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  • The Timeout Thing

    This whole thing where they call a timeout right before the ball is snapped is bull ****. They need to change the rule. It is bull ****. I hate it. The time outs are used for challenges and to stop the clock, not to ice the kicker. Pretty soon the kickers will just get used to it. In fact, I think its to the point that if u don't call timeout, the kicker is confused. I don't even like it when they do it way before the snap. I don't see the point of icing the kicker. Oooh, mind games. This is the mother ******* NFL, not 7th grade. Pisses me off. And oh yeah my Rams are 0-5. My rant is over, thoughts?

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    There is no doubt in the offseason there will be a rule put in place that doesnt allow this.
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      It already happened to the Browns = me hating it.


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        Its risky calling that timeout because it could easily blow up right in their face. If the kicker was to miss the first kick and than make the second than the coach doesn't look so hot now. So it is a risk and if the coach wants to take that risk, go right ahead.
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          I hate it. They need to get rid of this rule. Or adjust it in some way.


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            No timeouts with less than 5 seconds left on the Play clock when a Field Goal is being attempted.


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              Its a crappy thing to do but I don't see why its a big deal. If you're a professional kicker you need to learn to deal with pressure. If you can't then they need to find someone else who can


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                I don't know, I don't hate this rule at all. Part of playing football is being mentally prepared, no matter what the other team throws at you. It's not like its guaranteed to benefit you either, say the kicker shanks it, gets a second shot, then makes it...did it really help to call that timeout? I think you should have to be prepared enough to deal with that.

                And on a more practical aspect of it, how do you change the rule? What if a team realizes a last second thing and needs to call a timeout, should they not be able to do so, because the other team is kicking a FG? What if they don't have right personell out there and want to fix it with a timeout? And how do we know if the other team is actually kicking the FG? What if they're running a fake, and the defense notices that, and wants a timeout to adjust? Let's say they can't call that timeout now, the offense burns them for a touchdown all because they werne't alloewd to use their timeouts?

                I just don't see how/why the rule should be changed.


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                  I wish the Saints would've used it against Carolina... :(
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                    Originally posted by TPFKA#1SaintsFan View Post
                    I wish the Saints would've used it against Carolina... :(
                    Like it would've made a difference. Har.
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                      there not gonna change the rule..cause it dosent need to be changed,,and its not even a big deal..
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                        Originally posted by RyanLeaf#1 View Post
                        There is no doubt in the offseason there will be a rule put in place that doesnt allow this.
                        I agree although it will be tricky to come up with a rule. Say the rule says you cannot call a timeout in the last minute after a team is set for a FG attempt. I could see teams who have the lead but no intention of kicking a FG, quickly line up in FG position to prevent the other team from calling a timeout and just letting the clock tick down. It may not be correctable.
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                          Teams have been able to do this for years, i find it suprising that this year it seems to be getting more attention. I find it very annoying, i mean, i hit an all time high, then possibly can just be filled with such anger in a span of like 30 me nuts.

                          I don't see them changing it because i can see both sides of the line. It's been around for a long time and it is whether i like it or not a part of strategy. Then again, its very possibly the most annoying thing ever.....i'll be interested to see if they do anything about it.

                          Like you said, kickers need to be ready either way, and it shouldn't be the end of the world but they are just people like everyone else. Emotions can play a big part and they do have that high after hitting it then the uncertainty again to have to kick it again.

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                            It aint even a rule!!! Its a timeout, and thats what everyone is forgetting. A team has 3 timeouts, and they can use them at any point. If they want to use it when there are 40 seconds left on the play clock or if there is 1 second left on the clock doesnt matter. It is their call.

                            Its not a rule, and there is nothing to change.


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                              I just think they need to adjust it so that the meaningless play doesn't end up going through.

                              One of these times someone will get injured on a meaningless kick, and then we'll see what happens.



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