ago, and is still getting back into football shape, but has played a role in a greatly improved run defense.

                          CB Kelly Herndon - looked very good in preseason, but was inactive for the season opener, and saw only ST action this week.
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                            Willis McGahee:

                            Has been better than I thought but still not worth 3 draft picks and 40+ million. He needs to step it up as of right now for what we gave up and what we gave him he has been a bust.
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                              Ahman Green has been a great compliment to Schaub and the passing game so far.



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