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    ^ Falcons = Vick for most general purposes

    Originally posted by Scott Wright
    Don't be a stranger. Jordyzzzz would want you to stick around. ;o)

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      Yeah I know, it's just strange how it somehow shows up out of no where, for no particular reason.


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        Originally posted by bigbluedefense
        Originally posted by bearsfan_51
        Originally posted by Shiver
        Well, he was already being overpaid.. With so few Defensive talents, with so much money available, he will probably get it from some desperate team.

        It's only funny because you're placing the Falcons outside of the boundaries of desperate team.
        Why would they be desperate? They'll trade Schaub this season for a 2nd rounder most likely, and with that pick they can get a guy like Abriamiri and not miss a beat.
        I think their other issues are overblown.
        Good call. That seems most logical to me. I don't believe they could justify paying Kearney tha money he wanted with the needs they still have anyway.

        "You know what charm is: a way of getting the answer yes without having asked any clear question."
        Albert Camus


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          Originally posted by dcrls
          lions should go after him
          that would save them drafting a DE in R2-R3



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