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  • Ghetto's Week 8 Thoughts(Quickie)

    Ok, here are my week 8 thoughts, I will rant a lot about the Redskins and Pat’s game because it was so damn frustrating. Kinda busy today so I will keep it brief, again this is my just blasting out these comments without thinking about it, so some stuff may be awkward but whatevs. Without further or do:

    Patriots Annihilate the Redskins

    Ok the Patriots absolutely destroyed and embarrassed the Redskins, the Redskins stood no chance in this game, the Patriots were just far superior. Yes the Redskins are killed with injuries only having 1 starting offensive lineman Chris Samuels, but even if we were at full health we still would have loss like 52-21 or something like that. The Patriots gameplan was superior while the same old redskins awful coaching was only the tip of the iceberg. I will first like to start out by professing my love for Joe Gibbs, I thank you so much for bringing us our super bowls, you are the greatest redskins coach and will forever be in our hearts, but you need to go. It is obvious he is outdated and just needs to step away from the game to preserve his integrity. As we saw as an example for the Patriots yesterday the NFL is such an evolved game and changing in so many different directions while Joe Gibbs is still living in the past. He thinks that things that worked 20 years ago still stand, but that is far from the truth. Granted he has little to do with play calling as they say the jest of his coaching is to the kicker and punter, but just the simplest of technology changes he is yet to adapt to. Clock management, electronic scouting, reviewing plays he just has no clue despite being back a couple years already. He is most certainly not getting any help from upstairs as to what to do. As evident in the Giants game among others his brain isn’t able to decipher quickly anymore. He can’t make those in game changes that he used to be able to do because his mind just doesn’t process like that anymore. But he is the least of my gripes with the team. The two coordinators were just awful in every meaning of the word. First off Al Saunders. I have always hated him and thought he was overrated and here in D.C. he is further fueling my great hate for him. He brags on having a 1,000 page+ playbook but that means nothing when your team can’t master even one. He is ahead of himself and is so unsure of his own play calling and his so inconsistent and predictable at the same time. Damn I would be an amazing offensive coordinator if I was with the Chiefs with Priest Holmes, Trent Green, Tony Gonzalez and the best line for many years. His play calling this season has been exceptionally awful. 1st down run, 2nd down run, 3rd down try to make Jason Campbell convert a 3rd and 10. For a young QB there is no way to develop any sort of rhythm this way. Our run game can’t be affective because the defense knows it’s coming on first and second down, furthermore they know that because we are so weak on the right side of the line, we will run it left every single time, so teams stack up on our left and we are still clueless. No misdirection nothing. Another gripe I have is the Skins obvious distaste for Clinton Portis. It is clear they are trying to run him into the ground. Every single game this year they have robbed Portis of carries by giving it to Ladell Betts. This game however we are out of it in the 4th quarter, CP is banged up yet we are still giving him the ball. The only reason he said no is because he’s Clinton Portis. He’s so tough and will never quit or admit himself out of a game. Despite him being hurt Ladell didn’t have any carries. What were they preserving him because he had to return kickoffs today? It was ludicrous, and the Skins are just trying to get Portis hurt so they can have an excuse to let go of Portis at the end of the year and give Betts 30+ carries a game. The o-line was just a mess. Todd Wade a guard playing RT was absolutely owned by anyone who he faced most notably Mike Vrabel. We are really dead with him playing RT. Now to get me started on the defensive play calling this just pissed me off. I know that you are afraid to get beat deep, but the way we played was just embarrassing. I trust Sean Taylor and Laron Landry having to make plays one on one deep rather than giving them a 20 yard cushion so they don’t. Yes they didn’t beat us deep, but they threw underneath passes and the Pat’s receivers most notably Welker had 20 yards open space before getting touched. It really sucks because Sean Taylor was completely taken out of the game. The skins made sure his responsibility was to play deep so by never going deep the Patriots took him out of the game. The cushion we gave their wideouts was just so ridiculous. Must have been Brady’s easiest game of his career. Throw a 10 yard pass to an open guy and watch the guy run 25 yards down the field. The running game was also opened up because we had guys just playing deep and there was no one in the box. I mean damn Greg Williams if it isn’t working change it. You can’t just let Tom Brady sit back there all day, but we didn’t dial up a single blitz the entire game. That is absolutely ridiculous. Not a single blitz. I was so embarrassed to be a Redskins fan yesterday on a game that was nationally televised. We are not a great team, but at the same time trust me we are not that team that you saw yesterday, I didn’t know who that team yesterday was. As far as more injuries it is even more depressing. Carlos tore his MCL, ACL, everything CL. Our CB situation is looking ugly if Fred Smoot is not able to come back soon, with never knowing when Springs will be hurt, and he must be distracted with his father Ron Springs former Cowboy, possible to die any day now. My prayers go out to him BTW. In the midst of my rant it is real life stories like this though show how truly unimportant a silly game of sports is. For those who have not heard Springs father Ron is in a coma and the doctors say there is a zero chance of survival. His family is already ready to donate as many possible organs he has. Rogers injury looked awful looked like his leg was gonna fall off or something. Rocky McIntosh also got hurt but rookie HB Blades was very good replacing him. I had no idea how versatile he was being able to play inside or out, he is just a tackling machine. He was an amazing steal and will be a London Fletcher clone. Speaking of Fletcher the guy has such a motor and so much heart. He was still till the end of the game fighting his ass off despite most of his defense giving up.
    Ok on to the Patriots now. There are a couple of quick points that I would like to hit before ending my little tirade. First off yes they are an elite team in this league and inflict fear on every single team they face. Yes Tom Brady is unreal and will most likely break Peyton Manning’s single season TD record. There are a couple of things that I would like to hit though first. First off that whole thing about the Skins losing connection between upstairs and downstairs. In that case the Patriots should cut their connection off which I am pretty sure they did not. While this is a non story anywhere else it must raise some sort of attention since it is coming from the cheating Patriots. Obviously they don’t need to cheat and most likely this wasn’t cheating but I swear if we hear about just a couple more of these situations the Patriots deserve a 1 year ban, unprecedented but there needs to be some sort of extreme action if they are in fact still trying to gain an athletic advantage unfairly. 2nd my issue with running up the score. I have no problem with it whatsoever. My philosophy is that if you are complaining about another team running the score up, try to do something about it. The redskins obviously couldn’t do anything about it so I have zero problem with it. I do have a problem though with the way they keep in Brady up 40-0 and going for it on 4th and 1, moreso running it with him. As bad as it sounds I will be happy, laugh, and throw a party if Tom Brady gets hurt. I will celebrate with joy if he gets hurt. The Patriots week in and out roll the dice and risk his injury, and while thus far they are lucky to avoid anything eventually it will come back to bite you in the ass, and when it happens I will be here to laugh at you.

    Many storylines arise from Saints vs. 49ers game

    Many interesting storylines came from the Saints vs. 49ers game #1 is how New Orleans is starting to build up steam. A couple of weeks ago especially after losing McCailster I was thinking top 10 pick but now in a weak NFC I think they can be contenders. After not having his flame from last year all season long, Drew Brees was amazing yesterday, he looked as good as he’s looked ever. I still am worried about the run game, because against a tough run defense Reggie Bush and Stecker just won’t get it done. After missing time with injury Vernon Davis looked really good and he should be Smith’s #1 option. The 49ers wideout core is awful. 2 negative sides on the 49ers though are Frank Gore and Alex Smith. Gore has not looked at all like he was last year and several factors contribute to that including injury, but as for Smith he too has been hurt but he is bordering Bust now. It is still too early since we knew he would be a huge project, IMO much bigger project than Vince Young, but if he doesn’t show his stuff next year, he’s done IMO.

    Lions soaring, Bears Fluttering

    Well sorry Jon Kitna for trashing you after he said the 10 win season comment because it is an actual possibility now. This game was very telling as to why the Lions will make the playoffs this year, and to why the Bears will not come close to the post season. For the Lions it is tremendous for Kevin Jones to be running as well as he has the past couple of outings. If he can stay healthy and keep pounding it on the ground on a consistent basis it will really take pressure off Kitna and allow him to take more chances with those talented wideouts. For the Bears it’s well documented their defensive struggles but in the offseason it is still their obvious offensive problems which will most likely be addressed first. With teams know kicking away from Devin Hester at every possible situation, there goes their entire offensive production. After hearing from some Bears fans about how much better Brian Griese was than Grossman, and how they finally had a QB, and were now ready to make a playoff run, all I could keep thinking, was if this was the same Brian Griese that we all know. As he showed he is slightly better than Grossman I guess but almost equally as bad. Cedric Benson I still think will not be their future back, so honestly if a Darren Mcfadden were to fall to them I could honestly see them making that pick, but if I were to make a projection I would call Brian Brohm as a Bear, I can just imagine him as a Bear QB throwing INTs.

    The London Bowl

    Ugh quite a boring London Bowl. They tried this publicity stunt not only to try to globalize the NFL and expose it to other countries, but also to try to create any sort of buzz for this game. Couldn’t they have chosen a better game to show our fellow Britons, that’s like if we were to show them college football and we sent them Duke and Florida Atlantic. Granted Osi is born in England but doesn’t help when you are trying to spread the game and Channing Crowder makes comments like he did earlier in the week, lol. The game’s only entertainment value was in how messy it was. The game was an absolute mess most definitely didn’t properly show the quality of NFL football, but who cares. As for the result of the game, I did not expect it to be as close at it was but in those conditions anything can happen. But I do have sympathy for both teams as I could tell just how messy it was, I mean Cleo Lemon had trouble just taking a snap it was so bad, and the field looked like crap.

    The Battle for #1, pick that is

    Well both the Dolphins and the Rams are in an intense battle for bragging rights, both are striving to be the first pick in the 2008 NFL Draft, and both may also be striving to be 0-16, a near impossible feat but they are half way there. As to who I think will have the first pick, I have to go with the Dolphins on that one. Both teams came close to winning this week, but it was the Rams who I was much more impressed with. The Dolphins being close was more of a fluke because of the poor field conditions. Bulger showed some of the former player he was and that is always positive. With Steven Jackson back I honestly think the Rams can win 3-4 games the rest of the way, possibly more. You can never count out a team with Steven Jackson, Torry Holt, Issac Bruce, Drew Bennett, Randy Micmichael, Brian Leonard, and the beast Marques Hagans on it. The Dolphins just look sad and with their starting QB+RB out for the season and trading away their best WR, they really are a poor team both offensively and defensively. Chatman though is still a pretty good back, and Cleo Lemon is fair, but still that type of talent won’t win you many games if any in the NFL. Their only hope is for Ted Ginn to do what the organization expects him to do, which is score 5 TD’s every game. Props though to Ginn for scoring a TD, did it quicker than Reggie Bush I believe, lol.

    VY vs. Daunte, QB battle

    What an epic QB battle we had over the weekend with the Titans against the Raiders and more specifically the Vince Young and Daunte Culpepper. The passing numbers were off the charts, they were throwing it around like Peyton Manning in a pickup game. Granted VY barely had to throw it but for those fans of the aerial game, it was pretty ugly. Some good that game out of this game is how well Lendale White ran the ball. Despite the frequent jokes about him, he is a pretty good back. Those who said Lendale will eventually be a better pro back than Reggie Bush might not be entirely crazy. Chris Henry looked really explosive in his few carries including his TD run, honestly the way I have seen him run, most extensively in the preseason I think he should be getting at least 10 carries a game, I am just a fan of how he runs. Also I am really starting to like how good Fat Albert is.

    Underrated Jags squeak out a win, despite missing Garrard.

    The Jacksonville Jaguars who I think is very underrated managed to squeak out a win despite having Quinn Gray as the QB, and trust me he was pretty bad. Their defense is very good although their game against the Bucs was not their best, I was although very impressed with their secondary against a QB in Jeff Garcia who prior to this game was not throwing any INTs. With their run game they will always be in position to win games. Still though they are getting zero production from their pathetic WR corps, IMO the worst WR corps in the NFL. I hope Matt Jones doesn’t think one catch in a game, albeit a TD is enough production from him.

    Jets make QB change

    Well it is about damn time the Jets make the QB change. Chad Pennington has no arm, he brings them nothing, their season is lost, so might as well get some good experience for their young promising signal caller Kellen Clemens. These rest of the games for Clemens will really play a big part in his development and also will give the Jets some insight as to if he really is their QB of the future. Clemens looked very good against the Ravens a few weeks back, strong arm, confident in his arm, but of course you should expect rookie type QB mistakes but it’s all a part of the learning process. His threat to go deep to his receivers should also help to open things up for Thomas Jones in the run game. As for Pennington I think that it’s pretty clear that he is out of New York and he should find a solid job next year as a top backup or a starting job for a lesser team. Teams that pop into my mind are Baltimore, St Louis, Miami, Kansas City, Chicago, and Jacksonville, all teams in need of either a starter or reliable backup QB.

    Week 8, Mancrush

    Vernon Davis. The Duke is back from injury and ready to take over the league, 49ers fans I’m sure will just settle for him staying on the field. I forgive you Vernon for letting me down as my first draft fantasy TE, but I am now really waiting for him to become an elite TE. His physical tools are unmatched from basically any TE to ever play the game, and while his QB play will be bad, he is a ridiculous safety net for a young struggling QB, and I expect only the best from him, from here on out.

    My week 8 matchup predictions:

    Bengals @ Bills
    Bengals win 21-17. I like Trent Edwards(What is his injury situation?), I like Marshawn Lynch, and as bad as the Bengals are their offense should be enough to win them this game, but it will be a close game. Neither team is any good.

    Broncos @ Lions
    Lions win 28-10. This is my surprise pick of the week. Despite being a bad team I’m sure many are still picking the Broncos to win this game or are thinking it will be close but I like the Lions big in this game. As ridiculous as Kitna was with his promise at the start of the season Lions are playing very well. They looked awful against the Redskins but really bounced back well last Sunday. It is a real plus having Kevin Jones become a threat again, this will open the pass game even more, the Broncos are just anemic on offense.

    Packers @ Chiefs
    Prediction-Packers win 31-10. The Packers are on fire, the Chiefs are burning down. Having production from the run game is crucial for the Packers and the rest of the season.

    Chargers @ Vikings
    Prediction-Chargers win 27-14. Chargers are on a roll, they should continue that against Minny.

    Jaguars @ Saints
    Prediction-Jaguars win 13-7. Despite having virtually no QB play I still like the Jags in this one. Their defense will shut down the Saints run game forcing Brees to press in the passing game, while the Jags run game will do enough to get them the W.

    Cardinals @ Bucs
    Prediction-Bucs win 13-10. This was actually a very tough game for me to predict but Bucs have the steady QB play so I’ll go with them.

    Panthers @ Titans
    Prediction-Titans win 21-17. The Titans have a good ground game, below average pass game, but the Panthers will have trouble putting up points which is why I take the Titans. I expect the Titans to force many turnovers.

    49ers @ Falcons
    Prediction-49ers win 17-13. The 49ers will wanna bounce back after last week, it helps having Vernon Davis back.

    Redskins @ Jets
    Prediction-Redskins win 23-10. The Jets are starting a young QB and while he looked great against the Ravens, it will take time for Clemens. Sean Taylor should have a field day baiting Clemens all day. The skins will be playing as hard as they ever had following such an embarrassing loss, the run game should be much improved.

    Seahawks @ Browns
    Prediction-Browns win 23-17. This is my sorta upset pick, but I just really like the way the Browns have been playing. Helps getting back Jamal, and the passing game is great.

    Texans @ Raiders
    Prediction-Texans win 10-7. The Texans were awful last week, but look for this week to be a bounce back week. Texans are injured, Raiders aren’t any good.

    Cowboys @ Iggles
    Prediction-Cowboys win 27-13. This is the big NFC East matchup of the week. The Iggles do not matchup favorably, but still Mcnabb and Westbrook can be dangerous on any day, but offensively, defensively the Cowboys just have too much talent across the board.

    Ravens @ Steelers
    Prediction-Steelers win 23-13. It is pretty obvious that the Steelers are the class of a pretty weak AFC north. This game however I will not be shocked to see the Ravens win, because of their still good defense, and as we saw the Steelers against the Cardinals when they are not on, they are not great. The Ravens will really benefit from having Steve McNair back and sending Boller to the bench. The run game will be there, it’s all a matter of McNair making plays with his arm. The Ravens are coming off a bad loss before the bye week, and having a week to think about it, I think they will be very dangerous, but in the end I see the Steelers availing with their run game and once in a while deep pass play on a depleted Ravens corner depth chart.

    Game of the week- Patriots @ Colts
    Prediction-Colts win 23-17. I think this game will surprise some people as I’m sure many think it will be a shoot out and first to 50 wins, but IMO we will see these two offenses slow down against each other and the playmakers each team has on defense. I have to go Colts here, Champion until overthrown. As some have said the Colts despite being Champions have been flying under the radar with all of the hype the Patriots have received that it actually serves as motivation for them. They get no respect despite being reigning champions and being undefeated so this seems like the perfect game for the Colts to put their stamp on the league. For a game winning drive I’d still take Peyton and his well oiled machine than Brady and Crew.
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    Good write up Ghetto. I am used to a quickie with u.


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      Originally posted by Ghettosermon
      Chris Henry looked really explosive in his few carries including his TD run, honestly the way I have seen him run, most extensively in the preseason I think he should be getting at least 10 carries a game, I am just a fan of how he runs. Also I am really starting to like how good Fat Albert is.
      You are extremely wise on this issue. Unfortunately, The Fish is not and Chris Brown will return to the #2 RB role while Henry will go back on the bench. :(
      Still Team The Ke$ha!!!

      Originally posted by MichaelJordanEberle (sabf)
      Damn Ke$ha is sexy.


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        Awesome writeup on the Pats-Skins game! Absolutely loved it. Must be frustrating to see your franchise run a talented back like Portis into the ground...

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          After hearing from some Bears fans about how much better Brian Griese was than Grossman, and how they finally had a QB, and were now ready to make a playoff run, all I could keep thinking, was if this was the same Brian Griese that we all know..... if I were to make a projection I would call Brian Brohm as a Bear, I can just imagine him as a Bear QB throwing INTs.
          Who said that? Where? When? Brian Griese is most definately better than Grossman, but I don't think anyone was doing backflips at 3-4 as to our playoff chances and his stability as a long-term answer.

          And yes...not all teams can have illustrious quarterback histories like the Redskins. Mark Rypien FTW!!

          Nobody cares about your stupid fantasy team.


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            No analysis on the best game this week? Sorry im still high off the win
            Also i loved the london bowl, bad weather football

            I'll read the skins right up later

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              If the Panthers are playing @ Tennessee the game will be close, if its @ Carolina Tennessee will win hands down.


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                Originally posted by BlindSite View Post
                If the Panthers are playing @ Tennessee the game will be close, if its @ Carolina Tennessee will win hands down.
                It's @ Tennessee.

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                  Originally posted by BlindSite View Post
                  If the Panthers are playing @ Tennessee the game will be close, if its @ Carolina Tennessee will win hands down.
                  LOL, so true. I can't remember a team being this much better on the road than at home.


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                    Great work, I agree with your london bowl comments


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                      Good write-up.
                      You may already know this but: You mentioned that Wade was a guard playing RT. Actually Wade is a career OT (not a good one either), who tried OG during training camp in an effort to replace Dockery. When that didn't work the Skins got Kendall. Regardless he still sucks and the Skins need Jansen back next year and we need to draft at least 2 Olineman in '08.
                      Sean Taylor - You'll always be missed but never forgotten


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                        I garuntee the Chiefs defense won't give up 31 points to GB at arrowhead.
                        Jamaal Charles is the best RB in the NFL


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                          Originally posted by Ho0k Em' View Post
                          I garuntee the Chiefs defense won't give up 31 points to GB at arrowhead.
                          And if they do...?


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                            Originally posted by Moses View Post
                            And if they do...?
                            He will eat an entire wheel of cheese... Off of a sweaty Packers fan's head.

                            Originally posted by Halsey
                            I don't have to watch it to know it was not interesting.


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                              Ghetto I am with you Colts win and it stays under the posted total.
                              Originally posted by nvot9
                              I'm going to personally PM you when the Mets win the NL East and the Phillies don't even make the playoffs.

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