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    Not sure if they still do flex scheduling or if im doing it right, but its when NBC picks a game to have on sunday night right?
    I know it starts week 11 so here go's nothing

    Week 11-
    Washington @ Dallas: If WAS wins this week then i could see this becoming the flex game. WAS can still challenge DAL for the division and has a very good team. Plus theyre rivals so thats a good element too.

    Week 12-
    Tennessee @ Cincy: CIN isnt all that good, but i could see this turning into a fun high scorer.

    Week 13-
    Tampa Bay @ New Orleans: NO is hot and TB has been doing pretty good too. Plus Reggie Bush should be playing and I think he's over due for a big, exciting play.

    Week 14-
    Pittsburgh @ New England: After PIT's win over BAL I think they are in the driver seat to win the division. So this could be a clash of titans.

    Week 15-
    Detroit @ San Diego: Another game that could be a high scorer. LT should do good, and Detroit's passing attack should keep them in the game.

    Week 16-
    Houston @ Indianapolis: HOU could challenege them this year if Schaub, Green and Johnson are back. Otherwise its just a blowout.

    Week 17-
    Detroit @ Green Bay: For once a GB-DET should have playoff implications.

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    Week 11 is already Pats @ Bills.


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      Don't forget that the networks can protect a game each week...NBC won't get the best game each week.
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      Eli's opportunity to become a legend.
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      These last 50 seconds will define Eli Manning.


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        I'm hoping Detroit finally gets into a prime time game. Love to see the divison decided in week 17.


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          Originally posted by Scotty D View Post
          I'm hoping Detroit finally gets into a prime time game. Love to see the divison decided in week 17.
          I doubt that game gets it. Only because the Lions and Pack already have a big game that everyone will be seeing on Thanksgiving.


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            thats true
            forget we play on thanksgiving

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              Pittsburgh and New England. That game is huge.

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                Can't wait for week 11 :)


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                  If we can go into that TB game without any more losses... talk about a huge game indeed.
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                    Pitt & NE bar none, its the next game to be overly hyped by ESPN for a long time...and Steelers do have a chance because they can pressure the qb, still would be a great choice of a night game

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                    I guarantee that if someone picks Cam Newton in the Top 5 they will regret it.


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                      Number10 made a good point about CBS and Fox being able to protect, if memory serves correct, 5 games each.

                      Looking at each week ...

                      Week 11, NBC has already got ahold of New England @ Buffalo. Awesome.

                      Week 12, the game penciled in is Philadelphia @ New England. I expect that to very likely stay, despite how the disappointing Eagles are, given the Patriots and the national market the Eagles likely draw. Two straight SNF games for New England, wow.

                      Week 13, Cincinnati at Pittsburgh has the default slot. Could be a great division game, if the Bengals can get their act together some. I would guess this stays, although there's a few other games that might be interesting. Buffalo @ Washington, Tampa Bay @ New Orleans, Jacksonville @ Indianapolis, maybe even Detroit @ Minnesota. New England @ Baltimore on Monday Night Football, three straight weeks on primetime. Yeesh.

                      Week 14, I think CBS definitely protects the Pittsburgh @ New England game, which likely leaves Indianapolis @ Baltimore in the SNF slot where it is now. The only other game that I suppose might be worth moving is Dallas at Detroit, although that's a FOX game and they probably would keep that for themselves as Dallas is a strong ratings draw. St. Louis @ Cincinnati could be a fun as heck scorefest.

                      Week 15, Washington @ NY Giants is the default game and I'll be surprised if it's changed. That should be a very healthy ratings draw, thanks to the two teams involved. Too bad Buffalo @ Cleveland doesn't have near the drawing power, that could be the most enjoyable game of the weekend (and maybe snowiest). I also think Green Bay @ St. Louis could be a fun game if the Rams starting getting their act together to play playoff spoiler from here on out.

                      Thankfully Week 16 is included in flex scheduling this year as, in all honesty, Tampa Bay @ San Francisco doesn't make my heart race with anticipation (although it will be Jeff Garcia's return to the Bay). Cleveland @ Cincinnati catches my eye, both teams could break the combined hundy this time. Of course, NY Giants @ Buffalo, the Super Bowl rematch from years ago and the battle for New York. Washington @ Minnesota could be a bigger candidate if both teams are in the thick of playoff races. And Green Bay @ Chicago, the Bears need to play better for that to happen though.

                      Week 17 currently has the Herm Bowl, Kansas City @ NY Jets. Um, no thanks? CBS and FOX will probably protect Tennessee @ Indianapolis and Dallas @ Washington, respectively. So Detroit @ Green Bay does stand out, as some have noted.
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                        I want week 13 to be a flex game for the Browns just because I have tickets and it's on my birthday, plus the Browns offense is red hot ;)


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                          Week 12: Minnesota Vikings @ New York Giants: New York is a huge ratings draw and it allows the nation to see the mastery of AD Adrian Peterson. So what if AD is the Vikes, people gotta see him play. NE and PHI would be good, but NE was just switched to week 11 and I don't see them having the same team on two weeks in a row.

                          Week 13: Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ New Orleans Saints: This game could very well decide the NFC South. Major playoff implications in this one. Jets vs. Dolphins a consideration? Ha, ha JK. And Atlanta @ St. Louis

                          Week 14: Stick with the Baltimore Ravens @ Indianapolis Colts Like it has been mentioned in here: I guarantee all 5 of CBS' games protected contained the Pats. If they didn't protect this one, it woulda been scheduled. Damn bastards at CBS, I hate Jim and Phil. Cincy and St. Louis will take into 2013.

                          Week 15: Detroit Lions @ San Diego Chargers: They'll stick with the Skins-G-Men, but I am sick of the NFC East. People need to see the Lions. I get to see them quite a bit when they don't play on the same channel and time as the Pack, and this team is good, and they need to be seen.

                          Week 16: Miami Dolphins @ New England Patriots: David vs. Goliath. The kids outside of New England will be snugged in their beds hoping the winless Dolphins take on the evil, non Christmas like team Patriots. And why not, nothing better on the schedule.

                          Week 17: Tennessee Titans @ Indianapolis Colts: Big game in the AFC south. And nothing else besides Lions-Pack sound compelling to me. And as mentioned: Lions-Pack already have been on national TV on Thanksgiving. And would not shock me if Lions-Pack in week 17 would be one of the game protected by FOX. In case #4 calls it quits and the Packers wouldn't be in the hunt.

                          And I was looking for a Browns game to put on, a young exciting team. But they got **** on their schedule left after week 12. Browns could make the playoffs.
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                            Originally posted by Jughead10 View Post
                            Week 11 is already Pats @ Bills.
                            Yeah, what an awful game to have on primetime. Apparently they wanted Packers-Panthers, though I'm glad it's not.
                            The NFL really wanted the Packers for its Sunday night game Nov. 18 against Carolina and as part of the flexible scheduling plan was prepared to make the switch from a noon start to 7:15 p.m.
                            But McCarthy and general manager Ted Thompson strongly objected, because the following week they play on Thanksgiving Day against Detroit, which means they would have had an even shorter week to prepare for the Lions than they already had.
                            Originally posted by Jughead10 View Post
                            I doubt that game gets it. Only because the Lions and Pack already have a big game that everyone will be seeing on Thanksgiving.
                            The other Packers game that is being eyed for a possible move is the season finale against the Detroit Lions at Lambeau Field. The NFC North title could very well be at stake in that game.


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                              Yeah, I don't buy that bit about McCarthy/Thompson at all. It's a cute little story, but the decision lies in the hands of NBC. Why the heck would NBC want to show Panthers @ Packers on primetime?
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